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Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders is a staff writer for PunditFact , a website founded by the Tampa Bay Times and Poynter Institute to fact-check talking heads. She previously reported on state politics and government for PolitiFact Florida from the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Tallahassee bureau and on breaking news for the Times in St. Petersburg. She earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and English from the University of Florida.

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  1. PunditFact: Is the IRS controversy President Barack Obama's Watergate?


    The pundits on Fox News have made a point of arguing that the mainstream media has ignored congressional investigations into President Barack Obama's IRS.

    The next Watergate or Iran-Contra affair is right under the media's disinterested nose, they say.

    Fox News political commentator and syndicated columnist George Will has raised this point for almost a year and brought it up again on last week's Fox News Sunday....

    The Watergate scandal cost Richard Nixon the presidency for his administration’s role in an attempted cover-up.
  2. Katie's Desert Island Product: Aveda Air Control hairspray


    Let's be real: If I were stranded on a deserted island with one product request, it would be sunscreen or moisturizer with minimum SPF 50. The sun would off me before any of the usual suspects, like hunger or thirst or falling into a leftover tiger den concealed by palm branches from the Swiss Family Robinson.

    But you might have caught by now that our theme week is not grounded in logical decision-making. So that's why I'm going with Aveda Air Control hairspray....

    Stranded on a desert island? I'll take a barrel of Aveda Air Control hairspray, please.
  3. No truth to Michele Bachmann meme about Fort Hood shootings


    The statement

    Says Rep. Michele Bachmann said President Barack Obama might be to blame for the Fort Hood shootings.

    Facebook meme, April 2

    The ruling

    U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., is no fan of President Barack Obama. In recent weeks, like most weeks, she skewered his administration's handling of the Benghazi attack, the IRS scrutiny of tea party groups and the health care law....

  4. Rent the Runway: Temporary glamour at a realistic price


    My group trip to Vegas was months in the works, giving me plenty of time to shop for good deals on going-out dresses. Even better, I got a complimentary checked bag on the flight there, so I arrived with a roller stuffed with seven dresses. I wanted to be prepared for anything.

    This isn't the story of how my final-sale finds from Piperlime and Express served me well in Sin City. It's about how I abandoned them for the allure of temporary designer glamour and have zero regrets....

    Yes, you can also borrow accessories. These Kate Spade chandelier earrings topped off my look for $15.
  5. Today's question: You found $200. Do you splurge?


    A hypothetical money pile is on the ground. It didn't fall out of anyone's wallet. There's no one frantically searching for it in the park who is likely to say "bless your heart" for returning it.

    It just appeared. For you. Now are you going to splurge on something or what?

    I started thinking about this question when I spied a gorgeous rose gold Michael Kors watch with a cobalt blue face for $195. I would never buy a watch for that price. One, I don't wear watches. And two, the colors are trendy now but bound to go out of style, making it hard to write off as a classic buy I will have forever (not that we do that, no, never)....

    The Michael Kors watch is pretty -- and pricey. If I found free money, I'd totally go for it.
  6. PunditFact: Medicare really does spend millions on penis pumps


    The statement

    "Medicare has spent $172 million on penis pumps in the last five years at $360 a pop."

    Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, March 12 on The Daily Show

    The ruling

    "Vacuum erection systems" (that's a more technical term) are one of several ways a man might treat erectile dysfunction, which affects 30 million men, according to the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse....

  7. Wednesdays only: Save 25 percent at The Trunk Stylists


    Here's a deal for fans of Central Avenue boutique shopping: Save 25 percent off your purchase of regular priced items at The Trunk Stylists every Wednesday through the end of April.

    The deal is meant for people who receive the store's email blasts, so bring your phone or print out your email with the details.

    Don't get emails from The Trunk? Owner Dustin Pentz tells us he'll give you the discount if you sign up for their emails at checkout. On a Wednesday, remember....

    Does this tee speak our truth?
  8. Let's talk about the alleged hair trend of 2014: the tuck


    My friend Jessica and I were deep in conversation over brews on Sunday, a really gorgeous day except for the wind that kept whipping our hair across our faces. 

    Lacking a hair tie, Jessica secured her long hair under the strap of her sundress ("Is this weird?" "No, do it!"). I copied, thinking it a bright and practical idea, and pulled mine inside my puffy dress collar.

    At the time I was not thinking, I am so high fashion right now. ...

    Reader Ileana Morales, who writes for the Times' cooking section, tipped me off to the hair tuck trend AND sent me pre- and post-tuck pictures for the post.
  9. Gear up for St. Patrick's Day


    You have two weeks to outfit yourself for St. Patrick's Day. Are you short on green?

    Yes, by that I mean green outfits and dollars. No worries! Here's a starting point.

    Modcloth's "treat of the week" sale is on a bunch of cute green wear (and home decor, though it probably won't help you avoid pinches around town). Save 15 percent on all of this green stuff with code GREEN15. Shades stretch from basically blue to trendy mint to traditional emerald. The offer expires at 6 p.m. PT. TONIGHT....

    Statement skirt!
  10. My Outfit Monday: Wardrobe staples with touches of pizzazz


    Happy Oscars Monday, possibly the Mondayest Monday of the year!

    We stayed up to watch the whole ceremony, including that adorable and relatable moment when Brad Pitt and Harvey Weinstein threw the equivalent of our life savings into Pharrell's Arby's hat -- for their share of delivery pizza. Now we're back at our desks, the opposite of bright-eyed and wealthy and glamorous.

    No surprise here, I feel blergh. To keep things simple this morning, I stuck to the basics. At first I agonized about the lack of adventure, but now I'm thinking it's better we have an honest conversation about closet essentials and how to brighten them (and not, say, to dwell over my dead celly, which contained pictures of cuter outfits I've tried out these last few weeks)....

    Here I am, just casually sipping from an empty coffee thermos in front of the newspaper building.
  11. PunditFact: Do 71 percent of Obama voters regret voting for him in 2012? Nope


    For President Barack Obama's opponents, word of his latest downfall was stunning and welcome.

    Headlines and tweets all said just about the same eyebrow-raising thing: "Poll: 71% of Obama supporters 'regret' voting for his reelection."

    The purported statistic from a YouGov.com poll was the focus of a Washington Examiner post last week that spread quickly through conservative blogs, social media, radio and online forums. Tweets about the news by big guns like Fox & Friends and various accounts with smaller reach were hard to miss....

  12. Our BFFs Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir take on Oscar red carpet


    We didn't need another reason to watch and tweet about the Oscars this Sunday, but this one will do just fine.

    What I'm really trying to say is Squeeeeee! Fresh off the plane from Sochi, America's fiercest color commentary duo, figure skaters Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir, are bringing their chemistry to the red carpet for Access Hollywood on NBC....

    From Russia to the red carpet, with love.
  13. PunditFact: Claim that raising federal minimum wage will cost 500,000 jobs is false


    The statement

    A Congressional Budget Office report says President Barack Obama's executive order to raise the minimum wage for new federal contract workers "will cost the economy 500,000 jobs."

    Kai Ryssdal, host of NPR's Marketplace, on Tuesday

    The ruling

    The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office re-entered the spotlight last week with a report that offered a little something for everyone on the effects of raising the federal minimum wage....

  14. Bring old jeans to J. Crew, save 15%


    Here's some good news about your busted jeans.

    When your hems turn ratty and your belt loops bust open, you don't have to throw your jeans away or live with them. Now through March 3, take them to J. Crew at International Plaza.

    The store will take 15 percent off your purchase and send them on to a good cause.

    J. Crew is partnering with Blue Jeans Go Green, an organization that recycles jeans into a special kind of insulation. Denim collected by Blue Jeans Go Green has been sent to Habitat for Humanity groups. Here's a FAQ for more info about the process....

    Part ways with your old jeans and allow them to insulate someone's house.
  15. PunditFact: Claim that Keystone pipeline would provide 35 permanent jobs is true


    The statement

    The Keystone pipeline creates "35 permanent jobs" after construction, according to a government report.

    Van Jones, Feb. 3 on CNN's Crossfire

    The ruling

    The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would stretch 875 miles from Western Canada to Steele City, Neb., where it would connect with existing pipelines and usher up to 830,000 barrels of oil per day to refineries on the Gulf Coast....