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Katie Sanders, PunditFact Staff Writer

Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders is a staff writer for PunditFact , a website founded by the Tampa Bay Times and Poynter Institute to fact-check talking heads. She previously reported on state politics and government for PolitiFact Florida from the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Tallahassee bureau and on breaking news for the Times in St. Petersburg. She earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and English from the University of Florida.

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  1. Gwyneth Paltrow misinformed on food stamps


    The statement

    $29 is what "families on SNAP (food stamps) have to live on for a week."

    Gwyneth Paltrow, actor, April 9 in a tweet

    The ruling

    The health-conscious actor accepted a challenge to live on food stamps for a week and draw attention to the Food Bank for New York City last month.

    Paltrow shared a photo of her grocery haul in a tweet and the Internet quickly balked at her choices....

    HOLLYWOOD, CA - JANUARY 21:  Actress Gwyneth Paltrow attends the premiere of Lionsgates's "Mortdecai" at TCL Chinese Theatre on January 21, 2015 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)
  2. A story about Harry Reid that was, in fact, too juicy to be true


    A month ago, before reporters from Las Vegas to Washington knew him by his real name, Larry Pfeifer told a lie.

    He doesn't dispute it.

    He promotes it.

    The 50-year-old Henderson, Nev., man says he crafted a rudimentary hoax about injuries sustained by Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid to show how easily partisan media could jump for a juicy story.

    And jump they did.

    "I had a mission," Pfeifer said. "I am sick of reading bull----. I am sick of lies. I am sick of people's lives being destroyed."...

    Larry Pfeifer concocted a story to show how lies get airtime easily.
  3. The best #FLHouseMovieTitles tweets


    The House's sine die see-ya seemed pulled from the script of a Hollywood drama, giving Capitol observers plenty to tweet about as relations between the chambers continued to ice over.

    And so, #FLHouseMovieTitles was born. Here's a roundup of some of our favorites, though they're all pretty good....

  4. Watch: John Oliver takes on dark side of cheap clothes


    Let's start Monday with a little real talk from comedian journalist John Oliver. He devoted his most recent episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight to criticizing cheap-o clothing brands (many of which we blog about here at Deal Divas for obvious deal-related reasons) for the often-ignored human toll that goes into producing cheap-o clothes.

    This week marks two years since a factory building collapse in Bangladesh killed more than 1,100 people, and some of the garments produced in the shoddy building were for brands familiar to the USA. So-called fast fashion is produced almost entirely overseas now, Oliver said, so much so that companies should rename themselves to reflect the origins of their clothing....

    John Oliver focused his HBO show on the fashion industry's issues with cheap labor Sunday.
  5. PunditFact: Fact-checking claims about 'Clinton Cash'


    Did foreign interests curry favor with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by paying huge speaking fees to her husband?

    That's the question raised in the forthcoming book Clinton Cash by author and political consultant Peter Schweizer. On the Sunday shows, Schweizer said that while his research uncovered no proof of a quid pro quo between foreign interests and the 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner, the evidence does suggest a troubling trend....

    Hillary Clinton has faced heat over the forthcoming book Clinton Cash.
  6. Dress for Success excess inventory sale this weekend


    This sale is a big deal: It benefits a good cause, and with a little ninja-sifting, it also guarantees big deals.

    I'm talking about Dress for Success Tampa Bay's excess inventory sale, a Deal Divas favorite offering $10 suits, $5 clothes, shoes and purses, and $2 jewelry, belts and scarves. A designer section promises Michael Kors, Ferragamo, Prada, Coach, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, etc., for $30 or less....

     Katie McGill, (cq) executive director of West Tampa's Dress for Success, collects clothing and purse donations Thursday afternoon at the non-profit's local storefront. Local businesswoman Kim Washington (cq), left, and friends recently started gathering donations for the program, which helps women in need prepare for job interviews.
  7. My Outfit Monday: Black, white and spring mint all over


    The last time I wore this Anthro dress, purchased on sale without regrets like always, I was attending a holiday party with friends. I posed in front of a Christmas tree wearing lace-up booties, tights and statement earrings, cradling a bottle dressed as a reindeer (thanks, Mom!)....

    These Kelly & Katie heels are a go-to, and they are really excited to read this gorgeous edition of Bay magazine.
  8. Saddest of the sad: Piperlime is going offline


    It's really real now: Piperlime is going offline.

    After April 30, you won't be able to make or return any purchases from the Gap-run site.

    I'm sad. Piperlime was my go-to online shopping destination for a couple years after graduation (never the expensive stuff, duh). It's a more whimsical companion to the straight-edge stylings of Banana Republic, another store I used to love but don't visit much anymore (unless it's pajamas)....

    Hurry and get this cute outfit from Piperlime before time runs out.
  9. PunditFact: Fact-checking GOP's latest attacks on Hillary Clinton


    With Hillary Rodham Clinton making her presidential run official, Republicans from Mitt Romney to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul jumped at the chance Sunday to revisit Clinton's biggest controversies from her tenure as secretary of state.

    We fact-checked claims from both Republicans.

    We'll take Romney first. On Fox News Sunday, Romney said Clinton deleted emails that were subject to review by Congress....

    Mitt Romney, left, and Sen. Rand Paul didn't waste any time Sunday in questioning Hillary Clinton's background after she formally became a candidate for president.
  10. PunditFact: Fact-checking John Oliver's interview with Edward Snowden about NSA surveillance


    Most Americans have a fuzzy understanding of what the National Security Agency can and cannot see with its surveillance programs, much less what a former NSA contractor named Edward Snowden tried to do about it.

    That's the finding, anyway, of informal street interviews by John Oliver's crew at Last Week Tonight on HBO.

    Oliver devoted his April 5 show to the NSA spying story. It included an exclusive interview with Snowden, who is living in Russia after the State Department canceled his passport. And it included the topic of this fact-check: Can emails sent between two people living in the United States unwittingly end up on the computer screen of some NSA analyst?...

    John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden on Last Week Tonight on Sunday. While Snowden’s explanation of how transmission routes could allow wholly domestic emails to end up in the NSA’s database is possible, experts say it’s not highly likely.
  11. Stock up on cheap shorts at Old Navy today


    Old Navy is making a strong play for my summer wardrobe business today with a 40 percent off shorts sale.

    I usually shop for shorts at Loft or Banana Republic, which make shorts for women with "slowing metabolisms" in mind, as Deal Diva Stephanie once said, with 3.5-5-inch inseams. They come in pretty, bright colors. There's usually a mid-summer sale by which I can snag a few pair for $12 or $20 at Loft....

    Today only, these shorts are $13.50 at Old Navy.
  12. Two pro soccer players at opposite ends of the monetary turf (w/video)



    The Brazilian soccer star known as Kaká stares down at the ball, seconds from the biggest kick in the newest chapter of his storied career. Wealthy and well-known, his place in the sport is well established, his number on the backs of fans around the world. // Kaká doesn't need this goal. But his new team does. Orlando City is losing its first game in Major League Soccer 1-0 with less than a minute on the clock. // A wall of defenders waits 10 yards in front of him. The goalie squats low, hands stretched wide. // For every reason, Kaká is the guy you want with the ball in this moment. But he would not be here without help from a teammate, a breezy 24-year-old named Kevin Molino....

    Liza Escoffery of Orlando, center, waves a red and black Trinidad and Tobago flag for Kevin Molino before Orlando City’s MLS debut at the Citrus Bowl. She says Molino is a hero in their country.
  13. PolitiFact Florida: Does Florida have a Religious Freedom Restoration Act like Indiana's?

    State Roundup

    Likely presidential candidates have reacted to Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act as Gov. Mike Pence has had to defend the law against those who say it discriminates against gays and lesbians.

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush sided with Pence in a radio interview on Monday.

    "I think Gov. Pence has done the right thing," Bush said in an interview with Hugh Hewitt "Florida has a law like this. Bill Clinton signed a law like this at the federal level. This is simply allowing people of faith space to be able to express their beliefs, to be able to be people of conscience. I just think once the facts are established, people aren't going to see this as discriminatory at all."...

    Courtesy of Datz
For April Fool's Day, Datz in Tampa will be transformed into a Chinese restaurant.
  14. What fashion buy do you most regret?


    At Deal Divas, we aim to temper our serious shopping habits with savvy steals. But that doesn't mean we never cave.

    Buried in our closets are dark, untouched impulse purchases, ill-fitting and useless and roiling us with regret.

    What gives us comfort is knowing we are not alone. We've all thrown away our money at something dumb that seemed brilliant at the time, right?

    I started thinking about this a few weeks ago when a heap of New Yorkers divulged the biggest waste of money in their wardrobes to Refinery29. Because they live in Carrie Bradshaw's Big Apple, there were tales of Christian Louboutin kitten heels snagged at a warehouse sale that have never seen the city lights, of $100 cowboy boots that were never on trend....

    Stephanie has gotten a lot of use out of her turban purchased for a Jamaican vacation. Oh, wait, no, she hasn't worn it since.
  15. PunditFact: Indiana governor says Obama once voted for 'very same' religious freedom bill (w/video)


    At least five times Sunday, ABC This Week host George Stephanopoulos asked Indiana Gov. Mike Pence a variant on a simple question about Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act: "If a florist in Indiana refuses to serve a gay couple at their wedding, is that legal now in Indiana?"

    And at least five times, Pence would not answer.

    Instead, the first-term Republican governor defended Indiana's new and controversial law as providing a legal framework if government infringes on someone's freedom of religion. He also noted that the very same law has been supported by Democrats in other places, including President Barack Obama....

    Thousands of opponents of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act gathered on the lawn of the Indiana State House to rally against that legislation Saturday.