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Katie Sanders, PunditFact Staff Writer

Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders is a staff writer for PunditFact , a website founded by the Tampa Bay Times and Poynter Institute to fact-check talking heads. She previously reported on state politics and government for PolitiFact Florida from the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Tallahassee bureau and on breaking news for the Times in St. Petersburg. She earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and English from the University of Florida.

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  1. Sleepwear so cozy and cute you won't want to leave the house


    Like most of my recent style obsessions, this one starts with Mindy Lahiri.

    Mindy Kaling's character on "The Mindy Project" (season finale tonight!) is always wearing the cutest pajamas. Exhibits A and B: the green owl print pajamas from the Christmas episode, and the Bedhead Eiffel Tower set in "No More Mr. Noishe Guy."...

    These BedHead Eiffel Tower PJs were once $109, according to The Mindy Project Style blog.
  2. PunditFact: Netanyahu changed course on two-state solution


    Did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flip-flop on the creation of a Palestinian state as part of a peace deal in the Middle East to help secure re-election?

    That's at least the suggestion floating around in the days after Netanyahu's Likud Party won enough seats to retain coalition control of Israel's government.

    "On the final day of his re-election campaign, Benjamin Netanyahu said that as long as he serves as prime minister of Israel, there will not be an independent Palestinian nation," read the top line of a Washington Post news report....

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greets supporters at the party’s election headquarters March 18 in Tel Aviv. Before the elections, Israel had already become a source of division, rather than unity, for American Jews, who bitterly debated the ever-expanding Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories and the acceptable boundaries of dissent from Israeli policies. The outcome of the Israeli election will only deepen that polarization, experts say. Netanyahu’s anti-Arab campaign rhetoric and his rejection of a Palestinian state, they say, will further splinter American Jews into hard left and right camps, and intensify conflicts over what it means to be loyal to the Jewish state.
  3. Get lucky with St. Patrick's Day sales


    Happy St. Patrick's Day, y'all. I bring glad tidings of good sales, but before we get into that I have questions about what you're wearing.

    Did you go all-out emerald today, glistening greenly as the vast Irish countryside? Or are you taking a more subtle approach to the holiday, a nod to a pot of gold here, a little off-color green there? Maybe you just forgot and you're spending the day dodging inappropriate pinching gestures from work colleagues....

    How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day at the office? Do you go all out or tie in green more lowkey? Plus, SALES!
  4. PunditFact: Did media ignore a Bush email controversy?


    Is the media unfairly targeting Hillary Clinton?

    That was a suggestion, at least, from Fox News pundit Juan Williams on Sunday. Williams compared the media reaction to Clinton's use of private email in recent days to that of members of President George W. Bush's administration almost eight years ago.

    For those who don't remember, some Bush staffers including top adviser Karl Rove were criticized for using Republican National Committee email accounts to perform government work....

  5. Watch: Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller revive Zoolander at Paris Fashion Week


    Blue Steel is back!

    Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, better known as premium supermodels Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald from 2001's Zoolander, surprised everyone at Paris Fashion Week when they closed the Valentino show Tuesday in custom-made pieces from the designer.

    They. Served. And kind of broke the Internet. Their appearance also confirmed rumors that a long-awaited sequel is coming. Zoolander 2 opens in U.S. theaters Feb. 12, 2016....

    I had to screenshot this gaze for myself. How else will I ever learn?
  6. PolitiFact: Fact-checking House Speaker John Boehner's numbers on President Obama's actions


    House Republican leaders fanned out across the Sunday shows to defend their attempts to overturn President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration through a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security.

    The group came armed with the same talking point and a very specific claim.

    "The president chose to use an authority that he said 22 separate times that he didn't have the authority to do," Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told Meet the Press' Chuck Todd....

    House Speaker John Boehner says President Barack Obama said 22 times that he couldn’t take executive action on immigration, and that he made “unilateral changes” to Obamacare 38 times.
  7. Deep discounts on everything wedding at Amazon's MYHABIT


    Know someone getting married? Plan on getting married some day — or maybe just attending a wedding soon?

    Amazon's members-only site MYHABIT is putting all things wedding on sale this week.

    There are deep discounts on wedding dresses, bridesmaid's dresses, mother of the bride gowns, bridal jewelry, wedding shoes and even lingerie. They didn't forget the all-important wedding guest either....

    This Terani gown looks more valuable than $269.
  8. Fact-checking John Legend's Oscar speech

    Music & Concerts

    And the Oscar for Best Real Talk in an Acceptance Speech goes to . . .

    Actually, that's a tough one. Some of Sunday's Oscar winners issued sincere pleas for wage equality, suicide prevention and calling your parents, not to mention lingering racial injustice 50 years after the civil rights movement.

    Musicians John Legend and Common left the audience with a tear-inducing performance of their Oscar-winning Selma anthem Glory and then a powerful message about setbacks for black Americans in voting rights, police relations and imprisonment....

    John Legend accepts the award for best original song in a feature film Sunday for Glory from Selma.
  9. My Outfit Monday: Reporting in the trenches


    Well, this is embarrassing.

    Just kidding!

    New Deal Diva Lisa and I had the same idea for weathering last week's winter surge: Classic khaki trenches, navy pants and brown boots. 

    Terribly inventive, not really. A work-appropriate blend of classy-casual to beat back bad weather without sacrificing style? Absolutely.

    A good trench is a nice face-lift for any outfit — throw it on, and you the result is instant polish no matter what you're wearing underneath....

    The normally abundant stray cats of the Times Publishing Co. parking lot could not handle our matching trenches and decided to hide.
  10. PunditFact: Why Obama won't label ISIS as 'Islamic extremists' (w/video)


    Something as simple as how to define the enemy in the United States' current fight in the Middle East has become a focal point in recent days.

    Are members of the Islamic State "Islamic" extremists? Or are they, as President Barack Obama calls them, "violent extremists"?

    "I've never been more worried about my country than I am today in terms of radical Islam," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Sunday on ABC's This Week....

    President Barack Obama, shown in the White House on Tuesday, avoids connecting ISIS to Islam, instead calling them “violent extremists.”
  11. Like us, Express also hates Monday (but a sale makes it better)


    Rejoice! Today, the Monday after a long weekend of celebrating the marriage of two great friends in Miami, I have already found a shirt that gets me.

    And it's on sale.

    In fact, this shirt + more shirts + jeans + dresses are all 40 percent off at Express right now. It's the last day of the sale....

    You need to two shirts: Sunday FunDay, and I Hate Mondays.
  12. Lifestyle by samples: When you want La Mer but do not have La Mer money


    So I'm in DC this week for work-related reasons, and it's great to be here and walking around the capital. I'm grateful.

    I will say ...

    There's this thing here called winter weather, and it is tearing up my skin in record time. Dry lips. Dry cheeks. Dry arms.

    Actually, I'm overreacting a little. I am surviving thanks to a little trick I deployed a couple months ago....

    Want to have a laugh *and* allow your face to survive the winter weather? Get yourself one of these super tiny samples of La Mer.
  13. PunditFact: U.S. vaccination rate trails 16 African nations (w/video)


    Sunday show talking heads continued to debate vaccinations of children — specifically, how there should be no debate — as they analyzed political missteps from the past week.

    BBC World News America anchor Katherine "Katty" Kay made a startling comparison to highlight how Americans have been less diligent in making sure their children are properly immunized.

    "There are countries in Africa where they have higher vaccination rates than here in the United States," Kay said on NBC's Meet the Press. "Because when people really need it, and they see the effects that measles can have on their communities, they will make sure that their children vaccinate."...

    A pediatrician holds a dose of the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine at his Northridge, Calif., practice on Jan. 29.
  14. No plans for Valentine's Day? Painted bodies on parade at ARTpool


    February and local fashion are getting hot and heavy.

    Last week, Keyonna told us about a trio of neat events coming our way (Recap: "All Access Neiman's" on Feb. 11 at Westshore Mall, the Boozy Trunk Show on Feb. 28, and a casting call for the Eye on Fashion wardrobe stylist competition on Feb. 21)....

    Here's the memo from ARTpool.
  15. Big sale on boots at Zulily


    This morning we're thanking our stars that we live in Florida and not the northeast, which is buckling down for a mighty blizzard. (Bliz-zard [noun]: a severe snowstorm that goes on for a long time.)

    Here in the Deal Divas department, the winter weather got us thinking about boots. We all need them at some point or another. If now is that time for you, we may have a helpful tip on a sale....

    Ring the alarm! Cheap boots.