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Lorrie Lykins, Times Correspondent

Lorrie Lykins writes Dr. Delay, a column about traffic and commuting in the bay area. Send her tips, story ideas and questions at the email address below.


  1. Know how to get out if hurricane comes


    One element of hurricane preparation that shouldn't be left until the last minute is evacuation route planning. For those who live or work in beach communities in particular, it's important to plot a drive plan well ahead of time and share the information with family, friends and co-workers.

    Pinellas County Emergency Management has published the latest hurricane evacuation route map for all of Pinellas County to its website. View the map, which can be downloaded and printed, at

  2. DOT: No signal needed at Pinellas Bayway intersection


    I'm a resident of Isla Del Sol. As you know, the construction of the Pinellas Bayway Bridge between Isla Del Sol and St. Pete Beach was recently completed. Since the bridge is now four lanes of 45 mph traffic, it poses a danger to those of us who must exit Sun Boulevard and Bahia Del Mar Boulevard. Turning lanes on either side of the Pinellas Bayway for the purpose of entering either boulevard add to the confusion....

  3. South Pasadena will have new traffic lights by fall


    When will the work on the new traffic lights in South Pasadena be finished? In time for snowbird season?

    G. Schwartz

    This is a state Department of Transportation project, which will replace traffic signals along Pasadena Avenue S at the intersections of Majestic Way, Gulfport Boulevard, and Park Street. The replacement work began in April of this year and is expected to be wrapped up sometime this fall. In the meantime, motorists should expect nightly lane closures between 7:30 p.m. and 7 a.m....

    Traffic lights are being replaced on Pasadena Avenue S at Majestic Way, Gulfport Boulevard and Park Street. Expect nightly lane closures between 7:30 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  4. Summer school means drivers should be watchful


    When will summer school be starting up this year? I know last year we noticed school zones active during the summer months all over the county. Does summer school run all summer long? It would be nice to have a break from the school-zone crawl during morning rush hour, even if it's for a little while.

    Frank Martin

    The Pinellas County School District's Summer Bridge programs will run Mondays through Thursdays from June 16 to July 23. Motorists should expect to see students and parents in school zones areas from approximately 7 a.m. to 2 p.m....

  5. Palm Harbor intersection requires careful navigation


    My 16-year-old son practices driving from Palm Harbor University High School to our home on school afternoons. Recently, a right-turn arrow light was installed for those traveling east on Nebraska Avenue who wish to turn right onto U.S. 19 to go south. There is no sign saying "No Turns on Red." Almost every driver ignores the red turn arrow and turns right onto U.S. 19. In fact, some drivers actually honk the horn when my son stops and waits for the red arrow to turn green. Are we missing something or are most drivers just unaware that a red arrow means no right turn on red?...

    The red arrow for the right-turn lane on Nebraska Avenue at U.S. 19 is causing confusion at the already-challenging high-traffic intersection.
  6. Officials change timing on Park Boulevard lights


    We do most of our west to east travel on Park Boulevard in Pinellas Park. For many weeks now we are seeing eastbound traffic piling up between Belcher and 66th Street, most noticeable at peak driving hours and weekends. It is not unusual to idle through three green light cycles to get east of 66th, when this happens. Is the timing of traffic lights causing this?

    R. Strader

    Several readers contacted the Doc about this issue, which we passed along to Pinellas County's traffic engineering folks. As a result, the section of Park Boulevard was evaluated and short-term changes to signal timing were made to provide some immediate relief to the problem. County employees then worked collaboratively with the state Department of Transportation to put phasing changes into operation to improve coordination between the intersections of Park Boulevard and Belcher Road and Park and 66th Street on a long-term basis. ...

  7. Shopping center merge at Welch Causeway causes confusion


    On westbound Bay Pines Boulevard approaching the Welch Causeway, I had a near-accident near the Publix entrance. I was traveling in the far right lane, as I have many times before, to enter the Publix parking lot. But the old entrance was paved over and the lane was running out. Just a few feet west there is a new entrance — a road running between Publix and McDonald's. No signs warn of the change and the arrow on the road does not give enough time or room to make the turn safely. It is an accident waiting to happen!...

    On westbound Bay Pines Boulevard approaching the Welch Causeway, three lanes become two right before the entrance to the parking lot of the new Publix, causing confusion.
  8. Gulf Boulevard paving restarts after pause in Treasure Island


    What is happening with Gulf Boulevard on Treasure Island? It seems to me that work to repave the road started a few months ago, we had heavy equipment everywhere, and Gulf Boulevard turned into a parking lot just in time for the spring breakers. Then it stopped. Now it's started up again (maybe?). What's the story now?

    D. Stevenson

    First, yes, the state Department of Transportation began work this week to mill and repave the length of Gulf Boulevard within the city of Treasure Island. Work will take place Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (no overnight or weekend work) and is expected to last through May....

  9. Blocked intersection on Bayway a danger to residents


    I live at Dolphin Cay on the Pinellas Bayway, which is the last development before the toll booths on the Bayway. In order to leave the 88-acre development, residents (there are probably 500 of us) have to cross four lanes of very fast traffic on 54th Avenue S. People in four lanes block our egress in spite of a sign telling them not to block. The only way out is to force one's way across. However, the fourth lane across is the SunPass lane, and forcing one's way across is very dangerous as the cars are flying through with no hesitation. On busy weekends, we need either a police officer or better signage....

  10. Bike lane on Indian Rocks Road is years away


    Overall, Pinellas County has great pedestrian sidewalk and/or bicycle lanes for the major roadways except for Indian Rocks Road in Largo from West Bay Drive on the north end to Walsingham Road on the south end. This is the only high-traffic road that does not have a dedicated bicycle lane or pedestrian sidewalk. Is there a plan in the near future to build a continuous sidewalk or bike lane or both?...

  11. Among the places not to park: blocking a sidewalk


    Is it legal to park in such a way as to block a sidewalk, even if it is in your own driveway? I am a frequent walker and I encounter this all the time. There is seldom anyone in the car to complain to. I am able-bodied and can walk around (sometimes into the street is the only path around) but many folks are not.

    Don Cunningham

    The question of legality regarding blocked sidewalks comes up frequently, and as trifling as it may seem to some, it's a significant safety issue. It's also a liability concern for motorists who think nothing of blocking a sidewalk, so it's well worth devoting some time to this week....

  12. Construction creates havoc on Bay Pines Boulevard


    The Doc's mailbox has filled up lately with letters from readers expressing varying degrees of dismay regarding the explosion of construction along Bay Pines Boulevard near the Bay Pines/C.W. Bill Young VA Medical Center. The most recent construction of a Dunkin' Donuts on the northeast corner of Bay Pines Boulevard and 100th Way has created concern about safety and congestion due to the entrance and exit along Bay Pines Boulevard. It's also generated questions about who approved what....

  13. Work at Seminole Mall will slow things down


    Can you please find out how long the road behind Seminole Mall will be closed? There are barricades and fences everywhere now. What's happening there and can we still get to 113th Street from Seminole Boulevard?

    The scheduled demolition of the movie theater adjacent to Seminole Mall requires a monthlong closure of part of 80th Avenue N and Liberty Lane near the Freedom Square property. ...

    The demolition of the theater near Seminole Mall requires a monthlong closure of part of 80th Avenue N and Liberty Lane.
  14. Emergency water main repair clogs Indian Rocks Road


    What is happening on Indian Rocks Road in Belleair near Woodlawn Avenue? Looks like a huge project of some sort.

    This is an emergency water main repair and pipe replacement with related construction that requires the closing of Indian Rocks Road from Roebling Road N to Woodlawn Avenue. Both Roebling Road N and Roebling Road S are closed with access permitted for local traffic only. There will be delays and plenty of traffic congestion throughout the duration of the project, which is expected to last until about April 10. The suggested detours are Woodlawn Avenue and Overbrook Drive....

  15. Traffic signal timing to be adjusted


    Why are the traffic light sequences and timing so erratic on Belcher Road? I (recently) was driving west on Tampa Road approaching Belcher. The light was red and cars were backed up about a quarter mile. After two more minutes the light changed to green. A total of three cars went through the intersection before the light changed back to red; another three minutes passed with cars continuing to stack up before the sequence changed. This is not an isolated instance. I see this happen frequently at this intersection as well as the intersections of Belcher with Curlew Road, Alderman Road, and Klosterman Road. Those patterns are causing confusion and frustration among drivers and may well cause a future accident....