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  1. Election math: More GOP races leads to more GOP ballots cast


    Democrats have good reason to worry that the base might not be enthusiastic about their party’s nominee, Republican-turned-independent-turned Democrat Charlie Crist.

    Turnout in Democratic counties was low and more 114,000 more Republican ballots than Democratic ones were cast in the gubernatorial primary.

    But you can’t pin this all on Crist or on some Republican love for Gov. Rick Scott, who has had to spend millions to get his poll numbers from bad to mediocre....

  2. Charlie Crist's weak Dixiecrat support is no shocker


    Here's another sign that Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist is a real Florida Democrat: conservative North Florida Dixiecrats aren't crazy about him.

    Had it not been for the rural counties, Crist's 74-26 percent statewide win over longtime Democrat Nan Rich would have been bigger. It's not as if the conservatives up north loved what the liberal from down south stood for -- they just don't like the frontrunner, even a fellow Southerner....

  3. Rick Scott targeted for King Ranch trip in new NextGen ad


    Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer's group, NextGen Climate, is planning to air its fifth ad targeting Gov. Rick Scott, attacking the Republican this time for his controversial secret hunting trip to King Ranch in Texas.

    "What was Rick Scott really hunting for in Texas? Campaign cash from the sugar industry," a narrator intones as a wad of cash comes into a rifle's sight. "The same industry that got a massive bailout from Rick Scott, sticking taxpayers with the bill for cleaning up Big Sugar's water pollution. Rick Scott: sweet deals for the powerful few -- not you."...

  4. Tom Steyer launches another Duke Energy salvo at Rick Scott


    First there was an ad. Then there was a response ad. Now there's a reply to the response.

    The tit for tat for tit ad war between billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer and Gov. Rick Scott continued on Monday when the activtis's NextGen Climate group released its latest spot tying the Republican to a controversial Duke Energy deal that socked customers with higher fees to build a nuclear plant that was ultimately never built....

  5. The Crist-Rich snoozer ends Tuesday with only the margin in doubt


    Charlie Crist has ignored his Democratic opponent for nearly a year, and now voters will decide the soundness of his strategy Tuesday in the party’s primary race for governor.

    Crist is expected to roll up a big double-digit victory over Nan Rich, a former state Senate Democratic leader whose lack of name identification was matched by her inability to mount an effective campaign that excited voters or garnered media attention....

  6. Charlie Crist vs. Nan Rich, a Democratic primary devoid of a campaign

    State Roundup

    TAMPA — After running for governor for nearly a year, Charlie Crist has resolutely ignored fellow Democrat Nan Rich, and voters will render their verdict Tuesday on whether it was a sound strategy.

    All signs point to a cakewalk by Crist, 58, a former Republican governor turned independent turned Democrat who's trying to complete a political transformation never seen before in Florida....

    Charlie Crist, a former Republican governor turned independent turned Democrat, is trying to complete a political transformation never seen in Florida.
  7. Rick Scott releases first Creole-language radio spot


    Gov. Rick Scott started his Spanish-language media outreach earlier than ever -- especially for a Republican -- and now he's doing the same with Creole speakers.

    Today, the Republican Party of Florida unveiled its first Creole radio ad that, like most of Scott's English- and Spanish-language spots is about one major thing: jobs. The ad's title: "Lap Travay," literally translated as "it works," is an echo of the Scott campaign's "it's working" motto....

  8. Scott plays the Rothstein card; Crist plays everything else


    It's getting meaner. And it won't get any better.

    In a punch-counterpunch round of ads, Gov. Rick Scott's team is going after former Gov. Charlie Crist's ties to a convicted Ponzi schemer and Crist's camp is responding with a broadside against the incumbent for everything from his "lies" about education funding to his pleading the Fifth Amendment 75 times in a deposition....

  9. Jeb Bush conflicted over feds role in medical-marijuana enforcement

    State Roundup

    HOMESTEAD — Former Gov. Jeb Bush opposes Florida's medical-marijuana initiative, but the potential GOP presidential candidate said he's not sure if the federal government should enforce federal cannabis laws if the Sunshine State proposal passes.

    Bush's struggle with the state-federal split over medical marijuana reflects a broader struggle in the national Republican Party, where anti-drug hardliners are at odds with states-rights conservatives and libertarians over the issue....

  10. The Rick Scott-Jeb Bush Tour heads to Homestead


    Gov. Rick Scott heads to Homestead Friday with a not-so-secret newsmaking weapon: former Gov. Jeb Bush.

    Remember back when Democrat Charlie Crist was a Republican running for governor in 2006? He called himself a "Jeb Bush Republican" at the time. There's a reason for it. Bush helped build the GOP, first in Miami-Dade and then in Florida where he was the first Republican governor in the modern era to serve with a Republican-held House and Senate....

  11. WFLA/SurveyUSA: Scott leads Crist 45-43%


    WFLA/SurveyUSA poll that shows the Republican pulling in 45% of the vote to Crist's 43%.

    That's well within the error margin for the robopoll of 576 self-described likely voters.

    The 45-43% race in this survey is identical to SurveyUSA's results at the beginning of July. In between, another SurveyUSA poll showed Crist pulling ahead 46-40. So this is a net 8 percentage point shift in Scott's favor (Scott gained 5 and Crist lost 3, which is the inverse of what happened between the early July and mid July polls)....

  12. DGA kicks in $500k more to Charlie Crist


    The Democratic Governors Association cut another $500,000 check to Charlie Crist's political committee, bringing the total it has invested directly in him to $1.5 million. In addition, DGA has chipped in $1.1 million to the Florida Democratic Party and another $963,000 to a political group called Florida For All.

    So put DGA down for almost $3,6 million spent so far to either boost Crist or tear at Gov. Rick Scott, one of the more-endangered Republican governors in the nation. (The race is about tied now, with Scott having a marginal edge in recent surveys)....

  13. Amid criticisms of his record, Scott touts environmental record


    Gov. Rick Scott gave a one-word response when asked Tuesday if he was worried that billionaire climate-change activist Tom Steyer is targeting him.

    “No,” Scott, a multi-millionaire who isn’t shy about spending his own fortune, smiled during a Miami campaign stop.

    “No,” he repeated.

    But Scott is still taking precautions.

    Just as the Miami Herald reported Sunday on Steyer’s plans — including Democratic buzz that he might spend $10 million in Florida — Scott’s campaign announced his “Let’s Keep Florida Beautiful Tour” highlighting his environmental record....

  14. 6th Spanish-language Rick Scott ad to hit airwaves


    It's only August 5, and Gov.  Rick Scott's team just announced his sixth Spanish-language TV ad, bringing his total commercial buy to 22, which includes two radio spots. Between the state GOP and his Let's Get to Work Committee/campaign, Scott has spent at least $23 million on them since Charlie Crist jumped in the race in November.

    The fact that Scott is on his eighth Spanish-language commercial (two were on radio) is staggering and a sign he won't cede the Hispanic vote easily to Crist. His Spanish-language outreach began in April, earlier than any other major statewide candidate in recent memory....

  15. Billionaire climate-change activist pledges to spend big to beat Florida Gov. Rick Scott

    State Roundup

    The billionaire is ready to take out Florida's multi-millionaire governor.

    In a nationwide push to fight Republicans who deny the existence of man-made climate change, investor-turned-activist Tom Steyer has founded a Florida political committee, seeded it with $750,000 of his own money, and says he'll spend far more to help Democrat Charlie Crist defeat Gov. Rick Scott.

    Florida Democrats are buzzing about Steyer spending $10 million, which he won't discuss. Republicans say the California Democrat is a phony environmentalist, but they nevertheless worry that his financial commitment could be real in Florida....

    "It's hard to look at the map of the United States and not understand that not only is Florida ground zero for climate [change], it's the third most-populous state," Tom Steyer told the Miami Herald.