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Kameel Stanley, Times Staff Writer

Kameel Stanley

Kameel Stanley covers the St. Petersburg Police Department and public safety issues in southern Pinellas County for the Tampa Bay Times. She grew up in Michigan and started with the Times in January 2009 after graduating from Central Michigan University. Before coming to the Florida, she racked up bylines during summer internships at several newspapers, including the Grand Rapids Press and the Washington Post. She lives in St. Petersburg in a charming 1920s bungalow she swears she will repaint someday. A crazy Boston terrier keeps her company. When she's not working, she's usually shopping. Find her thoughts about style and fashion at the Deal Divas blog. Drop her a line if you want to talk crime patterns, police tactics or the advantages of a platform pump.

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  1. Modcloth gets cooler, makes us love it even more


    ModCloth, your favorite online retailer for, well, everything, dropped us a gem this afternoon.

    They're starting their own line! In about a week or so, they'll debut the first-ever ModCloth namesake label. How cool is that?

    It says a lot about where we are as a culture that the email they sent out directed us to their Instagram feed for sneak peeks. So get over there! (and buy me this jumpsuit while you're at it.)...

    Is this my magic jumper?
  2. Why your next favorite shopping spot might be ... the Tampa International Airport?


    Did y'all hear about the new stores that may be coming to Tampa International Airport?

    Our colleague Jamal Thalji has the scoop here, but the basic idea is this: The airport is about to get a bunch of upgrades, which will include more than just new airport-y things. Passengers will eventually see new retail and food options (read more on that last part here)....

    Did you hear? TIA might be getting a bunch of new stores, including a Victoria's Secret. We know how you feel Tyra. Everybody, now: "Yay!"
  3. My Outfit Tuesday: For when you can't get your act together on Monday


    You ever have one of those Mondays where It. Just. Gets. Real.

    Yea, that was my yesterday. I was out in the field all day, doing some door-knocking, and completely forgot to post what I was wearing. Sorry about that. When I did get home and realize my mistake, I tried for a pitiful mirror selfie. Two words: hot mess.

    So! Here's my outfit today.

    Let's start with the obvious. This is a made up dress....

    I'm staying on the cool side of the color wheel today. CAUSE I'M COOL.
  4. Should St. Pete spend more as co-sponsor of city events?

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — At least three times in the past year, Mayor Rick Kriseman had to deal with flareups over the city's co-sponsored events process.

    First, he found out about a hold-over pledge to give money to the Blue Ocean Film Festival, which made its debut last fall.

    Then, St. Pete Pride organizers questioned why they received no financial support from the city while others like the Suncoasters get money each year without question. ...

  5. What happens when a Deal Diva breaks her own shopping rule?


    These days when I'm going shopping I operate under a loose set of rules, partly for my wallet and partly for my poor closet. They include things like: 

    • Never paying more than $10 for sunglasses (y'all know I'm constantly breaking pairs) 
    • Walking away from things I "like" and only nabbing those I "love"
    • Giving myself a cooling off period, especially if the cart gets to be too full (if I come back and it's still there, fate!)

    Forcing myself to try new things and patterns, even if they don't end up going home with me. ...

    You might see me in this dress .... one day
  6. St. Petersburg firefighters sue, claiming helmets cause injuries


    ST. PETERSBURG — A group of retired and active firefighters have sued the maker and distributor of their city-issued helmets, saying design flaws have led to injury.

    The five firefighters say the helmets they were given a few years ago, the 1044 Cairns model manufactured by Pennsylvania-based Mine Safety Appliance Co. and distributed by Bradenton-based Ten-8 Fire Equipment Inc., were designed poorly and caused neck and head injuries....

    Attorney Jim Magazine likened the helmets to top-heavy bobblehead toys.
  7. St. Pete to continue using its social grant funds for homeless issues

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — For the past four years, the city has put all its social action funding grant money — nearly $450,000 annually — toward reducing homelessness.

    Late last year, some started to wonder whether it was time for a change.

    Despite encouraging signs of an economic rebound and years of hard work, city officials and some council members say they'd prefer to stick with the current focus....

    “We’re not doing the job sufficiently, how do you take money away from it?” said Council member Jim Kennedy
  8. St. Pete: Let's figure out a way to welcome Uber, Lyft

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — One thing is clear: Elected officials in this city are far more interested in accommodating the rising popularity of ride-sharing companies than regulators in neighboring Hillsborough County.

    At a workshop that lasted for more than three hours Friday morning, City Council members pledged to revamp the city's existing vehicle-for-hire ordinance in hopes of making room for entities such as Uber and Lyft — which first came to town last summer. ...

    The St. Petersburg City Council is trying to find a way to allow ride-share services to operate with regulations and satisfy vehicle-for-hire companies.
  9. SIDS deaths in Florida have plummeted: Why?


    For decades, new parents have worried about something beyond their control: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

    Shortened to "SIDS," the term pops up regularly in society's lexicon. It goes on pamphlets. Nurses warn mothers about it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a section about it on its website and calls it the top cause of death for infants less than 1 year old.

    Yet over the past decade some medical examiners in Florida and across the nation have stopped using the term, contributing to a plummeting number of SIDS death reports. They're down 86 percent in Florida compared to two decades ago....

    Medical Examiner Jon Thogmartin says sleep   deaths are preventable.
  10. RIP Piperlime: Gap says by springtime, the brand will vanish


    Look, we all know Deal Divas is the most fun blog you read all day, right? But sometimes, even we have to bring you bad news.

    Like this: Piperlime, that aspirational online, expertly curated online off-shoot of the Gap company, is "closing" its doors.

    Go grab your tissues. I'll wait.

    According to news reports, Gap is axing Piperlime, the baby of its brands, to focus on the parts of its portfolio that brings in the big bucks (Old Navy, Banana Republic, etc)....

    While the weather outside is gloomy, we're fantasizing about springtime. It's $108.99. Now close your mouth and stop judging me.
  11. Housing authority board nominees get no resistence from St. Pete council committee


    ST. PETERSBURG | Three people got the nod from a City Council committee charged with confirming the mayor's appointments to the St. Petersburg Housing Authority.

    Members of the city's housing committee had nothing but praise for Jamie Bennett, Stewart O. Olson and Jacqueline Williams Hubbard. The full council will vote on the nominations at a later meeting.

    Bennett, a former council member, was first appointed by the administration a year ago. Olson and Hubbard, both attorneys, will be new to the board, which recently became embroiled in controversy after it voted to sell the building that houses the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum in Midtown....

  12. St. Petersburg alcohol zone idea opposed; council commits to environmental effort

    Local Government

    ST. PETERSBURG — A City Council member's idea to create special "sip-and-stroll" districts around town appears to be dead — for now.

    Council member Jim Kennedy proposed late last year the creation of special "wet zones" in popular neighborhoods where drinkers could buy an artist-designed cup and take it from establishment to establishment.

    Kennedy envisioned money from the program being used to fund the arts. But at a council committee hearing Thursday, a city attorney warned that some envisioned locations, such as downtown or near Grand Central, likely wouldn't be allowed under state law because special entertainment districts like these must be directly adjacent to a body of water. And council colleagues said they worried taking such action would mess with the city's already vibrant vibe. ...

  13. Kriseman withdraws nomination for board member who voted for museum sale


    ST. PETERSBURG | A St. Petersburg Housing Authority commissioner has lost her chance to serve once again on the board following a controversial vote last week.

    Mayor Rick Kriseman has officially rescinded his nomination to reappoint Ann Taylor to the board. A city council committee was supposed to take up her confirmation Thursday.

    "I spoke with her (Monday), but ultimately it was my decision," Kriseman told the Tampa Bay Times on Tuesday night....

    Supporters of the Dr. Carter G Woodson African American Museum have invited people to an event Saturday for an update on the situation
  14. Police Chief Tony Holloway seeks 'partnership' with St. Petersburg community

    Public Safety

    ST. PETERSBURG — Jason Mells says he thinks two things when he sees a car with tinted windows following him.

    1. It could be robbers up to no good. 2. It could be police.

    More often than not, Mells said, it's the latter. The 29-year-old said he's been pulled over by police 22 times in the past year in St. Petersburg — yet only issued traffic citations twice.

    Encounters like these, Mells said, are one of the reasons young black males like him and many others in the community have such a fractured relationship with law enforcement. ...

    St Petersburg Police Chief Tony Holloway speaks to Chimurenga Waller of the St. Petersburg International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement at Holloway's first community forum in the Gibbs HS cafeteria Monday, 1/27/15.
  15. Epilogue: Former St. Pete Council member Earnest Williams lived for service


    ST. PETERSBURG — Friends and family of Earnest Williams all knew this to be true: If you got him talking, you might have a hard time getting him to stop.

    The longtime businessman and former City Council member was passionate about a few things: family, education and youth issues.

    "Don't even get him into politics," said Pinellas County Urban League president Watson Haynes. "You knew if you were going to visit Earnest, you had to plan to spend the time."...

    CHERIE DIEZ   |   Times (2001)
Earnest Williams poses in his office at the State Farm Insurance Agency with a model of a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air hard top, the same car and color that his father bought as a family car, then gave to Williams to take to Florida State University, where he graduated in 1969. Williams' wife, Armetha, whom he dated in college, bought him the model.