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  1. 'Mrs. Doubtfire' sequel in the works


    Robin Williams is ready to dig that old, creepy mask out of storage because after 13 years spent plotting the return of the gender-bending hilarity that is Mrs. Doubtfire, a sequel finally seems to be firing on all cylinders, courtesy of Fox 2000 Pictures.

    Williams and director Chris Columbus are set to return for the film written by the one and only David Berenbaum, who penned everybody’s new favorite Christmas movie, Elf, according to the Hollywood Reporter....

    Time to dust off that old Aerosmith cassette tape!
  2. Is Tom Cruise dating Laura Prepon?


    Could it be? Could Donna whom we all know and love from That ’70s Show actually be transforming into Wifeybot 4000?

    Rumor has it Laura Prepon and Tom Cruise have been an item for something like five months. The Orange is the New Black actress is a gorgeous Scientologist, so they do have that in common. But really?

    The New York Post’s Page Six says it’s so. A source tells the paper the couple have been seeing each other since last fall but are trying to keep it as quiet as possible....

    Laura and Tom: a match made in Scientology heaven.
  3. Will Arnett, Amy Poehler divorcing


    Wait, what year is this again?

    Will Arnett has filed for divorce from Amy Poehler. ICYMI, the couple announced their split in 20...12! And they’re just now getting around to doing the paperwork.

    Hey, we can’t blame Arnett, 43, for stalling, because he was lucky enough to be married to everything, 42.

    CBS’s The Millers star filed on April 8 in Los Angeles Superior Court, according to People. His demands: joint legal and physical custody of their two kids, Archie and Abel, plus visitation rights. You know, the usj....

    Well, they did split up a couple years ago.
  4. Update: Wu-Tang-associated rapper who cut off his penis will not have it reattached


    We almost feel like one would really have to see this to believe it. Alas, we have no interest in seeing this, so we’ll just have to trust what the cops are saying.

    Rapper Christ Bearer, a.k.a. Andre Johnson, was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday after he cut off his own penis and jumped out the window of a second-floor Los Angeles apartment in an apparent suicide attempt....

    This nightmarish sitch sure will make for some one-of-a-kind lyrics.
  5. Tori Spelling speaks out about cheating hubby Dean McDermott


    Four months after Tori Spelling and the rest of the world learned that her husband Dean McDermott cheated on her, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum is speaking publicly about the scandal for the first time.

    “He was my soulmate, but he completely broke my heart,” the mother of four tells Us Weekly. The interview conveniently comes just weeks before the premier of her upcoming Lifetime docu-series True Tori, which debuts April 22 and follows the pair as they go through couples therapy....

    Look how adorbs they were before Dean ruined everything.
  6. Mom: Amanda Bynes is not mentally ill


    Despite all the rumors and speculation, Amanda Bynes’ mom says the actress who was forcibly hospitalized for erratic behavior last July has “no mental illness whatsoever,” saying “she has never been diagnosed as schizophrenic or bipolar.”

    Lynn Bynes tells E! News all the cray Amanda unleashed upon the world was simply a result of her pot habit. So that DUI in 2012 and the time she allegedly threw a bong out a 36th-story window and all those super-bizarre tweets? The green. Definitely just the green....

    Well, Amanda has been acting rather normal and happy and productive lately.
  7. Katherine Heigl sues pharmacy chain Duane Reade for $6 million


    Lesson learned: Keep Katherine Heigl out of your tweets.

    A paparazzo captured the former Grey’s Anatomy actress carrying Duane Reade bags in NYC last month, and the company’s poor social media person made the ginormous mistake of including the unauthorized image in Twitter and Facebook posts without Heigl’s consent. Now, there shall be hell and perhaps a boatload of cash to pay....

    This Heigl pic is all sort of legal.
  8. Justin Bieber: I’m on a boat! (that belongs to someone else)


    Look, everyone! Another fancy mode of transportation Justin Bieber is showing off but doesn’t actually own. Weird, since the pop star could undoubtedly buy all of the things.

    So, remember that time (last week) when the Biebs shared a photo of himself in a $2 million supercar that he captioned “My first Bugatti,” which was actually just a loaner from rapper Birdman? Us, too. Welp, dude’s at it again....

    Never Say Never is as much the Lonely Island's boat as it is the Biebs'.
  9. Samantha Harris has breast cancer, will undergo double mastectomy


    Former Dancing With the Stars co-host Samantha Harris has breast cancer. After seeing three specialists, the former Entertainment Tonight correspondent opted to have a double mastectomy later this month.

    In a routine self-exam last fall, Harris, 40, felt a lump. She had just had a clean mammogram, but decided to see a specialist months later. Much to her surprise, she tells ET, a needle biopsy and lumpectomy led to the diagnosis....

    Here's wishing Sam a speedy recovery.
  10. Big Sean and Naya Rivera call off engagement


    Big Sean has it All Figured Out. The rapper and actress Naya Rivera announced Wednesday that they won’t be going through with their wedding.

    TMZ reports that the pair went to couples counseling, and it worked wonders for 26-year-old Sean, who realized then that he wanted to get as far away from his fiancee as possible. A source says the 27-year-old Glee star was super controlling, demanding to know where B.S. was at all times and working herself into raging, violent, jealous fits anytime he was around other women, who make up roughly half of the population....

    Couples therapy yielded this result.
  11. Julia Louis-Dreyfus's naked Rolling Stone cover features flawed Constitution


    Where’s PolitiFact when you really need them?

    Rolling Stone has just learned the naked truth about fact-checking. The mag’s latest cover, which hits stands Friday, features a nude Julia Louis-Dreyfus with the U.S. Constitution “tattooed” on her back, complete with John Hancock’s John Hancock.

    Wait a second… This Veep show needs an amendment. The president of the Second Continental Congress didn’t sign the Constitution. It was the Declaration of Independence that made his autograph famous....

    John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution or Julia-Louis Dreyfus's bum.
  12. Scarlett Johansson: Stop calling me ScarJo!


    Uh-oh! We’re all in big trouble, people.

    Scarlett Johansson has expressed her irritation with the general public via her latest Glamour interview, and the 29-year-old cover girl is 100 percent over being called ScarJo, the Daily Mail reports. In fact, she’s always hated the nickname, calling it insulting....

    Where's all the pregnant?
  13. 'Sharknado 2: The Second One’ countdown commence


    Behold the glorious sight that is the official poster of Sharknado 2: The Second One.

    Yep. On July 30, the SyFy sequel, based in New York City this time around, is finally coming to a flat screen near you. Ian Ziering and Tara Reid return from the original, which drew nearly 1.37 million viewers and about a bazillion times more tweets — 5,000 per minute at its peak, to be exact....

    Raise your hand if you're pumped. *Raises every hand ever.* 112 days and counting!
  14. Most genius idea: Bugatti for Justin Bieber


    Hey, look! A mega-rich pop star who in January was jailed and accused of drag racing and driving under the influence has been loaned a $2 million Bugatti sports car that goes super-duper fast.

    Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti #generosity,” Justin Bieber captioned an Instagram photo of the ride rapper Birdman is letting him use any time he's in Miami....

    Bieber plus Miami plus Bugatti. Excellent plan.
  15. Worry not! Ol’ Dillo returned to Willie Nelson


    It’s okay, everyone. We can all go about our normal business now, because the stuffed varmint that serves as Willie Nelson’s on-stage mascot has been returned post-dillonapping.

    The stuffed carcass named Ol’ Dillo was stolen from Nelson’s Las Vegas-area show while the country music legend was greeting audience members at the Westin Lake Las Vegas resort in Henderson last week....

    Willie and 'Dilly have been reunited.