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Katie Sanders, PunditFact Staff Writer

Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders is a staff writer for PunditFact , a website founded by the Tampa Bay Times and Poynter Institute to fact-check talking heads. She previously reported on state politics and government for PolitiFact Florida from the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Tallahassee bureau and on breaking news for the Times in St. Petersburg. She earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and English from the University of Florida.

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  1. Ashe Couture owner celebrates birthday with a sale for all


    Hot tip on a sweet local sale: Save 15 percent all day on Ashe Couture — in store and online — with the code HappyBirthday15.

    We never need an excuse for a sale, but since you asked, it's store owner Amanda Henderson's birthday. (We hope she's not working.)

    Ashe Couture, home to pineapple sneakers swiped up by two Deal Divas at the sunrise sale as well as 80 percent of Deal Diva Lisa's closet/paycheck, is at 953 Central Ave....

    Ashe Couture is owned by Amanda Henderson, who is celebrating a birthday by offering 15 percent off all items on July 28.
  2. #TBT to when you don't know what to wear to your high school reunion (and it's hosted by Vera Wang)


    There's a single event uniting me and Kameel in conversation these days — our high school reunions. There are a lot of messages about planning and occasional flareups about who's responsibility is what and ... we're just not ready.

    Now, this isn't a post about what we plan to wear (mine is next year, so maybe that post will happen at a later date).

    Instead we're inspired to #tbt to a fun piece from Mother Times's archives, an essay about an epic reunion by a seriously fashionable reporter, Susan Taylor Martin....

    #tbt that time Times senior correspondent Susan Taylor Martin went to a party at Vera Wang's and had to figure out what to wear.
  3. PolitiFact explains the gender pay gap


    It has been one of the consistent cries, mainly of Democrats, over the past seven years. It goes something like: Women earn 77 cents on the dollar (or pick your amount) for doing the same work as a man (or pick your description). But critics say the wage gap is more fiction than anything. What are the facts?

    Our PolitiFact Sheet on the gender wage gap explains.

    The top line

    The first thing you can do to protect yourself against misusing the 77 cents statistic is simple: Listen carefully. Slight differences in wording can drastically alter the accuracy of a claim about the wage gap....

  4. The new Naked Smoky palette is here (and so is our hunt for loose change)


    Clean out your car and tear up your couch cushions: Urban Decay's latest Naked eyeshadow palette is out, and you're going to need more than a few pennies if you want to call it yours (or some friends, maybe some very generous friends).

    Urban Decay dubbed the 2015 edition of its $54 popular eyeshadow palette "Naked Smoky," a theme plainly reinforced by its 12 mostly moody, metal hues that create (with the help of a how-to video) an array of smoky looks. It's a departure from earlier Naked palettes that focused on neutral, everyday tones, with a few shades for play.  ...

    Urban Decay released its newest Naked palette for smoky eye looks on July 8 -- and sold out very quickly.
  5. Caitlyn Jenner's gowns in Vanity Fair more affordable than you think


    I admit I'm reallllly late to the Caitlyn Jenner coverage party, category: fashion. I had a lot going on in the wedding department in June, and my first chance to read the Vanity Fair profile of Jenner by Buzz Bissinger was on the plane and en route to our honeymoon destination....

    You can grab your own version from Rent the Runway for $100 -- about 1/6 the retail price.
  6. PunditFact: A startling sex stat that checks out


    Aziz Ansari departs from the usual comedian slapstick in his first book, Modern Romance, teaming up with a sociologist and traveling overseas to examine the science of how people date in the Internet-at-your-fingertips age.

    The academic effort intrigued The Daily Show's Jon Stewart during his June 16 interview with Ansari. Stewart asked his former Daily Show intern if he learned anything shocking during his time reporting for the book....

    BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 12:  Comedian Aziz Ansari attends the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 12, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
  7. Florida not quite the pretrial services model, despite what John Oliver says

    State Roundup

    HBO host and news-comedian John Oliver surprised us, and maybe even himself, on Last Week Tonight when he hailed Florida as a model for the country for a component of its judicial system — and not for, say, assaults with a slice of pizza, or something like that.

    "Pretrial service programs have succeeded around the country in places ranging from Oregon to Florida," Oliver said. "And it is a truly frightening state of affairs when Florida is a model for progressive change."...

    John Oliver on HBO’s June 7 episode of Last Week Tonight called Florida a “model of progressive change” in pretrial service programs as an alternative to jailing people who can’t afford bail.
  8. Like what you see on Instagram? Some stores let you buy on the spot


    It is a serious shopper's fear: A retailer posts a dreamy outfit on Instagram. You heart it. And then you realize you want to do more than heart it — you want to own it. So you go to the store after work to snatch it up. But there's bad news, slowpoke. While you were working or whatever it is you do, that outfit sold out.

    Bummer, right? Technology can help.

    Some local stores allow you to buy what you see on Instagram essentially that second....

    A screenshot of Misred Outfitters' Instagram account, which it is using to take orders from customers.
  9. PolitiFact explains what's at stake in King vs. Burwell


    After years of political fighting and legal maneuvering, President Barack Obama's signature health care law could collapse over the interpretation of four simple words, "established by the state."

    The clause, tucked into the 906-page law, is at the center of a Supreme Court case seeking to derail federal tax subsidies in 34 states, including Florida, that opted not to create a health insurance marketplace....

    Demonstrators gathered outside the Supreme Court, which heard a challenge to the Affordable Care Act in March.
  10. My Outfit Monday: Let a statement purse do the work


    These days, the very few remaining before the major life event of my wedding, my head is swarming with last-minute details. And little else. Floral arrangements, musical selections, shot lists, welcome bags, these earrings, those earrings, what napkins look best with these linens, cake toppers, and "hey, what did we ever decide about X, Y and Z?" — you can see there's little room for tons of thoughtfulness poured into more trivial aspects of life....

  11. Check out our fresh new look


    It feels like the Year of Divas.

    We added four new writers a few months ago, the most ever. Katherine, Lisa, Lydia and Michelle have been fabulous and entertaining new voices.

    Now we have a redesigned blog to showcase all of our work!

    We admit we're a little sad to lose our sentimental avatar likenesses, preserved below for eternity.

    old avatar2.jpg...

  12. 3 retail stories to know this week


    A gender pay-gap at the Target cash register? Mistreated angel associates?

    We have some interesting retail stories to jumpstart your Tuesday night dinner conversation.

    The 'Pink Tax'

    The "pink tax" isn't completely new, but it's pretty infuriating and will apparently never change. It refers to the price hike for women's health and beauty products compared to similar products for men. (Ever notice why the goods are kept in different aisles?)...

  13. A must-read take-down of the celebrity 'naked look'


    On this, the Deal Divas and the New York Times fashion critic are on the same page.


    Yes, that means you, Bey, JLo, Ri-Ri and Kim K. West....

    Yeezy might be the only person enamored by Kim's Met Ball look.
  14. Kate Spade surprise sale runs through Thursday


    Love Kate Spade, but not the designer prices?

    * raises hand *

    The company is touting a 75 percent off surprise sale that runs through the end of Thursday.

    You'll have to surrender your email to enter

    I'm feeling these leverback drop earrings (down to $25), this bow bracelet that would be cute for stacking (down to $30), and, if I had $90 to spare on frivolity, this lemon bag that screams One Good Reason To Be Happy It's Basically Summer. Wallets that are usually $100-$200 are marked down to $50-$80, too, like this cosmic ombre pouch....

    Normally $278, now $89.
  15. PolitiFact: Fact-checking Ben Carson's life story


    With Ben Carson officially in the ring of Republican presidential contenders, Democratic social media activists are using his famous scraps-to-scalpel narrative against him.

    Carson, 63, was raised in a single-parent, impoverished household in Detroit and went on to become a Yale University-educated neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Carson, in 1987, was the first doctor to separate twins conjoined at the head....

    Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson spoke at Manchester Community College in New Hampshire last Sunday. “I’m not interested in getting rid of the safety net,” he says. “I’m interested in getting rid of dependency.”