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  1. PunditFact: Did Hobby Lobby know it offered birth control drugs?


    The statement

    "Hobby Lobby provided this (birth control) coverage before they decided to drop it to file suit."

    Sally Kohn, liberal pundit, June 30 on CNN

    The ruling

    Hobby Lobby's Supreme Court victory over the federal government's contraception rule set off a fast-breaking wave of punditry on national TV. CNN brought in liberal pundit and contributor Sally Kohn, who panned the court's 5-4 decision as disastrous and Hobby Lobby's intentions as disingenuous....

  2. Peek-a-boo midriffs -- trashy or kinda classy?


    Let's talk about the barely-there midriff. No, not the bikini blouses that have roared back anew, much to the dismay of shy girls like me.

    I mean outfits that reveal a thin band of skin between the shirt and skirt, and maybe a little more skin if you raise your arm for a stretch or a drink. Our fearless BFF Mindy Kaling wears them. Why can't we?

    I've never tried on a peek-a-boo style, but it seems a little more safe than the Belly For Days alternative. A classy acknowledgement of the resurgence of belly shirts, but not an outright embrace....

    I was so impressed with Mindy's bold look here. Right or wrong, it made me think if she can do it, so can I.
  3. Summer beauty review: IT Cosmetics lip gloss and bronzer


    I like to keep my beauty routine simple and fresh in summer while leaving some room for new product adventures -- beauty vacations, if you will.

    My jaunt with IT Cosmetics, which sent us a couple products to review, was a nice one.

    The IT stands for Innovative Technology, which means they emphasize ingredients and healthful benefits. It also gives them license to make their product names a lot more complicated. It's not lip gloss but CC+ Lip Serum Color-Correcting Liquid Creme Gloss. It's not bronzer, it's a "color correcting and anti-aging waterproof bronzing veil."...

    CC+ Lip Serum Color-Correcting Liquid Creme Gloss in "live."
  4. Pretty things on sale at Anthropologie, just saying


    One way or another, my post was going to be about Anthropologie this week. I know, I know, we really shouldn't even utter the word around these price-conscious parts. I've called them out for being needlessly expensive.

    But they're having a sale. I know, I know; this is how they get us....

    Peplum top, $39.
  5. Three sales you should know about STAT


    1. Save 40 percent off spring sale looks at J. Crew TODAY ONLY with code TODAY ONLY. Hey, one-piece bathing suit with fish all over it. TODAY ONLY....

  6. My Outfit Monday: Dark and stormy, but fun


    My dark and stormy outfit might have blended in with today's eerie weather were it not for a last-minute infusion of bright accessories.

    Let's skip that I'm wearing a lot of black pants and flats in the heat of summer (did I mention my ankle injury and accompanying bulky brace?) and focus on how I'm coping with limitation....

    This bag is old school H&M. It combines my classic love for spots with my new-found love for obnoxious summer neon. Win-win. The bracelet is a gift from Banana Republic that never quits giving.
  7. Do you like your sunscreen liquid or powdered?


    We know we sound a little preachy about sunscreen sometimes, but it's so important for battling cancer, wrinkles and other troubles from Mr. Golden Sun. 

    Maybe this makes it more appealing: Protection you can dust on your face....

    Mineral Fusion powder sunscreen, $17.50 at Amazon.
  8. Seeking sporty summer sneakers


    I've been pining more and more for easy summer sneakers lately (not slip-ons like this), and not just because I'm nursing an injured ankle and prefer more support....

    These are by far the cutest I've seen, so of course they are Kate Spade and of they are the most expensive.
  9. Shortcuts to Florida's essential, often painful summer look


    It's that time of year again -- when we fall back on the most clichéd story intro we've ever heard because we are overcome by oppressive summer heat and it's messing with our brains and stifling our creativity.

    Shorts season. It's been here for a while, and it's not going away until maybe the winter holidays (but even then who knows).

    Do we care? Yes. Utter the word "shorts" around my neck of the newsroom and you'll hear groans and cries of "WHY?" and "IT'S NOT FAIR."...

    These Riviera shorts are available in a variety of colors, from Red Rose to Baltic Blue. $39.50.
  10. Fashion fears: Bandage dresses and the like


    So it wasn't exactly a spoiler alert, but my October confession about fighting through my nerves and wearing a bandage dress nicely forecasts the fashion fear I'm unpacking today.

    Secret's out: I'm uneasy with anything clingy, showy, va va voom, you get the picture. I'm just a little scared and it's awkward, okay?...

    Normally, I'm all CUTE PRINTS, GIMME. But one time I tried out a bandage dress, and it felt new and risky. And I liked it.
  11. 24 reasons we're excited for The Mindy Project season two finale


    The Mindy Project ends its marvelous second season tonight at 9:30 p.m. Here's why the Deal Divas are really, really ready.

    Reasons 1-23: Mindy Kaling's outfits

    This spoiler will not make you angry: Mindy Kaling will change her outfit 23 times. That's impressive for a 22-minute episode.

    Peruse this excellent E! Online slideshow of every single bright, pattern-riffic outift Kaling will wear. Tell us your favorites! Dibs on the neon trench coat(s) and plaid dress. The green sequined pencil skirt paired with a baseball tee is an inspiration....

    Mindy wears this outfit -- one of 23! -- in tonight's season 2 finale of The Mindy Project. We. Cannot. Wait. Gotta catch 'em all!
  12. Church thrift store celebrates 50th birthday


    Times retail reporter Susan Thurston brings us happy news about a local thrift store in her weekly column (required reading).

    The Attic Shoppe, a St. Pete Beach thrift store, is celebrating its 50th birthday. It's remarkable, Thurston writes, because the store completely relies on volunteers from St. Alban's Episcopal Church and donations. Sales are about $30,000-$35,000 a year and go toward the church, the St. Petersburg Free Clinic, Community Action Stops Abuse, and St. Giles Food Pantry....

  13. My Outfit Monday: #Twinning


    Last week, I came to work in a fun navy dress with a big sleeve, choosing magenta pumps as a color boost.

    Deal Diva Kameel woke up that morning with the same vibes, going with a navy, puffy-sleeved dress and adding magenta beads.

    You know what everyone says about great minds.

    Today I'm wearing a canvas green skirt and bright orange top, a play on utility and feminity. What's Kameel working? Green. Utility. Skirt. Flirty. Pink. Shirt....

    Posing in our navy blue frocks at chez Deal Diva Stephanie. We meant to get more of the Warhol heel print in the picture.
  14. Are we wearing too much makeup? UK study says yes.


    The headline of a provacative Atlantic article today says women are wearing makeup "because they mistakenly think men like it."

    Oh, realllllly. The story is based on a new study from researchers at Bangor University and Aberdeen University in the U.K....

  15. Tuesday link party: Weir and Lipinski and DERBY, plus sales


    I'm excited about a few things and just can't hide it (or narrow it down to a single post).

    Let's crank this.

    * BFFs Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir will provide fashion commentary at the Kentucky Derby next weekend, NBC announced today (more details from The Associated Press). Apparently, women comprise a big part of the Derby's TV audience, and women also love them some Tara and Johnny, and NBC loves them some ratings, so bam, the Sochi sweethearts are coming back. My hope for the duo is their derby hats run big and colorful and eccentric and don't at all play it safe (like Tara's too-sweet white gown at the Oscars, tear). ...

    Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir never really left us because we're obsessed and follow their exploits on Instagram. But NBC announced the stylish duo is coming back on the air next week to help with fashion coverage of the Kentucky Derby.