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Katie Sanders, PunditFact Staff Writer

Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders is a staff writer for PunditFact , a website founded by the Tampa Bay Times and Poynter Institute to fact-check talking heads. She previously reported on state politics and government for PolitiFact Florida from the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Tallahassee bureau and on breaking news for the Times in St. Petersburg. She earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and English from the University of Florida.

Phone: (727) 893-8037; cell: (850) 673-1511

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Twitter: @KatieLSanders

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  1. My Outfit Monday: Moody weather, uplifting prints


    Welcome to October. It's been waiting for us!

    Yes, I have a birthday-month bias, and yes, it's rainy today, but you have to admit that it feels plain awesome.

    With the weather turning crisp, I'm turning down summer's bright hues (yellow Target purse excepted) in favor of toned-down, moodier wardrobe choices that match my midnight pedicure.

    That doesn't mean the fun's over. With mixed patterns, the fun never stops. ...

    Stephanie captured a bunch of candids outside of Times HQ instead of one glamour shot, like this...
  2. Here's where to get your free coffee in Tampa Bay today


    Don't be like me, coffee fiends. I made the awful, unforgivable mistake this morning of bringing my own coffee into work from home.



    Never again.

    I should have consulted the Times' helpful guide on where to get free coffee today. Check it out. There are deals at Kahwa, Wawa, Whole Foods, Dunkin' Donuts, Nature's Food Patch and Krispy Kreme (+ a free donut, whaaaaaaat)....

    Tuesday is National Coffee Day, and lots of retailers are offering free (or very cheap) coffee in honor of the holiday. [OCTAVIO JONES | Times]
  3. The so very real issue facing Americans in 2016


    As Deal Diva Lisa pointed out, we write for Deal Divas on the side of our usual beats at the Times. I work for PunditFact, which fact-checks pundits like PolitiFact does politicians, and today I'm reporting about Ronald Reagan's record of tax increases and cuts in the '80s.

    Today I'm also taking a moment to point out something not so serious, because what's life, and politics, without some whimsy?...

    Hillary Clinton posted this on Instagram today, and my curiosity about what else exists like this took off.
  4. Anna Kendrick's latest video for Kate Spade? Everything.


    Kudos to Kate Spade New York for making it so easy to stomach a three-minute video campaign for clothes I cannot afford.

    All it took was hiring one of my favorite women in Hollywood as a brand ambassador, Anna Kendrick, and giving her an all-too relatable script with gems like:

    - "Hashtag DatingMyPurse ... is that funny, or kind of worrying?"

    - "What was that business venture I told you about? And I told you to remind me to write it down? Oh, you weren't listening, that's fine." (To her dog in a bag.)...

    Big fan of the #missadventure campaign for Kate Spade.
  5. When wedges become flats, a fun weekend game


    Let's kick off the weekend with a super fun game: Ratchet or Resourceful?

    All you have to do is tell me if I pulled off a real thing that happened a couple weeks ago. 

    I was traipsing to happy hour, see, at the end of a Thursday that promised to be rainier than it delivered. I was traipsing in my Walmart rain boots and a red rain jacket when a "friend" who "blogs" here named "Stephanie" pointed out that I looked like a desperate TV reporter covering a hurricane....

    A humiliating breakdown or a smooth recovery? You decide.
  6. How and why you should apply face primer before foundation


    I tend to use samples with the most obvious purpose and payoff from my Ipsy beauty bags first — the bold lipsticks, fun eye shadows and liners, etc. Their use is straightforward and don't make me feel a million years behind my most glamorous friends.

    The remnant Ipsy and Birchbox samples fall into an "IDK/W/E" catch-all pile of neglect, irritation and plain misunderstanding — packets of masks, exfoliants, foot creams, "HD powder" (no really, what is that), as well as samples of primer for every part of the face, including lips and eyes....

    I received a Smashbox sample as part of my Ipsy bag delivery recently, and a good friend is telling me why I should keep it up as part of my beauty routine.
  7. PunditFact: Why we fact-check political cartoons


    As fact-checkers of pundits and media, we try to stay on top of where people are getting their information, constantly mining the usual places — TV and radio shows, columns, and Sunday shows, Facebook and Twitter — for ideas. Every so often, we scope out a source that isn't as intuitive but is just as valid: an editorial cartoon.

    Take this fact-check of a cartoon by Matt Wuerker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for Politico. Wuerker's cartoon shows a confused Uncle Sam standing on top of a pipeline of aid to Afghanistan riven with cracks that spell the word "corruption" and spew resources to drunken contractors and military officials....

    The cartoon missed some nuance but did fall in line with Census studies.
  8. Tent sale at The Shop in St. Pete through Wednesday


    Deal Diva Lisa and I turned our lunch break into a spin through The Shop's big tent sale Wednesday.

    This is the sale where normally pricey boutique clothes are marked down to $5, $10, $15 or $20 — what we in the biz refer to as "deals."

    How'd we do? Let's just say we'll be making pasta at my house for a few more days (or weeks) to make up for the number of deals we unlocked. I scored a couple $15 dresses and a maxi skirt for an upcoming ~*~ CRUISE ~*~....

  9. Strands of Sunshine celebrates shop dog Oscar's 10th birthday with fundraiser


    From the department of ermagersh: St. Pete's Strands of Sunshine boutique is throwing a birthday fundraiser for its shop dog, Oscar.

    Oscar Friday

    Oscar is turning 10 this moth. Happy birthday, cutie!

    To celebrate, 10 percent of all sales today through Aug. 29 will benefit Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue, a nonprofit rescue group that looks out for small, older dogs saved from kill shelters. ...

  10. My Outfit Monday: Mixing, and nixing, the Monday blues


    In honor of National Thrift Store Day, my outfit today aims to show how you can stretch budget buys with fun accessories.

    Now in truth, my shirt and skirt are not from a thrift store. 

    They did cost me next to nothing, though.

    The navy pencil skirt is a perfect fit in my wardrobe and a parting gift from Diva alumna Kameel. I got it Wednesday, and I've already worn it twice. ...

    I take this little wallet everywhere. I can just slide in my cell phone if I lose some of my burrito rewards cards. The truth is I'm also using my 2000&late bucket bag today, but I'm tired of showing it to you.
  11. National Thrift Store Day is Monday. Here are some ideas of where to go.


    Count your dollars. We're going shopping.

    Monday, Aug. 17, is National Thrift Store Day, an unofficial recognition of all cheap, secondhand wonders that go toward a good cause.

    Just like the July 23 combo of National Hot Dog Day and National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, the Deal Divas intend to celebrate. ...

    Sunshine Thrift store, located at 4304 South Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, sells name brand clothing, such as Hollister and Ralph Lauren. What the store lacks in appearance and curb appeal, it makes up for in deals and hidden treasure. (Sawyer Carlton/Times archives)
  12. It's that time again: Perusing Rent the Runway's clearance sale


    Look, I was going to let this slide past the blog because I've admitted to having a problem with Rent the Runway, and I'm trying to be better.

    But Rent the Runway's annual annual clearance sale, the one where you can purchase (used) designer gear in two-figure territory instead of just renting it, is still going on....

    $75 Slate & Willow glistening hi-lo dress
  13. Newest earring trend is crawly, not creepy


    Today, accessories dangerland BaubleBar reached out to let me know that I should really be open to trying out tassel jewelry. BB says tassels are great in a jewel tone, will carry into the winter months (what are those?) and also work as a bracelet if I'm scared about too much tasslin', too fast with a necklace. ...

    Turn your ears into a constellation of rad style.
  14. Ashe Couture owner celebrates birthday with a sale for all


    Hot tip on a sweet local sale: Save 15 percent all day on Ashe Couture — in store and online — with the code HappyBirthday15.

    We never need an excuse for a sale, but since you asked, it's store owner Amanda Henderson's birthday. (We hope she's not working.)

    Ashe Couture, home to pineapple sneakers swiped up by two Deal Divas at the sunrise sale as well as 80 percent of Deal Diva Lisa's closet/paycheck, is at 953 Central Ave....

    Ashe Couture is owned by Amanda Henderson, who is celebrating a birthday by offering 15 percent off all items on July 28.
  15. #TBT to when you don't know what to wear to your high school reunion (and it's hosted by Vera Wang)


    There's a single event uniting me and Kameel in conversation these days — our high school reunions. There are a lot of messages about planning and occasional flareups about who's responsibility is what and ... we're just not ready.

    Now, this isn't a post about what we plan to wear (mine is next year, so maybe that post will happen at a later date).

    Instead we're inspired to #tbt to a fun piece from Mother Times's archives, an essay about an epic reunion by a seriously fashionable reporter, Susan Taylor Martin....

    #tbt that time Times senior correspondent Susan Taylor Martin went to a party at Vera Wang's and had to figure out what to wear.