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Kameel Stanley covers the St. Petersburg Police Department and public safety issues in southern Pinellas County for the Tampa Bay Times. She grew up in Michigan and started with the Times in January 2009 after graduating from Central Michigan University. Before coming to the Florida, she racked up bylines during summer internships at several newspapers, including the Grand Rapids Press and the Washington Post. She lives in St. Petersburg in a charming 1920s bungalow she swears she will repaint someday. A crazy Boston terrier keeps her company. When she's not working, she's usually shopping. Find her thoughts about style and fashion at the Deal Divas blog. Drop her a line if you want to talk crime patterns, police tactics or the advantages of a platform pump.

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  1. Black workers take concerns, complaints to St. Pete City Council

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — A string of city workers, union officials and community members went before the City Council on Thursday to demand that the city do something about racial tension within its workforce.

    "We have real issues here," said Robin Wynn, a stormwater worker who recently filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint against the city for what she calls discriminatory treatment. "This city promotes institutional racism."...

  2. St. Petersburg City Council vets Mayor Kriseman's budget

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — City Council members said they are getting more comfortable with Mayor Rick Kriseman's proposed 2015 budget after a meeting Thursday to hash out details.

    The council insisted on the special meeting a few weeks ago with hopes of not repeating last year's down-to-the-wire and sometimes-contentious budget hearings.

    The first public hearing on the $216 million general fund budget is Thursday. ...

  3. Consultants urge St. Petersburg to think big, embrace waterfront's local flair

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — Thomas Cavallaro was looking for certain things when he decided to move south from New York.

    His new home needed to be walkable, have lots of amenities and be coastal. Downtown Tampa was a contender, but the pull of St. Petersburg's waterfront was stronger.

    "I'm an urbanite," said Cavallaro, 66, who lives in a condo across the street from the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront. "I like this town a lot. I'm not embarrassed as a Manhattanite to bring my friends here."...

  4. St. Petersburg mandates for city workers to stem racial tensions

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — A consultant began conducting sensitivity training classes for employees in the city's stormwater and water departments this week, following recent reports of racial tension.

    From now to October, the city plans to hold 16 such sessions to ensure all employees, from directors down, complete a four-hour course called "Unique Like You!"

    Hundreds of staffers across the two departments will get the training, which costs the city $500 per class, said Chris Guella, director of human resources....

    St. Petersburg city officials closed an investigation into allegations in which one stormwater department employee accused a colleague of spray-painting the letters "KKK" on the back of his work vest. [City of St. Petersburg]
  5. St. Pete employees get reminder about city's new vision after revelations about racial tension in some city departments


    ST. PETERSBURG | Deputy Mayor Kanika Tomalin issued a memo to all employees this week in the wake of stories in the Tampa Bay Times about racial tension among employees, most noticably in the Stormwater Department, where a white supervisor spray-painted the back of a black worker's back and made reference to the Klu Klux Klan.

    Tomalin began her letter, which went out Thursday, by reminding people of the city's new vision, unveiled when Mayor Rick Kriseman's administration took office this year. One of the chief values, Tomalin said, is diversity and inclusiveness....

  6. Joyner, Cruz to endorse USF prof in Senate District 22 race


    ST. PETERSBURG | State Sen. Arthenia Joyner and state Rep. Janet Cruz are expected to endorse University of South Florida St. Petersburg professor Judithanne McLauchlan for the Senate District 22 seat currently held by Republican Jeff Brandes.

    The Democratic lawmakers are making it official Saturday at the "Diversi-Tea" event at the Manhattan Casino, hosted by Business and Professional Women/St. Petersburg-Pinellas. The event is aimed at celebrating the 9th Amendment....

  7. Ex-police chief Davis opposes change to St. Petersburg charter

    Local Government

    Former St. Petersburg police Chief Goliath Davis III opposes a proposed change to the city charter that would protect council members from being removed from office for voicing their opinion on mayoral appointments.

    Davis, writing in the Weekly Challenger, urged residents to vote against the change on Nov. 4.

    Supporters of the charter change are unhappy with Mayor Rick Kriseman's decision to select Clearwater police Chief Tony Holloway as the city's new chief, Davis wrote....

    Dr. Goliath Davis, former St. Petersburg City Administrator and Chief of Police, address the media and members of the community at the Enoch Davis Community Center about being fired from his job as City Administrator on Friday, March 3, 2011.
CHRIS ZUPPA   |   Times
(St. Petersburg, 03/04/2011) [CHRIS ZUPPA, Times] 

  8. Quick! Read this post. It may make you money ... or just laugh


    Let's do an experiment. Everyone, put your hand in your pockets.

    They're empty, right?

    Yea, so are ours. That's why we're happy to hear about this bit of news, passed onto us by Deal Diva friend Katherine Snow Smith, who tracks all the new businesses coming to town.

    On Sept. 4, the Tampa Bay area is getting another resale/trade shop. Think along the lines of Plato's closet, Revolve, etc. Discount used clothes with the option to bring your old ones to the counter for some cash....

    Do you really need a caption? |
  9. City says sensitivity training coming to Stormwater Department

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — City officials say they are taking multiple steps to address issues in the Stormwater Department in the aftermath of a black city worker's claim that his white boss spray-painted "KKK" on his back, and a subsequent investigation that unearthed serious racial friction among employees.

    Employees will undergo sensitivity training, and the city will seek an outside group to conduct a formal climate survey, said city spokesman Ben Kirby....

    Robin Wynn, 52, a City of St. Petersburg Stormwater Department employee for 20 years, pictured at the at the local union office, 449 Central Ave, in St Petersburg Wednesday afternoon (08/20/14). STORY SUMMARY: Part 2 of the KKK story, in which we delve deeper into the complaints about the St. Petersburg’s stormwater department. One of those workers, Robin Wynn, (one of the few black women in the department) has just recently filed an EEOC complaint about conditions there.
  10. Tensions hover over 'KKK' painted on St. Petersburg worker's vest

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — The long-sleeved shirt is orange, and stained with dirt and sweat and accusations.

    It's been wrapped in a clear plastic bag, sitting in a city storage room for months.

    Stretched across the shoulders on the back, "STORMWATER" is printed in big, black block letters.

    The white letters are sprayed over that. If you look closely, you'll see the outline of what appears to be a "K," with a vertical line next to it, and then a third white smear. Similar white splotches are more pronounced on an accompanying safety vest....

    The letters “KKK” in white paint on the work vest of Donald Pittman couldn’t be distinguished by some workers, but a labor relations officer said that didn’t matter.
  11. Girl, fix your face (and other tips for emergency skin breakouts)


    Ladies, let's talk.

    A couple weekends back, I flew away for a long weekend. It was lovely and a great escape. I got some much-needed rest, some quality hang-out time, and witnessed the nuptials of some dear friends. And while on a shopping trip with my sister, I decided to be a little adventurous.

    We ducked into a Bath & Body Works because she needed something. I didn't have plans to get anything. I'm picky about what does go on my sensitive skin, and it's been years since I actually bought something for myself from there....

    This is the product I picked up a couple weekends ago when my face broke out. Worked like a charm.
  12. Kriseman endorses USF St. Pete professor in state senate race


    ST. PETERSBURG | Mayor Rick Kriseman made his first endorsement of this year's legislative election season, saying he supports University of South Florida St. Petersburg professor Judithanne McLauchlan for the Senate District 22 seat currently held by Republican Jeff Brandes.

    The mayor and McLauchlan held a press conference Friday morning at Demens Landing park  downtown....

  13. Should top city and county officials live in the communities they serve?

    Local Government

    CLEARWATER — The rule for police chiefs, county administrators and other top government leaders tends to be a firm one: If you're going to work here, you need to live here.

    But with rules come exceptions, and officials in Pinellas County are making some for what they say are the right hires.

    St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman is not making his new police chief Tony Holloway move to the city from Belleair, and Clearwater City Manager Bill Horne is not requiring Daniel Slaughter, who will be sworn in as chief of police on Thursday, to move to Clearwater from Trinity in Pasco County....

  14. My Outfit Monday: Tale of the Traveling Pants (and shirt and shoes and...)


    Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: This is not my typical outfit post.

    You'll see no dress here, no fancy heels, no makeup. Just me, some jeans, a T-shirt. Deal with it, because this IS what I'm wearing today. I'm not on the clock today, and just got off a plane (just got back from -- wait for it -- a wedding!)

    So cut me some slack, please. It can't be that bad, right?

    Actually, the main part of my outfit -- pants and top -- are both new items to my closet. I got the grey jeans last month in San Francisco. They're those ubiquitous ones from Forever 21 -- you know the ones, They're like $5 or something. I needed them when my legs got a little chilly. They have just enough stretch to be comfy on long flights, trust me....

    Happy Monday!
  15. St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman halfway through his first year, big decisions ahead

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — A little more than halfway through his first year in office, Mayor Rick Kriseman packs his days with as many staff briefings, community meetings and small business tours as possible.

    He's still getting to know the pace of city bureaucracy, he said last week, but he's generally pleased with where things stand.

    "It's been a whirlwind, but it's been energizing," he said....

    Some of St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman’s decisions have begun to grow some doubts.