Michael Kruse, Times Staff Writer

Michael Kruse

Michael Kruse, winner of the Paul Hansell Award for Distinguished Achievement in Florida Journalism and the American Society of News Editors' distinguished nondeadline writing award, is a staff writer on the enterprise team at the Tampa Bay Times. His recent three-part series, The Last Voyage of the Bounty, was a finalist for ASNE's Punch Sulzberger Award for Online Storytelling, and his story about a woman who disappeared inside her home was anthologized in Next Wave: America's New Generation of Great Literary Journalists. In 2012 he gave a TEDx talk on the importance of story. His work has been recognized, too, by the Society of Professional Journalists, the Society for Features Journalism, the Associated Press Sports Editors, the National Headliner Awards and the Magazine Association of the Southeast, and in categories ranging from sports explanatory to business reporting, from short features to long profiles. Before joining the Times, he worked at the Times Herald-Record in New York's Hudson Valley, where he covered two towns and Major League Baseball and was the paper's writer at large. He is the author of Taking the Shot: The Davidson Basketball Moment and has written for Grantland, ESPN.com, Yahoo! Sports and Parade, Charlotte, Our State and Men's Health magazines, and Harvard's Nieman Storyboard. Kruse, 36, was born outside Los Angeles and raised outside Boston and is a graduate of Davidson College in North Carolina. He lives in St. Petersburg with his family.

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  1. Sunshine


    And good morning again. It's Thursday, April 17, 2014.

    Here are the lawmakers who chose the NRA over your safety.

    Can we agree to never again use the term fulfillment center? Not because of the taxes. That's fine. That's fair. Just ... because....

    Going crazy about the Lightning hockey team.
  2. The oldest continuous site of higher education in the state of Florida wants everybody to know it didn't like yesterday's Jameis Winston story


    The university expresses its deep disappointment in today's New York Times story alleging FSU officials did not properly investigate a rape allegation against FSU student Jameis Winston "in apparent violation of federal law." It also vigorously objects to the newspaper's characterization of the university as being uncooperative in explaining its actions. Read all of the many words....

  3. Did you see what the victim of the most recent bear attack said?


    Watch this from ABC News.

    "... these are wild animals, and we need to respect 'em," she said, "and unfortunately we have five new developments going up within five miles. They just, they have no place to go, and she was protecting her cub. I know. Because I would do the same. And so I can't say I want all these bears killed. We need to learn to respect them. At some point we need to say enough is enough, with the building, the taking way of their habitat ..."...

  4. Sunshine


    Good morning. It's Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

    The future:

    Located near Interstate 75 off State Road 674 in Ruskin, the Hillsborough center will process small items like books and CDs. The Lakeland center, which is also under construction, will handle larger items, from kayaks to TVs....

    Over a million square feet of stuff.
  5. St. Pete artist Frank Strunk to Arielle Stevenson in Creative Loafing


    Here: "... don't take St. Petersburg as an art city, or any city as an art city. That's a term used by government employees, real estate agents and tourism bureau dollars. Look at our country as one big art city. You can sell your art anywhere in the country." Frank....

  6. In response to the rape allegations against Florida State's Jameis Winston, 'there was virtually no investigation at all, either by the police or the university'


    Three-time Pulitzer winner Walt Bogdanich had this on the front of today's New York Times. No new bombshells or anything but you should read it in full. If you don't, though, here's some of what I underlined:...

  7. Learning from the remains unearthed at what was Florida's notorious Dozier School for Boys


    Ben Montgomery's superlative boys school work just doesn't stop. The latest:

    TAMPA — Coffin nail by coffin nail and bone fragment by bone fragment, University of South Florida forensic anthropologists are learning more about the identities of remains exhumed months ago from a hidden cemetery at the state's longest-running and most criticized reform school....

    What one of the victims might have looked like.
  8. Sunshine


    Good morning. It's Tuesday, April 15, 2014, which means it's Tax Day, and unfortunately I need to be quick because I have a flight to catch.

    Let's start with John Romano scratching his head:

    I have a difficult time following the game plan of our super-smart state leaders when it comes to public education. Try as I might, their logic escapes me....

  9. The Times' Will Hobson and Michael LaForgia are Pulitzer winners for the rest of their lives


    This afternoon's big news:

    The Tampa Bay Times won a Pulitzer Prize for local reporting Monday, earning national recognition for stories that exposed a government agency's inhumane treatment of Hillsborough County's homeless population....

    The recipients of a big award for their important work.
  10. 'The Next America' will look more the way Florida already does


    Older and less white. It's one reason people should laugh less at the state and spend more time paying better attention.

  11. Sunshine


    Good morning. It's Monday, April 14, 2014, which makes it ... National Dolphin Day.

    Every day in Florida is firearms day. The state's Republican lawmakers, Tonya Alanez writes in the Sun-Sentinel, are unholstering a series of bills in the state Capitol this spring heralded by gun owners but opposed by sheriffs, teachers, parents and some Democrats. At the top of the list: Florida's Zombie Apocalypse Gun Bill....

  12. Florida's 'wicked ditch'


    It was a classic pork-barrel project whose very justification for being was built upon a flimsy web of half-baked economic suppositions, ginned up cost-benefit estimates and, yes, outright lies, Ron Cunningham wrote in his piece about the new biography about early Florida environmentalist Marjorie Harris Carr....

  13. 'The bear actually had my wife's head in its mouth ...'


    First Susan Chalfant. Now Terri Frana. Here, though, are 13 things plucked from my earlier bear-related reporting that are worth remembering in the aftermath of this latest attack in Central Florida:...

    Near Lake Mary.
  14. Sunshine


    Good morning. It's Friday, April 11, 2014.

    Three things I underlined in what Congressman Alan Grayson wrote in today's paper about the unnecessary death of Charlene Dill:

    1. Floridians with annual incomes between $5,400 and $11,400 are stuck in the "Medicaid expansion gap." Charlene Dill was one of an estimated 1 million uninsured Floridians who fell into that gap....

    What to do?