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Katherine Snow Smith, Times Staff Writer

Katherine Snow Smith

Katherine Snow Smith has been at the Times either fulltime or parttime since 1995. She started as a business reporter then spent a decade writing the Rookie Mom column with stories from her own family and advice from other average moms and the experts. She now covers business in south Pinellas County. Katherine has a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina and is married to Times political editor Adam Smith. They have three children, two dogs and still feel like rookie parents much of the time.

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  1. Epilogue: St. Petersburg arts patron Sonya Miller


    ST. PETE BEACH — Sonya Miller was known for making people feel like part of the family. From the guests at The Rellim Hotel she owned with husband Irwin Miller, to artists and fellow supporters in St. Petersburg's arts community to members of Temple Beth-El, the 88-year-old who died Sunday connected personally with everyone.

    "She collected relationships," said her son Jay Miller. "As a result of her years at The Rellim she was always a hostess. That was her job to interface with guests and get to know them. She carried that on the rest of her life."...

    Sonya Miller, far right, with the other co-chairs of 2016’s Art Festival Beth-El: Donna Berman, Pam Sekeres, Barbara Sterensis, Jan Sher and Ann Soble. The festival was her passion.
  2. Brokaw dons bowtie for Poynter Institute

    Human Interest


    There wasn't a necktie in sight at the packed Poynter Institute Bow Tie Ball. The suggested dress code was in honor of the trademark bow ties of Nelson Poynter, former publisher of the St. Petersburg Times and founder of the media institution that became the Poynter Institute.

    The evening was a major fundraiser for the Poynter Institute. The nonprofit organization instructs and inspires journalists around the globe. It was founded by Poynter in 1975 and took ownership of controlling stock of the St. Petersburg Times Co. upon his death in 1978....

    Tom Brokaw speaks at the Poynter Institute's Bowtie Ball in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Friday, Dec. 9, 2016. Brokaw received the Poynter Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism at the event.
  3. St. Pete Art and Fashion Week: Fashion fueled by passion


    The St. Pete Art & Fashion Week benefitting the Warehouse Arts District is in full swing.

    Tonight designers present models in a wildflower theme for a photo shoot open to the public from 7 to 11 p.m., at Platformz, 179 1st Ave. N. It costs $10.

    Friday is Art Night with local artists and live art demonstrations from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at BBD LIfe Studio at 465 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. This is an even $16....

    There's always a hip vibe at the Warehoue Arts District.
  4. Looking sweet upon the seat of a borrowed bike


    First of all, thank you to the person who parked their pretty blue bike outside the Tampa Bay Times offices, providing the perfect prop for a My Outfit Monday post.

    Second of all, in your face Labor Day! You have come and gone and I'm still wearing  my white jeans with pride. They go with everything. 

    This sweater, however, seems to only go with my white jeans. I love it but if I try it with black, I feel I'm channeling Mini Mouse. With any other color, I think of a crayon box. I'm open to any suggestions because I love the multiple sizes of the polka dots and the three quarter length sleeves. It was an impulse buy at a sample sale at a friend's house a year ago, but I barely wear it. ...

    My Outfit Monday.
  5. Buying clothes can help schools. Who knew?


    A great black and white polka dot dress from ModCloth for half price. Athleta blue flowered yoga pants marked down from $64 to $22.39. Quick. Click on Now.

    Schoola is a win-win. Deals for us turn into financial donations to schools around the world.

    The site sells new items donated by retailers and second hand items donated by us and then donates a percentage of sales to schools. You can even decide what school gets the money from the clothes you donate....

    New Atheleta pants for $22.39, were $64.
  6. St. Petersburg arts district improvements coming

    Human Interest

    ST. PETERSBURG — Improvements are in the works for the Warehouse Arts District. Close to 100 people at the Warehouse Arts District association's annual membership meeting heard about streetscaping, lighting the Pinellas Trail and 30 new studios for artists.

    Mary Jane Park, executive director, said the organization is halfway to its goal of raising $800,000 thanks to a state grant for $300,000 and $100,000 from the city of St. Petersburg. The money will help pay for renovating a 15,000-square-foot space inside an existing warehouse for 20 to 30 artist studios. ...

  7. Creativity fits like a glove


         Eat your heart out Project Runway. The creative couture on the runway at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center’s annual Wearable Art fashion show and fundraiser would stand up to anything a reality show has to offer.
        Area artists and designers created collections with meticulous craftsmanship that wowed the crowd of several hundred.
    One designer presented a sports themed collection including a dress made of patchwork baseball gloves followed by a model donning a tutu of tennis balls with a top made from the net and visor of Astroturf. A golfing model wore long white gloves with a vest that at first looked like it was covered with fluttering feathers but it was actually crafted from pointed golf tees. 
         Later, David Bowie’s China Doll rocked as a backdrop for models in elaborate, flowing Asian costumes like those in a Chinese New Years parade, some with six foot extensions off the back for wings and tails.
        St. Petersburg duo Eugenie Boundurant and Paul Wilborn played piano, sang and emceed the event, which is usually hosted by a drag queen. Wilborn apologized for being a boring middle aged couple from St. Petersburg. But the crowd seemed thrilled with the whole evening, which included pre-show entertainment with humans dressed as elaborate balloon animals.
    “This is the most exciting event in Pinellas County,” said Kathy Milam, who may be slightly biased since she’s a Dunedin Fine Arts Center board member. “This arts center is a teaching force. We are here for the whole community no matter what your age or your interest.”...

    Butterflies float along this dress.
  8. A fashion icon in the making


    When a friend posted her daughter's first-day-of-school picture, I immediately thought of Carrie Bradshaw's white chiffon skirt.

    Khloe, a second grader in St. Petersburg, has had an adventurous sense of style ever since she was a toddler.

    "She always loved wearing princess dresses to the grocery store. I let her be creative and she has kept that going as she's gotten older," her mom Jill said. Khloe's other favorite fashion statements include brown high-tops with pink trim, a headband with blue kitty cat ears, long kitty cat socks and suspenders with wings....

    Two fashion icons with similar  fab skirts
  9. Why the pantsuits work for Hillary and the woman behind them


    Hillary Clinton came to town yesterday decked out in her trademark pantsuit. This one was bright orange. It looked pretty good.

    I’m not ready to run for office or even call myself middle age. I might live to be 100. My dad is 92 and still working. But I think it's time to consider the merits of the pantsuit. Hillary has all the stylists and wardrobes options possible, so pantsuits can’t be all one-liners....

    Susanna Chung Forest, the woman behind Hillary' Clinton's pantsuits.
  10. Give and save at Reno Beach


    Drop off some gently used clothes at Reno Beach Surf Shop and you get a coupon good for $10 off any purchase of $25.

    Owner Jon Reno LaBudde is a big supporter of Clothes To Kids, the non-profit group that has two "stores" in Pinellas where low income kids ages 5 to 18 can go and get a week's supply of free clothes. Study after study as well as individual story after story prove when students don't have to worry someone laughing at their outdated, torn, or wrong-sized clothes (because some kids are such stupid haters) have better attendance, grades and participation. ...

    save $10 at Reno Surf
  11. I survived packing light in NYC


    I've heard of this thing called "packing light" before but it never crossed my mind to try it. But last week, being of sound mind and body, I packed all I would wear for seven days in New York City in just a school-sized, purple backpack. And girls, I must admit, it was so liberating. 

    The only thing that could force this traveler who's been known to trail a pack mule for a four-day weekend was the mighty dollar. My 13-year-old son had a film making camp at the NY Film Academy way down in Battery Park. I pieced together two free nights at a Hampton Inn and three nights at an Air B&B within walking distance from the camp....

    A week in New York with just a backpack of clothes.
  12. Shopping as the sun rises


    Three Deal Divas met this morning at 6:15 a.m. on the Vinoy front porch in the name of journalism. Somebody had to cover the 43rd annual Sunrise Sale so it might as well be us. Yes, journalism is an ugly job sometimes. We had to sip free mimosas, nibble on doughnuts and actually BUY stuff at deep discounts. But our bosses want the paper to keep up our streak of winning Pulitzers, so you gotta do what you gotta do....

    First purchase at the Museum of Fine Arts.
  13. I love island time, but not island prices


    I spent a great week recently on Nantucket, two hours by ferry from the real world. Much of this island is simple. Like the fact that you can walk most everywhere, there are no bilboards or neon anywhere, the beaches look the same as they did 200 years ago when whalers ruled the island and most streets are either stone or sand.

    But shopping is far from simple. The stores are filled with the latest fashions from New York and California and priced as though they were brought over one piece at a time by a messenger whale. Mannequins and real life women who "weekend" or "summer" on Nantucket who have the bodies of mannequins were decked out mostly in boho chic looks. Off the shoulder peasant blouses with long and short sleeves were everywhere. I even saw an off the shoulder bikini. And I saw a ton of dresses, shoes, tops, skirts and bags with Mexican embroidery. ...

    etsy shopping aka bargain shopping
  14. Tampa Bay Rays Raise big money on the Runway


    Barely two hours after beating the Red Socks, Rays players, coaches, wifes and girlfriends thrilled a sold out crowd and some strong kids at the Rays on the Runway Show to benefit the Children's Dream Fund. Thousands of dollars were raised through ticket sales and auction items to fund the group that creates amazing experiences for seriously ill children. 

    The planning and anticipation of a dream day helps makes the time in hospital beds go by a little easier. The time away at Disney World, on a cruise, swimming with dolphins, skiing or at a ranch out West, allows the children and their families to focus on something besides white blood cell counts and medical costs. The average dream costs $3,500. The memories are priceless. There are 65 kids on the waiting list for dreams....

    Kevin Kiermaier and Marisa Moralobo
  15. My outfit Monday: Pajamas or posh pants? I say both.


    I love that Palazzo pants are so in these days because it's like getting permission to wear your pajamas to work. I bought this pair in Raleigh last summer at Belk's. (Belks, as I've told you before, is much better in NC than in Fla). The print is a little out there even for me. But usually receive at least five compliments each time I wear them. I think at least three of those are sincere, while two are probably someone trying to stifle their laughter, so the odds are still in my favor....

    Technicolor Palazzo pants.