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Lydia Harvey, tbt* Entertainment Editor

Lydia Harvey is the entertainment editor for tbt*. She's a bargain-hunting Deal Diva who also writes The Juice*, the Tampa Bay Times' snarky take on all things Hollywood. Her work has also appeared in the Times' Perspective section as well as Bay magazine. Lydia joined Times Publishing in 2011. She lives in Tarpon Springs with her rambunctious mini-hers and their maniacal Irish terrier, Teddy.

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  1. Ciara suing Future for $15 million in defamation case


    Ciara has filed a $15 million lawsuit against Future, the father of her child.

    Ciara is suing for slander and libel, citing comments Future made during a radio interview after a now-infamous photo surfaced showing NFL quarterback Russell Wilson pushing baby Future around in a stroller.

    “She probably set [Wilson] up.” Future said at the time. “You letting them catch that photo. Leave my son out of all the publicity stunts.”...

  2. Gwyneth Paltrow breaks down as she testifies against stalker


    Gwyneth Paltrow broke down into tears Monday as she testified against Dante Soiu, a stalker who 17 years ago began sending the actress letters and packages containing everything from pornography and sex toys to religious books, earrings and second-hand clothes.

    One letter referred to Paltrow “bowing to death.” Another read, “I have a goal: to marry Gwyneth Paltrow and take care of her.”...

  3. Hugh Jackman battling skin cancer for the fourth time


    Wear your sunscreen, kids. That’s the message Hugh Jackman keeps trying to send every time he posts a selfie documenting his ongoing battle with skin cancer.

    The 47-year-old actor revealed his fourth bout with the illness in a Facebook post on Monday that showed a bandage over his nose....

  4. Cops bring DMX back to life after rapper collapses without pulse


    It’s unclear what caused DMX to collapse in a Ramada Inn parking lot in Yonkers, N.Y., on Monday.

    What we do know: The Party Up rapper owes his life to police, who performed CPR on his lifeless body, bringing back his pulse within a minute of arriving on scene.

    “This was an excellent job by the officers and they definitely saved the life,” Lt. Patrick McCormack told the New York Daily News, though authorities would not identify the rapper. “They found him in a lifeless condition with no breathing. They were able to bring back some breathing.”...

  5. Winner and loser of the week in pop culture ft. 'Grease: Live' and O.J. Simpson


    Grease: Live: The Fox musical was a smashing success, generating rave reviews and drawing 12 million-plus viewers, handily topping NBC’s The Wiz and its mess of a flop, Peter Pan. The joyful celebration of youth and music was dedicated to the late father of Vanessa Hudgens, who gutted through the role of Rizzo just one day after her dad died of cancer — and nailed it, by the way. Grease: Live suspended, if just for one night, the tradition of hate-Tweeting live musicals, instead impressing studio and TV audiences with its masterful use of elaborate sets, even pulling off the final carnival scene outdoors. The network’s next effort, Rocky Horror Picture Show, has a lot to live up to....

    Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit and Vanessa Hudgens killed it.
  6. Shopping Planner: It's a St. Pete-apalooza all the livelong weekend


    Attention, St. Pete shoppers: The city will be your oyster this weekend as Localtopia, Crafty Fest, Saturday Morning Market, St. Pete Indie Market and Brocante Market collide. On Saturday, prepare yourselves for screams of “Just take my money!” during what we are billing as the Big Bang of local business....

  7. Paparazzi spot O.J. Simpson's daughter Sydney living in St. Pete


    O.J. Simpson's daughter had been living a quiet life in St. Petersburg, blending in with neighbors and going about her business like any normal, private individual might. That is until TMZ caught up with her, and now she's being photographed by strangers, which we're sure is a true pleasure.

    And by "true pleasure" we mean we're sure it brings back haunting memories of the paps following Sydney around after her mother was nearly decapitated more than two decades ago. See the photo below, in which Gloria Allred ushers her out of the Beauty and the Beast musical at New York's Shubert Theatre on Take Our Daughters to Work Day in 1995....

    O.J. Simpson with daughter Sydney in 1997.
  8. Kate Winslet admits Jack and Rose could have fit on that floating 'Titanic' door and lived happily ever after


    It has been confirmed: Rose let Jack freeze to death at the end of Titanic because she was selfish and terrible.

    “I think he could have actually fitted on that bit of door," Kate Winslet said on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday.

    Whether Leonardo DiCaprio’s character could have floated alongside Winslet’s has been a topic of debate since the 1997 tear-jerker hit theaters....

  9. Lady Gaga to pay tribute to David Bowie during Grammy Awards


    Remember that time Lady Gaga belted out a Sound of Music tribute medley at the Oscars and it was basically the greatest thing that ever happened?

    Well, prepare yourselves, fans of music, art and fashion, because Mother Monster is set to honor the late, great David Bowie during the Grammy Awards later this month....

  10. O.J. P.O.'d at FX


    Let’s all take a moment to cry a river for O.J. Simpson, whose lawyer says he is none too pleased with the ads and interviews promoting the 10-part series The People vs. O.J. Simpson.

    To clarify, the former football star isn’t upset about how he’s being depicted. He’s aggro about the supposed unfair portrayal of his former defense lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, whom attorney Malcolm LaVergne told the Associated Press Simpson greatly admired....

  11. James Corden to host the Tony Awards


    Suddenly we feel the urge to sing because we just found out that talk show host James Corden (a.k.a. the baker in Into the Woods) was just announced as the host of this year’s Tony Awards.

    Fun fact: The Late Late Show host — who is having an incredible year, by the way — won a Tony in 2012 for best leading actor in a play for One Man, Two Guvnors, so go him....

  12. Winner and loser of the week in pop culture ft. Neil deGrasse Tyson and B.o.B.



    Neil deGrasse Tyson. The Harvard-educated astrophysicist, cosmologist and multi-multi-multi-hyphenate shut down B.o.B. in a social-turned-mass-media feud that began when the rapper ranted to his 2 million Twitter followers that Earth is flat and anyone who disagrees is a blind sheep who’s been fooled by what is clearly a NASA conspiracy. DeGrasse Tyson responded to the rapper’s diatribe with scientific proof and just for kicks added this gem: “Duude — to be clear: Being five centuries regressed in your reasoning doesn’t mean we all can’t still like your music.” Zing! B.o.B. answered by releasing a diss track called Flatline, presumably to keep the free-publicity train in motion, and deGrasse Tyson’s nephew replied with his own diss track called Flat to Fact, which includes loads of scientific fact and doubles as a remix of Drake’s diss of Meek Mill. DeGrasse Tyson then appeared on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore to end things with an exclamation point, quoting Isaac Newton, laying down expletives — “The world isn't f---ing flat!” — and pointing out that spreading false information from such a giant platform is reckless. The geek god’s closer: “By the way, this is gravity,” before throwing down the greatest mic drop we've ever seen. ...

    B.o.B. is not bae.
  13. The future is now: Design a Zac Posen dress using code (It's easy!)


    Confession: I am insanely jealous of my better half who took time out of his life to study web development and is much better off because of it.

    Confession: His foreign work talk now bores me into a trance.

    Solution: Made With Code, which aims to inspire girls (and in my case 31-year-old women) to make tech happen.

    Here are some stats from the site created by the genius minds at Google (shoutout to my brother):...

  14. B.o.B. claims Earth is flat; Neil deGrasse Tyson responds with hilarity


    If you follow B.o.B. on Twitter, we’re sorry. Also, you were one of the lucky ones to have been treated Monday to a slew of nonsensical tweets backing up the rapper’s claim that our planet is flat.

    Yes, flat Earth truthers: They’re out there.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson spoke for the rest of us when he shut down B.o.B. with actual scientific data, but we’ll get to that later....

  15. VIDEO: See Mariah Carey's 35-carat engagement ring from billionaire James Packer


    Take notes, men with bazillions of dollars to throw away.

    35 carats. That's how much diamond is currently weighing down Mariah Carey’s left ring finger. To put things in perspective, that’s larger than Beyonce and Kim Kardashian’s engagement rings combined.

    Now back to Carey. The still-married diva of legend got engaged Thursday night to the fourth-richest man in Australia, TMZ reports. Carey’s billionaire beau, 48-year-old James Packer, is still married, too, but that didn’t stop him from gathering the 45-year-old Honey singer’s nearest and dearest for a private dinner at Eleven Madison Park in New York City where he got down on one knee and popped the question....

    She's so in love, you guys.