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Katie Sanders, PolitiFact Deputy Editor

Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders is deputy editor of PolitiFact, the nonpartisan website founded by the Tampa Bay Times to fact-check politicians and public leaders. Read stories she edits and writes here.

Before moving into that role, she was a staff writer for PunditFact , a website created by the Tampa Bay Times and Poynter Institute to fact-check talking heads.

She previously reported on state politics and government for PolitiFact Florida from the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Tallahassee bureau and on breaking news for the Times in St. Petersburg.

Before joining the Times, she interned at The St. Augustine Record and National Journal's CongressDaily in Washington, D.C.

She earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and English from the University of Florida. She lives in St. Petersburg with T.J., her husband, and Minnow, their dog.

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  1. Ashley Graham debuts swimsuit line for sizes 10-24 (and it's on sale)


    And now for a word on bathing suit season that won't leave you all stabby.

    Model Ashley Graham, who's like really pretty, released a line of 11 hot bathing suits this week that come in sizes 10-24.

    You may recall Graham is an expert on the subject, having modeled for Sports Illustrated's bathing suit issue....

    Ashley Graham's swimsuit line is pretty fun. Dive in!
  2. Amazon shutting down MyHabit, focusing on Amazon Fashion


    If you're a shopping hound on Amazon, we may have some bad news for you. The MyHabit flash-sale site is closing down.

    The news has been out for a couple weeks, but the shipping giant announced it to subscribers this morning....

  3. Sunday shopping event coming to Central Avenue stores


    Friday, you have Beyonce (at least, I hope).

    Saturday, you have to rest from all that dancing to Don't Hurt Yourself and Get Me Bodied (at least, I hope). 

    This leaves you Sunday with time to kill and money to spend (at least, I hope).

    If you're in downtown St. Petersburg, you might check out the Spring Down Central Shop Hop that afternoon. I just learned about it on Instagram. ...

  4. My Outfit Monday: Time to bring spring to the office


    So we established Stitch Fix isn't for everyone. After two boxes, I'm not sure it's for me. But I can tell you one thing: They nailed these cropped pants.

    Much like the $16 Amazon curling wand, these pants have dramatically improved my workday appearance game, so much so I heard everyone is calling 2016 the Year of Brave New Katie....

    Photo by Brittany Volk | Times designer, blogger, cooking contributor, Divas photographer
  5. When and where to buy Beyoncé's Ivy Park workout line in Tampa


    Good news, residents of Tampa Bay's Beyhive: Starting April 14, you'll be able to find Beyoncé's Ivy Park workout gear at Nordstrom of International Plaza.

    It sounds like she's come a long way from her House of Deréon flop.

    In an interview with Elle, Beyoncé talks about how much time she took to make sure the clothing would work with women with curvy bodies who like to move. Special features include an invisible underlining that "sucks you in" and "lifts your bottom," Beyoncé says, to eliminate "reverb" (or feminine bounce, one might say) from running, biking or jumping. She says her clothing will be sexy but comfortable, sucking in at the waist but borrowing inspo from men's sportswear too. ...

    I mean, I probably wouldn't wear this to the gym exactly. But I'm excited to see what else Ivy Park has in store.
  6. Your wedding dress doesn't have to cost $1 billion (or $1,000)


    Nine months after my wedding, I'm not looking to buy a new white ivory dress anytime soon. Unfortunately for me, neither the Internet nor my favorite stores know about this, and both are pelting me lately with crazy cute and affordable wedding dresses that are pretty useless to me.

    I thought if I told you about them the universe would let this former bride live....

    One of H&M's upcoming wedding dresses in its line for consciously made clothing.
  7. On the gridiron, a world away, American players get one more shot at glory


    YOKOHAMA, JAPAN — Players in helmets and shoulder pads rush the field and huddle around their captains. Cheerleaders with wide smiles and tear-off pants dance to Fall Out Boy. "Let's go Silver Star!" one shouts into a microphone with a pink bow.

    For a moment, it feels like a fall football weekend just about anywhere in America.

    The reality is 90 percent of Yokohoma Stadium's bright orange seats are empty. The fans who are here to see the Asahi Beer Silver Star and Panasonic Impulse teams play are eating ramen noodles and steamed dumplings. Without a locker room, players store their luggage on the sidelines....

    Obic seagull players celebrate during a football game at Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama a Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan on October 31, 2015.
  8. A friendly fashion reminder from the TSA


    @TSA is one of the most entertaining Instagram accounts out there, as much of a must-follow as @mindykaling, @modcloth and @beyonce.

    But @TSA is not all throwing stars and retired bomb-sniffing dogs in hats (though who could be mad about that?). The account has useful tips for managing your fashion while flying, too!...

    TSA Instagram post from March 21, 2016.
  9. From Tokyo to Hiroshima, experiencing the food and culture of Japan


    We gazed at the giant bronze Buddha statue of Kamakura, tasted breaded pork called tonkatsu over rice for lunch, and rode a train to Japan's Enoshima island. Its Shinto shrines honoring the water goddess Benzaiten were one uphill climb in the twilight away.

    But first, I had to conquer the octopus cracker.

    I had no idea what Enoshima's specialty entailed. Only that Japanese translator Junko Takahashi had praised me as an adventurous eater over our three weeks together, and I wasn't about to disappoint her with the truth that I am a picky eater....

    Passageways lead to the Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on Miyajima Island in Japan. Miyajima means “shrine island.”
  10. We don't have Jewel's voice but we can steal her boho style


    Widely-known fact about Stephanie and me: We 'ship at the throne of Jewel. The poet-songstress first commanded our hearts in the mid '90s with hits like "You Were Meant for Me," "Who Will Save Your Soul" and "Foolish Games," the latter inspiring many, many karaoke turns in Steph's living room, to the delight of everyone around, we are sure. 

    So we couldn't resist the chance to see our adolescent muse in person at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater on Sunday. Jewel is 41 now, a divorced mother of one. Her set mixed in poems and anecdotes about being a homeless teenager who stole a bunch of stuff before she was discovered. Boosted by "double wines" and amazing merchandise, Steph and I hung on to her every word. ...

    If you really need to make a boho statement, this Joie Molly maxi dress from Rent the Runway could help. ($100, make it count!)
  11. PolitiFact-Check-A-Thon calls out misleading TV ads in 2016 primaries


    TV attack ads have swamped Florida ahead of Tuesday's primaries, with much of the fire trained at Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. The ads from super PACs and official campaigns typically claim that one or the other isn't ready to be president, or highlight unsavory incidents from the candidates' past.

    Some of the claims are accurate, but many we checked are not. PolitiFact spent the week watching ads and rating their claims on the Truth-O-Meter. ...

  12. Fact-checking the Democratic presidential debate


    The Democratic debate in Flint, Mich., surfaced sharp differences between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the auto bailout, international trade agreements and Wall Street campaign donations.

    One thing they did have in common: Decrying the multi-agency breakdowns that created the host city's poisoned-water crisis. Clinton and Sanders called for Gov. Rick Snyder's resignation and said more must be done to improve the country's infrastructure....

    Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders speak in their debate Sunday in Flint, Mich.
  13. Penny for your business? JC Penney to introduce one-cent deals


    House points to whoever looked at JC Penney's name and saw this new and pretty obvious idea to lure customers.

    The company, which closed 40 stores in 2015 and laid off employees, is introducing Penney Days, where certain items will be sold for a penny.

    What can you get for one cent? The store won't say, and the deals won't be announced ahead of time....

    AP file photo.
  14. Join us for Oscars tweeting and live coverage Sunday!


    Love the Oscars, hate the Oscars, or just kind of hoping to see Leo win a golden statue already so we can stop hearing about how he has nothing real to show for his decades in the film industry?

    GREAT! This Sunday is for you.

    Tweet us your Yassssss, Kween-s, your best snark and your boring-tuxedo haterade (@DealDivas) starting at 6 p.m. using the party hashtag #tbtoscars...

    Here's to us, Sunday, 6 p.m., with #tbtoscars
  15. My Outfit Monday: Embracing weekend casual with Stitch Fix


    Stitch Fix is spreading through the Times like a plague that steals your money (many thanks to awareness from Diva Lydia and intense pushing by converted Diva Lisa). I am the latest, and I don't think the last, diva to fall for the online styling service, the one where you pay a $20 styling fee and receive five items in a box that are yours to buy or return....

    Thanks for the backdrop in an unsanctioned area of the brewery, Three Daughters!