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Keeley Sheehan, Times Staff Writer

Keeley Sheehan

Keeley Sheehan covers news and features in eastern Hillsborough County. She is a graduate of the University at Buffalo, with a master's from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

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  1. Tampa police showcase Gasparilla coverage plans

    Public Safety

    TAMPA — Police chiefs from around the country used Gasparilla as a case study Saturday morning when they observed Tampa police's operation center to see how the department handles large-scale events.

    "We're sharing our information with them," Tampa police Chief Jane Castor said. "Just as important, we get to learn from them."

    The department hosted chiefs and other officials from cities including San Diego, Baltimore, Atlanta, and near Cleveland, the site of the 2016 Republican National Convention, which Tampa hosted in 2012....

  2. Deal Divas: Avoid the mall with holiday shopping apps and buying local


    Head to the malls if you'd like.

    There's plenty of selection, of course. It may infuse you with holiday spirit. And you can wait in line for a few hours to sit on Santa's lap if that's your thing.

    But those crowds. That parking. The lines. (Deep sigh.)

    Looking for some alternatives?

    The Tampa Bay Times' Deal Divas have a few ideas.


    The mall can even tire Santa out (well, especially Santa). The Deal Divas have some ideas to avoid the mall by using phone apps and shopping local. 
  3. Deal Divas: Holiday shopping tips for everyone from the tween to grandma


    It's tougher today than ever before to buy gifts for a member of another generation. Older adults struggle with what kind of boop-bop-beep-bop machine to get for the kids. Meanwhile, the younger generations must try to figure out if a $400 iPad for Grandma would change her life or collect dust in the dumbwaiter. The Tampa Bay Times' Deal Divas have a few ideas.


    What child of the '90s didn't waste hours every day on a Sega Genesis? Now you can re-create the old days with a Sega Genesis that actually works (Bed, Bath and Beyond, $39.99). Warning: This present, which includes two controllers and several built-in games, may reduce your 20-something to a puddle of nostalgic tears. ...

    The grandmas and the youngsters in this photo from a holiday party in Zephyrhills a few years ago seem in agreement that these hats and mittens are pretty neat. But it’s more difficult than ever for people from different generations to know what to get as a gift for those older or younger. Good thing the Deal Divas have some ideas.
  4. Hillsborough companies sue deputy and wife after she was accused of embezzlement


    TAMPA — A trio of Hillsborough County companies is suing a former bookkeeper and her husband — a Hillsborough sheriff's deputy—after she was arrested on charges of embezzling half a million dollars from them.

    The lawsuit filed by the companies last week alleges Karla Reigner's husband, David Reigner, knew his wife was stealing from the plumbing and air conditioning repair businesses and used a company credit card to spend more than $7,000 on kitchen cabinets from Home Depot for himself....

  5. The best looks from Taylor Swift's new video and other Monday afternoon time wasters


    So we've all taken a 4 and a half-ish-minute break and watched Taylor Swfit's new video for Blank Space, right? Good! Apart from it being all kinds of perfectly crafted crazy that I plan on watching again and again and again, the outfits. The outfits! The video is like one big ridiculous Vogue shoot on steroids. It's insane and I love it. And if you, like me, want to take a more detailed look at what she wears in the video and decide which one you'd wear if you were a crazy heiress, Fashionita has compiled a handy list. Personally I'm digging the black lace fragrance ad look. Go big or go home, right?...

    Current mood. $37. Find it here:
  6. GOP's Rep. Tom Rooney leads in congressional District 17


    TAMPA — Republican incumbent Tom Rooney was on his way Tuesday night to winning re-election to U.S. House District 17.

    Rooney was leading with about three-fifths of the vote with most precincts within the 10-county district reporting.

    The incumbent faced Democrat William Bronson, 75, a retired airline pilot who served in the Navy. Rooney also ran against Bronson in 2012 and won then with about three-fifths of the vote....

    Tom Rooney
  7. Mary-Kate and Ashley's StyleMint jewelry isn't a million dollars


    Remember when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were literally everywhere and you couldn't walk into a Walmart without seeing their faces smiling down at you from a display of Mary-Kate and Ashley shirts, skirts, jeans, etc.? It was the kind of stuff I could request for my birthday and reasonably expect to get because hey, pretty cheap!

    But then they grew up, went to NYU, started actually designing and now sell $5,000 coats (or, as Who What Wear notes, $34,000 bags. lolwut). Ugh. Fine then....

    Andromeda Lariet, $29.99.
  8. Cooler temperatures expected through Monday


    Saturday's brisk breezes were expected to continue through Sunday night, keeping temperatures in the Tampa Bay area from dipping too low.

    "If we had no wind it would be colder," said Bay News 9 meteorologist Diane Kacmarik.

    The cooler temperatures will continue before warming up again by Monday afternoon, with the area seeing the lowest temperatures it's had since the spring, she said. Temperatures should stay above freezing, the National Weather Service said....

    With the cold weather moving in, manatees have returned to Tampa Electric's Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach, Saturday, November 1, 2014. Manatee viewers have come right behind them. Linda Deitche, 67, of Little River, South Carolina bundled up and came to the center on her birthday to see if she could see a manatee for the first time, and was not disappointed. "Best birthday present ever," she said.
[Note: two picture package, one of manatee, one of Deitche]
  9. My Outfit Monday: What's your uniform?


    As much as I try to switch it up, I definitely have a uniform (figuratively anyway -- though I've done the literal uniform thing, too. Hello, red grocery store polo in college). For some of the blogs/magazines I read, uniform means adorable dresses and heals, or a great sweater. For me the equation looks like cardigan+scarf+jeans=outfit....

    Errand outfit, with bonus dogs who, unlike Cinderella's tiny birds and mice, did not actually help me get dressed this morning.
  10. Howard and Patricia Jenkins give $10M gift to University of Tampa


    TAMPA — A University of Tampa residence hall will be named in honor of Howard and Patricia Jenkins after the couple donated $10 million to the university, one of the largest gifts in its history.

    The donation will go toward construction of another new residence hall, which is under way, university spokesman Eric Cárdenas said Thursday.

    Howard Jenkins, 63, is the chairman of the executive committee of Publix Super Markets and a member of UT's board of trustees. Patricia Jenkins, 59, founded Apollo Environmental, which specializes in hazardous materials consulting and analysis, expert witness testimony and regulatory compliance....

    Howard and Patricia Jenkins’ gift is one the largest ever for the University of Tampa. Howard’s son and daughter attended UT.
  11. Blake Lively's got great coats. Here are a few to copy her look.


    ICYMI, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have combined their superhuman DNA to make what will probably be a ridiculously beautiful baby, complete with perpetual golden glowing aura, if the photos from her pregnancy announcement over at Preserve are any indication.

    But I'm more preoccupied with the amazing coats she's been wearing recently, like the one in the photo above, or this poncho-y coat thing with toggles that I need to find an affordable version of, or this one she appears to have just casually thrown over her Michael Kors dress, as one does....

    JESSICA SIMPSON asymmetric zip jacket, $79.99.
  12. New technology, more patrols planned to stop wrong-way drivers

    Public Safety

    TAMPA — The Florida Department of Transportation has installed the first part of a new system that will help alert law enforcement about wrong-way drivers as soon as they get on the highway.

    In addition to increased patrols and lighted signs, the new system will take pictures of vehicles going the wrong way, sending them to the FDOT and the Florida Highway Patrol so troopers can respond, the agencies said at a news conference Thursday....

  13. U.S. House: District 17


    U.S. House | District 17

    Incumbent Republican Tom Rooney again faces a challenge from Democrat William Bronson. Rooney represented a similar district for four years before running in 2012 for the new District 17, which added parts of Hillsborough County. Bronson, a retired airline pilot who served in the Navy, lost to Rooney two years ago. By Keeley Sheehan, Times staff writer...

  14. Wikileaks plans high-end goods collection... yes, Wikileaks


    Today in stories I never thought I'd read: Julian Assange plans on putting the Wikileaks-approved stamp on apparel and other stuff and selling it at malls in India.

    Apparently Wikileaks wants to open up physical stores in India, and sell stuff online, and apparently that stuff will be high-end. You can buy Wikileaks merch online already, but it's, ya know, T-shirts and hoodies and things like that. The Washington Post story linked above notes that they already have designers in France, etc., who want to co-brand with them....

    One of the shirts in the site's current online store. I wonder what kind of fancy-schmany shirts they'll start putting out, and which fancy-schmany designers will put their logos on them.
  15. Nail polishes to match your pumpkin latte


    Despite that completely wonderful cold front that came gliding in yesterday, it'll probably still be a while before we truly get boots-and-pea-coat weather here. In the meantime, it's the perfect time to switch over from the pastels and bright nail polishes of summer to darker shades that perfectly match those pumpkin lattes I started drinking even though it's too hot for hot coffee....

    The Perfect Cover Up (peacock teal), $8.50.