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  1. Sewer main work at 72nd St. and Ninth Ave. N is progressing


    I can see that a sewer line is being replaced at 72nd Street and Ninth Avenue N, but for several days nothing seems to be done. Can you comment on this project and give us a projected date of completion?

    Vaughn Irwin

    This is a sewer main project that involves the replacement of more than 2,000 feet of pipe along 72nd Street from north of Eight Avenue N to 13th Avenue N. The northbound lane has been open, and the southbound lane of 72nd Street has been temporarily closed in the work zone from Ninth to 10th Avenue and the intersection is currently being resurfaced. The project is progressing as planned, according to a spokesman from the city's engineering department, who says it will be completed in June....

  2. First Avenue lights are out of synch, for now

    Public Safety

    I used to be able to drive the speed limit on First avenues N and S in St. Petersburg and never had to apply the brakes. The lights were synchronized from downtown to 66th Street and vice versa. But now the timings are all out of whack. Any information you have would be appreciated.

    Chris Morrison

    Chris, you are among many readers who have asked the same question lately. ...

  3. Resurfacing coming to bumpy Third Street at Sixth Avenue S


    There has quite a bit of construction going on at Third Street and Sixth Avenue S with the road and the pipes underneath. On Third Street, the work has been completed, but whoever paved the road did a terrible job. In some places it's almost like a washboard effect and the water puddles when it rains instead of going down the drains. Is there going to be another paving of Third Street to correct this?...

  4. Ask Dr. Delay: Expect downtown detours as Grand Prix gets closer


    What's the story with all the road closures downtown that started about two weeks ago?

    Kevin Martini

    Crews have begun preparations for the 10th annual Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, set for March 28-30 and expected to draw 100,000 spectators. Work has started on the first phase of the 1.8 mile, 14-turn road course from Bayshore Drive and First Avenue S to Albert Whitted Park. Closures and detours for the event will last until approximately mid April. Watch for dynamic signs downtown that provide closure information....

  5. No more left turns from 75th St. onto Bryan Dairy


    What are they doing to the median on the newly widened portion of Bryan Dairy Road? Is 75th Street going to get its left turn lane back? Hope so; the way it's constructed now doesn't make any sense.

    Phil Leinbach

    The short answer is that the median is being extended, and no, you will no longer be able to make a left turn from 75th Street onto westbound Bryan Dairy Road....

  6. Weekday closures continue on Pinellas Bayway


    My family owns the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant and guests ask my staff this question about the Pinellas Bayway replacement: In 2013, once the pilings and caps were poured, the road closures were not as frequent. Will that be the case in 2014?

    Rick Falkenstein

    The nighttime work of pouring concrete is ongoing, but once all of the substructure pours have been completed, lane closures will take place less often, says Kris Carson of the state Department of Transportation. In the meantime, motorists should expect intermittent daily lane closures from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, with flagging personnel in the roadway. The bridge replacement project, which began in February 2012, is scheduled to be completed in October....

  7. Lane closure at Bay Pines should clear up


    There's a construction project across from the Bay Pines VA Medical Center, on Bay Pines Boulevard at 100th Way. My question concerns the closure of the westbound right lane of Bay Pines Boulevard. There was some road construction many weeks ago to add a new driveway, but there hasn't been any road work for weeks and the lane is still closed, causing very long backups, especially during rush hour. Assuming they aren't just preparing us for the new Walmart traffic, why is this lane closure allowed to still be in place? How long can they just arbitrarily close a lane for nonexistent construction?...

  8. Bridge over canal at Seminole and Starkey will widen, eventually


    Readers have inquired about work on Ulmerton Road, specifically the two-lane bridge over the canal between Seminole Boulevard and Starkey Road. Ulmerton has been widened to three lanes, but the bridge remains two lanes and traffic backups are growing longer every day, especially with the influx of winter visitors. Readers have asked if there are plans to widen the bridge to match the rest of the roadway....

  9. Tyrone Boulevard work shouldn't impede traffic, DOT says


    I was wondering what the road work on Tyrone Boulevard by the mall is going to be. A roadside sign says work begins this month and goes until June. Tyrone Boulevard is a road I have to travel four times a day and I am concerned about traffic delays during certain times. Should I be looking at alternative routes?

    Nancy MacDonald

    There's no need to plan a detour route, according to Kris Carson of the state Department of Transportation. The work is a bridge painting project that in addition to the overpass on Tyrone Boulevard adjacent to Tyrone Square Mall, will include several bridges and overpasses around the county through 2015. The bulk of the work will be done at night and the DOT says no lane closures will take place during the day. Carson says cleaning and painting the Tyrone overpass is not expected to interfere with traffic flow....

  10. Courtney Campbell Trail not yet finished


    Maybe you have already covered this issue, but I'm terribly confused by what has transpired with the new trail running alongside the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Is it done? Is halfway across the bay as far as it's going to go? I live in Clearwater, and in order for me to use the trail I would have to cycle roughly 2 miles on a fast, busy highway that is void of any semblance of a bike lane to get there. Why would I, or anyone else, want to put his/her bike on a bike rack and drive to a trail that is only partly completed?...

  11. Incorporating walks in travel plans helps fitness, exploration



    Times Correspondent

    Purchasing a gym membership doesn't factor into my goals for 2014, but the agenda does call for moving more and making better choices.

    Some people find that travel gets their resolutions off track. I've found the opposite. Making walking part of the itinerary not only helps me keep up with my fitness goals, but it also means I'm really seeing the sights — while connecting with my family....

    The Lykins family: From left, Lorrie, Kristen and Don take a break on a walk across the historic Brooklyn Bridge.
  12. Ask Dr. Delay: Why don't cars turn right on red at 54th Ave. N, I-275?


    If you've already answered this question concerning the traffic light at 54th Avenue N and Interstate 275, please do so again: If you're in the right eastbound lane of 54th Avenue N and at a full stop at that red light, can you turn right on the red signal there and enter onto the interstate? Or must you wait for the light to turn green? Everybody always waits for the light to turn green even though I feel it's not necessary. In fact, the only signs there are ones that read "Right Lane Must Turn Right." There are absolutely no signs reading "No Right Turn on Red."...

    Vehicles in the turn lane on eastbound 54th Avenue N just before the ramp onto I-275 south must stop behind the white line for red lights. Because this is not a true intersection, there is no turn on red.
  13. Ask Dr. Delay: Skyway Trail bike path reopens


    Here's a question that if you can find an answer to, it will be appreciated by many: Along 58th Avenue S, west of 34th Street, the road has been under construction since last spring with little or no work being done. It is barely possible to drive on, and where it meets the Skyway bike path, it has been closed since last spring — no bikes can get through. The bike path opened about a year before that and was quite popular. The government or city or some entity spent zillions to build the bike path, but it has been closed since last spring. Why can't they make a small path for bikes and pedestrians? Is there any completion date planned?...

  14. Ask Dr. Delay: When will Belcher road work be done?


    Is there any way to find out when the Belcher Road resurfacing will be completed? They have not been working for the past few days and the side streets and a few of the center turn lanes are not paved, although they have been milled down.

    Just in time for the holidays, the paving of Belcher Road has been completed. Project supervisor Richard Gildea says the work crew is operating at night right now, which explains why there hasn't been visible activity during the day. County workers are addressing some final items on the project wrapup list, including some cleaning up, but things should be smooth sailing from here on out....

  15. Gift ideas for the driver on your list


    It's time for the Doc's ninth annual roundup of holiday gift suggestions for the road-trippers in your life. Most of this year's items can be purchased online, making it even easier and faster to cross names off your shopping list.

    Swift Hitch: Just because you drive an older or nonfancy model doesn't mean you can't have anything nice. Or cool, like a backup camera that allows one person to hitch a trailer solo. The Swift Hitch is a portable, wireless backup camera that attaches to a truck tailgate and is touted to make hitching a trailer a painless three-step operation. The units run on lithium batteries, use infrared technology, and provide night vision and visibility of up to 300 feet. These babies aren't cheap — models run from about $200 to $300. swifthitch.com....

    Eumerce’s inflatable car bed fits the backseat of most vehicles.