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Lydia Harvey, Times Staff Writer

Lydia Harvey is a sports editor, copy editor and page designer at tbt*. She writes The Juice* blog, and her work has appeared in the Perspective section of the Tampa Bay Times. Lydia hearts fashion, politics and everything 1950s. Not to mention the heartbreaking pro teams of Tampa Bay, where she was born and raised. Lyd joined the Times in 2011 and made the move to tbt* in 2012. She lives in Tarpon Springs with her hilarious mini-hers and their maniacal Irish terrier, Teddy.

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  1. Jimmy Fallon demands fancy, Art Deco marquee at 30 Rock


    Jimmy Fallon must be feeling really, really cool right now. Either that or he’s in serious pain from pinching himself for the last few days.

    Why, you are dying to know?

    Because a new Art Deco-style marquee outside the Avenue of Americas entrance at 30 Rockefeller Center now features the Tonight Show host’s name.

    “This makes it exponentially harder for them to fire me,” Fallon told the New York Times. “I guess this means they put a ring on it.”...

  2. Chris “CT” Tamburello proposed to Diem Brown days before MTV star died of cancer


    Here’s a cheery holiday story for you. Just five days before Diem Brown died of cancer, her longtime, on again-off again love and fellow MTV star, Chris “CT” Tamburello, got down on bended knee and proposed.

    How’s that turkey taste now? A little salty maybe? Salty like the tears of a reality enthusiast?

    Insiders tell Us Weekly that CT showed up at Diem’s New York hospital room and presented her with a GoPro camera and a ruby ring....

  3. AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd rides security guard's back, almost causes car accident after showing up late to court


    Get a load of this guy.

    Phil Rudd, drummer for AC/DC, appeared in court in New Zealand on Tuesday to answer charges of hiring a hit man, but not without acting like a spoiled teenager for the duration.

    Justice Timothy Brewer threatened to issue a warrant for Rudd’s arrest after the 60-year-old, who should know better, was a no-show at his 9 a.m. hearing in the Tauranga High Court, according to ABC News. The judge gave Rudd a 30-minute grace period, and the musician managed to arrive at 9:15....

  4. 'Star Wars' trailer in some theaters this weekend


    J.J. Abrams to the rescue of nerds yet again!

    After Regal Cinemas tweeted Monday that the trailer to Star Wars’ long-awaited Episode VII would air in select theaters this weekend and then rescinded it, The Force Awakens director took to Twitter himself to confirm the trailer is coming!

    Abrams’ company Bad Robot tweeted a picture of a hand-written note — J.J.’s favorite way to communicate with fans — that said an 88-second “peek” is coming in “select theaters” and wishing everyone “a most excellent Thanksgiving.”...

  5. Confirmed: Rachel McAdams starring in 'True Detective'


    Finally, we can put down Twitter and sleep at night, for HBO has confirmed that Rachel McAdams is the female star of True Detective’s second season.

    Black Box alum Kelly Reilly and Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights will play supporting roles in the show, now in production in California.

    The new season revolves around three cops, a career criminal and a ton of controversy following a murder. Colin Farrell plays bad cop Ray Velcoro, who has to decide between his corrupt comrades and the mobster who pulls his strings. Vince Vaughn takes on the role of the bad guy, Frank Semyon, who’s spent his life in crime and may lose everything when his transition into a legit livelihood leaves a business partner dead. As for McAdams, she’ll play Ani Bezzerides, a straight-and-narrow detective who obviously fits in with zero of the aforementioned characters. Kitsch will play a motorcycle cop and Reilly a D-list actress whose day job is Frank’s loyal and supportive wife....

  6. Country singers Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman come out as gay


    Thursday was a huge day for the country-loving LGBT community as singers Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman came out as gay.

    In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Herndon, who has been married twice, said, “Traditionally in country music, we don’t see a lot of support for the LGBT community, but that’s changing so much. Nashville is changing so much. I mean my goodness… Kacey Musgraves won Song of the Year for [the lyrics] 'follow your arrow, wherever it points’ and two amazing songwriters that happened to be gay wrote that song.”...

    Ty Herndon, left, and Billy Gilman came out within hours of one another.
  7. Report: Kathy Griffin to replace Joan Rivers on 'Fashion Police'


    It’s true! The heavens have opened up and angels are singing, or some such fairytale, because Kathy Griffin really IS replacing Joan Rivers on Fashion Police — if a new TMZ report is to be believed.

    Griffin, one of Rivers’ BFFs, will join co-hosts Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic, as well as Melissa Rivers. As for George Kotsiopoulos, nobody seems to know what’s going to happen to him....

  8. Tracy Morgan battling severe brain injury


    Tracy Morgan is fighting to recover from a severe brain injury more than five months after his limo was hit my a Wal-Mart semi.

    According to the Associated Press, lawyer Benedict Morelli says it’s anyone’s guess if the comedian will ever be “the Tracy Morgan he once was.”

    “He’s still fighting and trying to live his life at the same time and trying to get better, and he’s just not better,” Morelli said. “We’re hoping and praying to get him back to where he was. But the jury’s out.”...

  9. Chris Hemsworth most lusted-after breathing male of 2014


    Dear, everyone: Your new Sexiest Man Alive isn’t Ryan Gosling. We know… We. Know. He isn’t Neil Patrick Harris, either. He isn’t even Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth, though that would have been a pretty close guess. Nope. All that eye candy was passed over (sort of — we’ll get to that later) for Chris Hemsorth, whom you may know from such hits as having pecs for days as well as that irresistible accent the Australians are lucky enough to develop....

  10. Bono arm injury serious, to the tune of a shattered elbow piercing his skin


    UPDATE: Just for you, we have some gruesome details about Bono's bandmate-described "cycling spill." Turns out the U2 frontman was in a “high-energy” wreck while trying to avoid another cyclist on Sunday, orthopedic trauma surgeon Dr. Dean Lorich — who, by association, is a total rockstar now — told the Associated Press. The result: Bono fractured his left eye socket, his left shoulder blade in three places and his left elbow, leaving the bone in six pieces and protruding from the skin. Bono’s surgery lasted five hours and left him with three metal plates and 18 screws. The singer had another surgery Monday to repair a fractured pinky. ...

  11. Bow down Beyonce: Solange the star of her New Orleans nuptials


    Every girl whose big sister is a superstar knows that Solange Knowles’ struggle is real. She’s the Anna to Beyonce’s Elsa, the Kit to her Dottie. But for one glorious day — Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014 — Queen Bey played a secondary role as her singer-songwriter sister married video director Alan Ferguson in New Orleans.

    Solange’s reputation as That Violent Elevator Lady almost could be forgotten while perusing Vogue’s eye candy-filled album of the artist’s funky, boho celebration....

    Making an entrance at the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans.
  12. Katy Perry’s boyfriend Diplo welcomes son with ex Kathryn Lockhart


    Diplo took a break from throwing shade at Taylor Swift and Lorde for a second to welcome his second son with ex Kathryn Lockhart.

    The DJ and music producer fittingly named his kid Lazer, because that’s what his music sounds like — you know, if lasers made a sound. Also, Major Lazer is an electronic music project Diplo created, so now he’s dipped into that well two too many times....

  13. Reality that exists: Tila Tequila is a mom


    Tila Tequila has a real “shot at love.” The model and TV personality has welcomed her first child, and, guess what: She didn’t name her anything crazy! In fact, baby girl Isabella Monroe Nguyen has one of the best names ever, we do declare.

    “I am so in love with her,” the MTV star told Us Weekly. “She’s so perfect and beautiful.”...

  14. 'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro charged with drunken driving


    Walking in a straight line is a piece of cake, right? Not so much for the star of TLC’s Cake Boss. Buddy Valastro was arrested early Thursday morning and charged with DWI.

    Police told NBC New York the 37-year-old was “driving erratically,” his yellow 2014 Corvette weaving in and out of lanes in Manhattan around 1 a.m. The reality star flunked a number of field sobriety tests, and, according to prosecutors, shouted, “You can’t arrest me! I’m the Cake Boss!”...

    Lay off the rum cake, Buddy.
  15. Attention, everyone: Robin Wright is single


    It’s over for Robin Wright and Ben Foster. The House of Cards actress has called off her 10-month engagement to the Lone Survivor actor, Us Weekly reports. E! News confirms the couple have split completely.

    “She got swept up in the engagement last Christmas, but then their schedules got crazy and she realized it wasn’t the right decision,” an insider tells Us. The summer was tough on the pair. Wright, 48, spent her time filming the Netflix hit and visiting her kids with ex-husband Sean PennDylan, 23, and Hopper Jack, 21 — while Foster, 34, was working on A Streetcar Named Desire in London....