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Keeley Sheehan covers news and features in eastern Hillsborough County. She is a graduate of the University at Buffalo, with a master's from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

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  1. Can you exercise your way into high heels?


    Last spring, I went out with some friends for a girls' night in downtown St. Pete. I wanted to feel fab so I threw caution to the wind and donned my highest heels. Then I thought, ehhhhh, maybe I shouldn't toss caution out that quickly and stuffed a slim pair of flats in my bag, just in case.

    It was a good move because the heels lasted all of a block before I just couldn't take it anymore. I've worn heels maybe a handful of times since. Much as I love them, the idea of wearing them makes me feel tired and cranky just thinking about it....

    I bought shoes like this (but in nude) from Shoedazzle a while ago, but never mastered the art of walking in them without almost tipping over.
  2. Hillsborough deputies reunite Iraq vet with his stolen motorcycle


    TAMPA — When the Iraq War veteran realized his customized motorcycle was stolen from outside his apartment last month, he wasn't sure what to feel.

    "I came outside and stood at the door," Paul Rivera said. "I didn't know whether to be angry or sad. My first reaction was to call the police."

    After a Hillsborough County sheriff's detective spotted the stolen motorcycle and the agency arrested two people Thursday, deputies and the Nam Knights Motorcycle Club returned the bike to him Friday....

    Cindy Ann Dormany, 36, faces charges of armed trafficking of methamphetamines, possession of Xanax, hydrocodone, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 
  3. Travelers take in World Cup game at Tampa airport terminal

    Human Interest

    TAMPA — Timothy Loy thought he'd miss much of the USA vs. Belgium World Cup game. When his 5:55 p.m. flight to Vermont was delayed Tuesday, it wasn't the worst luck.

    "I thought I was going to miss the last 20 minutes," he said.

    Loy, 37, of Sarasota, stopped with his sons at a big LED screen above the C Gate in the Tampa International Airport main terminal to watch the game before their new 8:05 p.m. flight....

    Fans and travelers react to a missed opportunity for the United States while watching the team’s World Cup match against Belgium in the main terminal of Tampa International Airport on Tuesday.
  4. Your new fall work wardrobe? It's handled.


    Let me start this by admitting that I'm not fully caught up on the most recent season of Scandal. It just got to be too... much for me, and I haven't caught up yet (well, I haven't caught up on watching the episodes yet, but I'm fully caught up on where the season ended because I'm one of those horrible people that greedily searches out spoilers on the Internet before an episode even airs and then has to forcibly keep my mouth shut around spoiler-free people. I know, I'm the worst)....

    The collection MUST include a hat, right? It'd just be wrong if it didn't.
  5. My Outfit Monday: 90s album cover


    I wore this to brunch a few weeks ago. It feels to me like something Monica would have worn in the early seasons of Friends, and since every Buzzfeed quiz I've ever taken on the subject has told me that I'm definitely a Monica, I figured it was appropriate. I was just a bit too young and too not yet into pop culture and fashion in the '90s to truly appreciate them while they were happening, so now that '90s fashion is officially vintage I find myself appreciating all its plaid and floral glory that much more....

    Additional notes: bracelets from H&M, nail polish is Essie's geranium.
  6. Summer beauty review: e.l.f. HD Blush


    Last week I admitted to taking a completely (un)necessary trip to Target where I discovered the wonderfully priced world of e.l.f. makeup. I'm back to report that the blush I bought is indeed worth every penny. Plus, if you recall, it was only $3. So yay on all fronts....

    The blush in action.
  7. New homes bringing buyers to Tampa's Sulphur Springs

    Human Interest

    TAMPA — Four years ago, when Joannie Melendez-Alicea last lived in Sulphur Springs, just walking to the coin laundry could be frightening.

    She often heard gunshots as she lay in bed at night. Men hung out on street corners drinking beer.

    "It was just not an environment I would want my kids in," she said.

    But now she and her husband are going back. The couple has purchased a new home in Sulphur Springs, encouraged by a city housing program and efforts to improve the neighborhood....

    Joannie Melendez-Alicea and her husband, Angel Millan, are buying this four-bedroom home being built in Sulphur Springs.
  8. La. clerk's tip leads to missing Valrico teen (w/video)


    TAMPA — A weeklong search for a missing 16-year-old girl traveling with a sex offender came to a violent end more than 700 miles from her Valrico home after a Louisiana truck stop cashier recognized the teen from a Facebook post.

    "I just saw her face and was like, 'Oh my God,' " said Fawn Domingue, 28, who was filling in for a coworker at the Tiger Truck Stop near Baton Rouge when the pair came in Wednesday night....

    Roger Lyon, Ashley Lyon's father, expresses his appreciation Thursday for the people who spread the word about the disappearance of his 16-year-old daughter.
  9. Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter J: Jewelry


    I have a very serious and important question for everyone on this fine Monday: How do you feel about things with initials on them?

    For my birthday a few months ago my friend Hannah gave me the cutest black and gold round earrings with little Ks on them that she got while she was in New York City recently. She was a little worried about whether I'd like them because, ya know, wearing your initials on stuff is maybe a little weird? Or something? I'm not sure. Her fears were unfounded, however, because I looooove them and couldn't stop cooing over them like they were small, sweet children and not earrings....

    Put an initial AND a bird on it, $24:
  10. Ruskin man accused of killing girlfriend, hiding her body


    Alejandro Flores-Sanchez

    Alejandro Flores-Sanchez, 25...

  11. Fans out in force around Tampa Bay for World Cup kickoff

    Human Interest

    It may not be America's most popular sport — the other football still holds that honor — but the kickoff to soccer's World Cup managed to draw out die-hard fans in Tampa Bay.

    At Woodfired Pizza and Nightlife in St. Petersburg, Brazilian native Yannick Yoshizawa, 24, mouthed along with the words to his national anthem just before players took the field for the 4 p.m. start against Croatia....

    Luis Perez, 32, center, celebrates with fans at MacDinton’s in St. Petersburg on Thursday afternoon as his team, Brazil, pulls ahead.
  12. I went shopping and fell in love with an e.l.f.


    Lured by the siren song of Kameel's latest post about lipsticks on clearance-in-price-but-not-in-awesomeness at Target, I found myself -- against my will, really -- pulled into its beautiful, red shininess on Dr. Martin Luther King St. N in St. Pete before work today.

    Really, I just meant to stop for dog food at friendly neighboring Petsmart. But then... I needed face wash, too. And I mean, I was already THERE. So......

    ...with youuuu... (Bonus: Name that early-2000s era pop song!)
  13. Hillsborough lawyers sign on for Project HELP's mission to aid the homeless

    Human Interest

    TAMPA — When the chance to bring a program to Hillsborough County to help homeless people with legal issues crossed Jennifer Roeper's desk, she couldn't say no.

    "We see a lot of pro bono cases generally," said Roeper, an immigration lawyer. "It's a natural fit and it's needed."

    Roeper, a lawyer with Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick in Tampa, is helping to bring the national Project HELP to the area. Volunteer lawyers with Homeless Experience Legal Protection will spend an hour and a half at Metropolitan Ministries each Tuesday night beginning in July helping homeless people at the shelter tackle legal issues....

  14. DIY beachy waves without the beach


    Remember when Blue Crush came out in 2002? I never actually saw it but I remember the marketing. Lots and lots of TV trailers featuring Kate Bosworth and the other not-Kate Bosworths running around with surfboards and perfect beach hair.

    I couldn't do much to get those beachy waves back in high school, but I recently bought Not Your Mother's sea-salt spray to try to get the effect. I suppose I could just, you know, go to the beach, but sometimes you want to look like you're been to the beach when you're really just going to brunch....

    I'm not going to win any surfing competitions any time soon, but at least my hair looks beachy.
  15. Motion seeks records of informer Rita Girven's involvement with Tampa police


    TAMPA — The attorney for an informer at the hub of a Tampa Police Department criminal scandal wants authorities to divulge secret information about her dealings with the agency — and what officers gave her in return for her help.

    Rita Girven is in jail facing state charges of food-stamp fraud and grand theft. At the same time, she is named — along with former Tampa police Detective Eric Houston and former community officer Tonia Bright — in a federal affidavit outlining suspicions of income tax fraud and identity theft....

    Rita Girven is facing multiple state charges and also a 
federal grand jury investigation.