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Katherine Snow Smith, Times Staff Writer

Katherine Snow Smith

Katherine Snow Smith has been at the Times either fulltime or parttime since 1995. She started as a business reporter then spent a decade writing the Rookie Mom column with stories from her own family and advice from other average moms and the experts. She now covers business in south Pinellas County. Katherine has a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina and is married to Times political editor Adam Smith. They have three children, two dogs and still feel like rookie parents much of the time.

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  1. Black history honors look backward and forward

    Human Interest

    ST. PETERSBURG — Legacy Week celebrated Black History Month with a look back and a look forward. Events from Feb. 2 to Feb. 10 included a discussion with Freedom Rider Bernard Lafayette, an awards banquet, a golf tournament and a celebration party.

    The Legacy Awards Dinner held at Empath Health recognized four men for their service to the community: state Sen. Darryl Rouson, educator Samuel Davis, Bishop Preston Leonard of Christ Gospel Church, and Ben Shirley, the city's director of sanitation....

    Freedom Rider Bernard LaFayette  took part in the week’s events.
  2. For Valentine's Day: Can pomegranates, oysters and chocolate from Tampa Bay restaurants boost your sex life?


    Like so much of our language, we have the Greeks to thank for the term "aphrodisiac." Ancient Greeks celebrated Aphrodite, the goddess of love, with festivals called "aphrodisia."

    Somehow after that, food and drink thought to stimulate desire became known as "aphrodisiacs."

    Oysters are perhaps the best known, though the list is long. Honey, figs, chili peppers, avocados, arugula, pine nuts, artichokes, pumpkin seeds and on and on. It seems countless foods contain certain vitamins or nutrients that are believed to stimulate production of estrogen or testosterone, increase blood flow or spike dopamine, a chemical in the brain that induces feelings of pleasure....

    An assortment of chocolate hearts filled with different flavors for sale at William Dean Chocolates in Belleair Bluffs on Wednesday, January 11, 2016. The chocolate company makes 19 different flavors of the chocolate hearts.
  3. Academy Prep earns kudos from Five Fabulous Females

    Human Interest


    ST. PETE BEACH — The women honored for their work and volunteering at the Five Fabulous Females fundraising luncheon at the Tradewinds used their time at the microphone to offer accolades and inspiration for Academy Prep students.

    "I'm working on coming out of my shell and speaking in front of an audience," sixth-grader Kayianna Hughes eloquently told the crowd of 430 before introducing Cathy Unruh....

    Josh Momberg, Theresa Momberg, Devin O'Connell, Carmela Wassmer, Anthony Rioles, Chad Collard (left to right), at the John Hopkins All Children's Hospital 86th Annual Charity Ball at the St. Petersburg Coliseum on Saturday, 2/4/17.
  4. South Pinellas social scene



    ST. PETERSBURG — While most folks don't relish a meeting with their lawyer, for more than 100 third-graders across the Tampa Bay area, it's something to enjoy.

    "My student who is a part of Lawyers for Literacy loves it. Each week she counts down the days until Thursdays when she meets with her lawyer," said Jennifer Cocio, a teacher at 74th Street Elementary....

    Dr. Michael Grego, superintendent of Pinellas County Schools, right, spoke at a Lawyers for Literacy event hosted by Tara and Lucas Fleming.
  5. Tampa Bay Rays honored by CASA

    Human Interest


    When Brian Auld, president of the Tampa Bay Rays, accepted the Victory Over Violence Award for himself and the team at CASA's annual Peace Breakfast, he joked that he wished he was too busy with the World Series to attend the packed event at the St. Petersburg Coliseum.

    "It hasn't been a great year for the Tampa Bay Rays," he said, but the award is a reminder that "there is more to being a ball club than just wins and losses."...

    Suzanne Alvarez, left, and Paula Briggs work with the BrewHaHa Foundation when not exterminating ghosts.
  6. 'It's like being in a Dalí painting.'

    Human Interest


    Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture & the Arts' annual Impact awards night was a convergence of business veterans, artists, community leaders, the Dalí, the Mahaffey Theater, live music, students on the verge of greatness and LED lights.

    Supporters of the organization known as TBBCA gathered for cocktails at the Dalí's Cafe Gala before meandering over to the Mahaffey for dinner and the presentation. There, they were greeted by a large screen of moving LED lights depicting the artwork of Janet Echelman. ...

  7. A curator at the new African-American museum in Washington has ties to St. Petersburg


    A board member of the St. Petersburg Museum of History played a big role in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture that just opened in Washington, D.C.

    Krewasky Salter is the chief curator for the new museum's military gallery. He lived in St. Petersburg the past two years while running his consulting and research company, 4K Enterprises, and worked on the museum in Washington. During his time in St. Petersburg he became involved in the local museum of history. (He also holds degrees from both the University of Florida and Florida State University.)...

    Krewasky A. Salter is the founder of 4K Enterprises.
  8. Academy Prep, JWB and Junior League changing children's lives



    The Junior League of St. Petersburg and the Juvenile Welfare Board celebrated 70 years of working together at their "Putting Children First" reception at the Museum of Fine Arts.

    "I always tell everyone in this town if you want to get something done ask the Junior League," Bill Heller, a dean at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and former legislator, said to a group of guests early in the evening....

    Guests celebrated decades of work and volunteerism by the Junior League of St. Petersburg and the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County at the Museum of Fine Arts.
  9. Exploring Florida fare in Bruce Hunt's 'Seafood Lover's Florida'


    There are the classic regional favorites like Cuban sandwiches and key lime pie. But a conversation about Florida fare must also include seafood, and the catch we can cook up from our surrounding waters.

    Author Bruce Hunt highlights 180 seafood restaurants and markets throughout the state in Seafood Lover's Florida, a new book that comes out this month.

    Hunt is more of an expert on Florida than culinary arts. The third-generation Floridian calls himself a lousy cook but says he is "ardently passionate about good food." ...

    Billy’s Stone Crab and Seafood Restaurant in Tierra Verde gets a shout-out for crab claws.
  10. These boots were made for supporting the arts



    Ruth Eckerd Hall was filled with red leather boots, black lacy boots, gold platform boots, lots of strappy high heels and plenty of enthusiasm at its Raise You Up gala celebrating the upcoming April run of Kinky Boots.

    "This is the best one yet," Susan Benjamin, chairwoman of the performing arts center's special events committee, said of the theme. Other galas based on themes of Saturday Night Live, Flash Dance and Memphis, were great, but Kinky Boots raises the level of creativity and festivity, she added....

    Steve Sika and Ed Halleran pose with guest hostesses celebrating the Kinky Boots party theme at Ruth Eckerd Hall’s Raise You Up gala.
  11. Epilogue: Bruce Watters, a jewel in downtown St. Petersburg


    ST. PETERSBURG — At age 85 Bruce Watters was still working part time at his family's jewelry store on Beach Drive up until about two weeks before he died this month. Like the store, Bruce Watters Jewelers, the man himself was a longtime fixture in downtown St. Petersburg.

    "When I was born he started working for his dad Bruce Watters and never stopped," said son Jim Watters, who now runs the family business that started in 1905. "He has always been positive and honest. It was just a great pleasure being able to work with my dad every day."...

    Bruce Watters, left, worked at Bruce Watters Jewelers up until two weeks before he died. His son, Jim Watters, who now runs the business that started in 1905, says it was a great pleasure being able to work with his father every day.
  12. On the town: Glitter, art and marriage tips



    The Glitter Queens' tradition of raising money for causes that benefit women and children continued with "La Vie en Rose," a Parisian style Cabaret Soiree.

    Five years ago, the first party was hosted by just five women who wanted to raise money for a worthy cause. They donated $25,000 to the Arts Conservatory for Teens. Now there are 30 "glitter queens" and annual parties raise more than $60,000. ...

    Mary Shuh, from left, Demi Rahall, Mary B. Perry and Jacqueline Ley Brown celebrate at Bridging the Bay, which urges greater collaboration among museum supporters.
  13. St. Pete Art and Fashion Week: Fashion fueled by passion


    The St. Pete Art & Fashion Week benefitting the Warehouse Arts District is in full swing.

    Tonight designers present models in a wildflower theme for a photo shoot open to the public from 7 to 11 p.m., at Platformz, 179 1st Ave. N. It costs $10.

    Friday is Art Night with local artists and live art demonstrations from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at BBD LIfe Studio at 465 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. This is an even $16....

    A Dolce creation from Dunedin's Wearable Art.
  14. Looking sweet upon the seat of a borrowed bike


    First of all, thank you to the person who parked their pretty blue bike outside the Tampa Bay Times offices, providing the perfect prop for a My Outfit Monday post.

    Second of all, in your face Labor Day! You have come and gone and I'm still wearing  my white jeans with pride. They go with everything. 

    This sweater, however, seems to only go with my white jeans. I love it but if I try it with black, I feel I'm channeling Mini Mouse. With any other color, I think of a crayon box. I'm open to any suggestions because I love the multiple sizes of the polka dots and the three quarter length sleeves. It was an impulse buy at a sample sale at a friend's house a year ago, but I barely wear it. ...

    My Outfit Monday.
  15. Buying clothes can help schools. Who knew?


    A great black and white polka dot dress from ModCloth for half price. Athleta blue flowered yoga pants marked down from $64 to $22.39. Quick. Click on Now.

    Schoola is a win-win. Deals for us turn into financial donations to schools around the world.

    The site sells new items donated by retailers and second hand items donated by us and then donates a percentage of sales to schools. You can even decide what school gets the money from the clothes you donate....

    New Atheleta pants for $22.39, were $64.