Michael Kruse, Times Staff Writer

Michael Kruse

Michael Kruse, winner of the Paul Hansell Award for Distinguished Achievement in Florida Journalism and the American Society of News Editors' distinguished nondeadline writing award, is a staff writer on the enterprise team at the Tampa Bay Times. His recent three-part series, The Last Voyage of the Bounty, was a finalist for ASNE's Punch Sulzberger Award for Online Storytelling, and his story about a woman who disappeared inside her home was anthologized in Next Wave: America's New Generation of Great Literary Journalists. In 2012 he gave a TEDx talk on the importance of story. His work has been recognized, too, by the Society of Professional Journalists, the Society for Features Journalism, the Associated Press Sports Editors, the National Headliner Awards and the Magazine Association of the Southeast, and in categories ranging from sports explanatory to business reporting, from short features to long profiles. Before joining the Times, he worked at the Times Herald-Record in New York's Hudson Valley, where he covered two towns and Major League Baseball and was the paper's writer at large. He is the author of Taking the Shot: The Davidson Basketball Moment and has written for Grantland, ESPN.com, Yahoo! Sports and Parade, Charlotte, Our State and Men's Health magazines, and Harvard's Nieman Storyboard. Kruse, 36, was born outside Los Angeles and raised outside Boston and is a graduate of Davidson College in North Carolina. He lives in St. Petersburg with his family.

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  1. Getting ready for the rising water


    Here's what the world's rising seas will mean for Florida. Florida Atlantic's Keren Bolter says we don't have time to bicker about this. Read William E. Gibson in the Sun Sentinel:...

  2. The quote of the morning is about the pythons in the Everglades and comes from Davidson College's Michael Dorcas


    "If you had told me 10 years ago some of the things that we have found, I wouldn't have believed you because I didn’t think it could happen. We've seen declines across the board in mammal species that were once extremely common in Everglades National Park, and these species have declined by more than 90 percent in many cases and some 99 percent, and all the evidence shows that it's primarily due to python predation." The Python Invasion. The Python Challenge....

  3. Sunshine


    Good morning. It's Monday, April 21, 2014.

    Did you read Drew Harwell's piece on the Sunday front? In the Tampa Bay area, he reported, the average household's spending on rent is near its highest point in the last three decades. Tenants here pay 32 percent of their income toward rent and utilities, compared to 27 percent in 2004....

    Pasco County elementary school students.
  4. Bill Nelson's pro-life


    What he wrote in this morning's Times:

    Among our fellow Floridians, our neighbors, there are roughly 764,000 low-income people whose misfortune is compounded by the fact they are without health care coverage.

    The meager amount of money they do earn makes them ineligible for both Medicaid, the federal government's health insurance program for the needy, and for premium assistance under Obamacare....

  5. Perry Cross and Don Brown are worried about 'thugs' and Albert Carmanico and Donna Hahn are worried about ... our lawmakers


    The last thing Florida needs on the streets during hurricane evacuations or riots, the Times' editorial board said last week, is more concealed guns.

    No, no, said Largo's Perry Cross in a letter to the editor yesterday: The choice of our legislators to acknowledge and support the Second Amendment, a fundamental birthright acknowledged and codified by the founders of this nation in the Bill of Rights, is being attacked by the Tampa Bay Times....

  6. How kids these days ask other kids to go to the prom


    This story in Sunday's paper gave me a case of the fuddy-duddies. Promposals? Seriously? All this stuff is public spectacle trumping private reality. Saying yes and then texting no because of course it's easier like that. Which is my way of saying you definitely should read it....

    It's just a school dance.
  7. Sunshine


    Good afternoon. It's Friday, April 18, 2014.

    P.C. Wu would like to reiterate the importance of an open and transparent government in our state and urge lawmakers to address these issues.

    Rick Scott, Sue Carlton says, has attempted more makeovers than a middle school slumber party....

    Stephen Cox, 66, a.k.a. "the Bird Man of St. Pete," feeds a snowy egret a piece of squid.
  8. Secede or succeed?


    The billboard advocating secession went up a couple months back in Tallahassee. The billboard advocating success went up this week in response.

    "Secession is really the fundamental American political ideal," according to the League of the South.

    "Florida's doing great," according to Ed Moore, the president of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida, the organization that teamed up with the Florida Chamber of Commerce to offer the roadside-advertisement-viewing portion of the populace a message that's broad to the point of unavoidably vague but certainly less separatist and slightly more ... sane....

    If at first you don't succeed ...
  9. What people are saying about Jameis Winston and this week's New York Times story


    1. Slate's Emily Bazelon: At the outset of this tale of error — and possibly corruption — I wrote that “sexual assault charges against star athletes are often a kind of poison, one that acts less on the athlete in question than the woman who says she is the victim.” The woman who says Winston raped her was relentlessly criticized at FSU and withdrew from her classes. Winston won the Heisman Trophy. It’s too late to alter any of that. But I hope the Times story hits FSU and the Tallahassee police with the force to produce fundamental change. And I hope other universities and police departments treat this as a warning and a wake-up call, too....

    Famous Jameis.
  10. Sunshine


    And good morning again. It's Thursday, April 17, 2014.

    Here are the lawmakers who chose the NRA over your safety.

    Can we agree to never again use the term fulfillment center? Not because of the taxes. That's fine. That's fair. Just ... because....

    Going crazy about the Lightning hockey team.
  11. The oldest continuous site of higher education in the state of Florida wants everybody to know it didn't like yesterday's Jameis Winston story


    The university expresses its deep disappointment in today's New York Times story alleging FSU officials did not properly investigate a rape allegation against FSU student Jameis Winston "in apparent violation of federal law." It also vigorously objects to the newspaper's characterization of the university as being uncooperative in explaining its actions. Read all of the many words....

  12. Did you see what the victim of the most recent bear attack said?


    Watch this from ABC News.

    "... these are wild animals, and we need to respect 'em," she said, "and unfortunately we have five new developments going up within five miles. They just, they have no place to go, and she was protecting her cub. I know. Because I would do the same. And so I can't say I want all these bears killed. We need to learn to respect them. At some point we need to say enough is enough, with the building, the taking way of their habitat ..."...

  13. Sunshine


    Good morning. It's Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

    The future:

    Located near Interstate 75 off State Road 674 in Ruskin, the Hillsborough center will process small items like books and CDs. The Lakeland center, which is also under construction, will handle larger items, from kayaks to TVs....

    Over a million square feet of stuff.
  14. St. Pete artist Frank Strunk to Arielle Stevenson in Creative Loafing


    Here: "... don't take St. Petersburg as an art city, or any city as an art city. That's a term used by government employees, real estate agents and tourism bureau dollars. Look at our country as one big art city. You can sell your art anywhere in the country." Frank....

  15. In response to the rape allegations against Florida State's Jameis Winston, 'there was virtually no investigation at all, either by the police or the university'


    Three-time Pulitzer winner Walt Bogdanich had this on the front of today's New York Times. No new bombshells or anything but you should read it in full. If you don't, though, here's some of what I underlined:...