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Molly Moorhead, editorial writer

Molly Moorhead

Molly Moorhead, 38, is a native of St. Petersburg and graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. She came to the Times in 2002 as a reporter in Pasco County, where she covered city government, the Sheriff's Office and the courts and wrote occasional human interest columns. In 2011, she joined the national staff of, checking political claims from Washington and the 2012 presidential election. She and her husband live in St. Petersburg and have one son.

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  1. Your Outfit Monday: Reunited (with boots) and it feels so good


    Times assistant metro editor Molly Moorhead had a boots success story that was too good not to be told. Please enjoy this edition of Your Outfit Monday.

    First, let me back up. 

    Way back in the winter of 2013, I needed brown boots. Like, needed needed. I won the footwear lottery when I found some delicious chocolate brown suede beauties from Anthropologie. Regular price: $278. Sale price: $105. On the Anthropologie scale of unattainability, that's like finding them on the side of the road. I strutted and beamed through the 11 days a year of boots weather we get in Tampa Bay.

    Fast forward through life, and I sorta, kinda forgot about my boots. Hey, I had other stuff going on! Like being pregnant. Through the fall of 2014 I was great with child. I was not wearing boots. I was not wearing anything but slipper-like flats that contained my chubby feet and kept my waddling, unbalanced form upright. ...

    Boots, Anthro; Skirt, StitchFix; Blouse, just winning.
  2. U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor to Gov. Rick Scott: Veto the budget, call lawmakers back to expand Medicaid


    U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa, said she hopes Gov. Rick Scott will veto the state budget and call legislators back to Tallahassee to come up with a plan to expand Medicaid.

    Speaking Thursday to the Tampa Bay Times editorial board, Castor said Scott should use his "political chops" to force a solution on Medicaid. The governor surprised many when he came out in favor of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, a law he actively campaigned against. Now he's taking criticism from the law's backers for not trying harder to sway Florida House members who have fought accepting federal money to get health coverage for more uninsured Floridians....

  3. Protesters to greet Marco Rubio at Pasco Reagan Day Dinner tonight


    U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio will headline tonight’s Republican Party of Pasco County Reagan Day Dinner in Port Richey.

    The event, which has been sold out for weeks, is at 6 p.m. at Spartan Manor. Rubio is expected to speak after dinner.

    But protesters will be out at 5:30 p.m. to greet the crowd. The Pasco Democratic Party and the Pasco chapter of the National Organization for Women announced that they will protest, citing Rubio’s recent votes against new background checks on gun purchases and the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act....

  4. Pasco jury slaps doctor with $820,000 in damages in groping case


    NEW PORT RICHEY — Dr. Gunwant Dhaliwal must pay $700,000 in punitive damages to a woman he groped at his walk-in clinic in 2007, a jury decided Thursday.

    Dhaliwal was slapped with the penalty in addition to $120,000 in pain and suffering damages the jury handed down a day earlier to Danielle Turner, a physician's assistant newly hired by Dhaliwal.

    She testified in the civil trial this week that she went to Dhaliwal's Gulf View Walk-In Clinic on State Road 54 the evening of Feb. 12, 2007, after the clinic had closed, so Dhaliwal could demonstrate the facial skin procedure microdermabrasion on her. She said that after he finished, he applied a thin lotion to her face, then her chest, then slid his hands under her shirt and fondled her breasts....

  5. Pasco jury finds doctor groped physician's assistant


    NEW PORT RICHEY — Dr. Gunwant Dhaliwal suffered another defeat in court Wednesday when a civil jury decided he groped a woman who was newly hired at his walk-in clinic in 2007.

    Danielle Turner, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, kept a stoic expression and nodded her head when the jury verdict was read after a little less than two hours of deliberation.

    The six-member jury awarded her $120,000 in damages for past and future pain and suffering, mental anguish and inconvenience. The panel will return today to consider punitive damages against Dhaliwal....

    Dr. Gunwant Dhaliwal testifies in court Tuesday. A woman who claimed Dhaliwal groped her sued him for negligence.
  6. Jailhouse lawyer strikes out twice with Pasco juries


    NEW PORT RICHEY — Morgan Armstrong put his legal skills to the test in front of another jury Tuesday and got the same result: a guilty verdict.

    The 32-year-old felon chose to represent himself against charges of robbing a Hudson convenience store twice in October 2009. He made arguments, raised objections and questioned witnesses armed only with a perfunctory knowledge of the law and a firm conviction that the system was conspiring against him....

    Defendant Morgan Armstrong looks back at his court-appointed standby counsel, Geoff Cox, as he represents himself on charges that he robbed a Hudson convenience store. He was found guilty of robbery with a deadly weapon.
  7. Civil trial begins for Pasco doctor accused of groping


    NEW PORT RICHEY — Dr. Gunwant Dhaliwal, convicted in May of groping a patient at his walk-in clinic, is facing a civil jury this week.

    A woman who was going to work for Dhaliwal in 2007 accused him in a lawsuit of fondling her breasts as he demonstrated a facial skin procedure on her.

    Danielle Turner was a physician's assistant recently hired by Dhaliwal. She hadn't started work yet because she was still under contract at another job....

    Dr. Gunwant Dhaliwal, left, reviews a file in New Port Richey on Tuesday beside his lawyer Morris Purcell. A criminal trial is set for Oct. 3.
  8. Man in Pasco kidnapping scheme to walk free 19 years early


    A man who plotted to kidnap the wife of a Publix store manager and hold her for ransom won an appellate court decision that will free him from prison.

    Michael Dwayne Enix was arrested in 2005 after a tipster alerted authorities to his plan. Enix, then 41, was buying cigarettes one day at the now-closed Publix on U.S. 19 at State Road 52 when he noticed the store manager's picture on the wall and had an idea. He thought he could score hundreds of thousands of dollars from the store's safe if he kidnapped the manager's wife....

  9. Jury finds Derrick L. Harris guilty of half-brother's murder


    NEW PORT RICHEY — They never learned if the motive was jealousy or an argument or gang-related violence, but a jury on Thursday convicted Derrick L. Harris of killing his younger half-brother in 2008.

    Harris hung his head with the jury's announcement. As a bailiff took his fingerprints, his mother, Alice Sutera, lingered silently nearby.

    Authorities said the brothers were together in the afternoon on Sept. 26, 2008. Anthony Granton, an 18-year-old Ridgewood High School student with lots of friends, was last seen about 7:30 that night talking on his cell phone....

  10. Friend offers alibi for Derrick Harris the night of half-brother's death


    NEW PORT RICHEY — The night his younger brother was killed, Derrick Harris got a phone call while he was hanging out with friends. It was about his brother, Anthony Granton.

    "He was like agitated, like worried, like something had happened," Terrance Lee testified Wednesday, offering an alibi to charges Harris was the murderer.

    Lee, now a 25-year-old prison inmate, said he and Harris drove to Ridgewood High School to look for Granton, 18, the night of Sept. 26, 2008, but couldn't get in because the gate was locked. Granton's body turned up the next day in the bottom of a Dumpster near the campus on Orchid Lake Road. ...

    Derrick L. Harris leaves the courtroom Wednesday during a break. He is accused of shooting his half-brother in 2008.
  11. Derrick Harris goes on trial in killing of his half-brother in Pasco


    NEW PORT RICHEY — When the body of 18-year-old Anthony Granton was discovered at the bottom of a Dumpster near Ridgewood High School, authorities put the cuffs on his older half-brother.

    Derrick Harris had alerted them to the body by calling 911 from a convenience store nearby, and used a fake name. In interviews with detectives, he told inconsistent stories about when he'd last been with Granton that September weekend in 2008. When they asked about Granton's cell phone, he first said he hadn't seen it, then admitted he was using it the night Granton was shot in the back of the head....

    Derrick L. Harris, 25, listens to his defense attorney, Willie Pura, as his trial for second-degree murder starts Tuesday. Harris is accused of shooting his half-brother Anthony Granton in 2008.
  12. Witness in robbery trial faints; sneaker fails to revive her


    NEW PORT RICHEY — Falguni Patel was just a little ways into her testimony Wednesday when it all became too much.

    The prosecutor showed Patel the knife used by the masked robber who held up her convenience store in 2009. Patel, already shaking and on the verge of tears, flopped back in the witness chair, unconscious.

    Circuit Judge Michael Andrews had the jury taken out of the room. A bailiff called for an ambulance....

  13. Against all advice, Pasco man represents himself in robbery trial


    NEW PORT RICHEY — Morgan Armstrong had just three questions of the people in the jury pool.

    Did any of them believe that just because someone wears a law enforcement badge, that he or she is automatically telling the truth? No, they answered in unison.

    Do they realize that people are found innocent of crimes every day? Yes, they said.

    Has any of them worked with someone who does whatever it takes to get a job done, even if it's not right? Yep, the potential jurors said....

  14. Florida Bar levies punishment on Trinity attorney for employee's actions


    Trinity attorney Chuck Kalogianis must attend ethics school and face a public reprimand from the Florida Bar after it found he did not keep in touch with clients who had retained his firm and employed a legal assistant who did the tasks of a licensed attorney.

    In addition, the Bar directed Kalogianis to change the name of his business — Kalogianis & Associates — because it implied that more than one attorney worked at the law firm....

  15. Pasco jury recommends death penalty in 2006 murder


    DADE CITY — When Derral Wayne Hodgkins choked and stabbed Teresa Lodge to death in September 2006, it wasn't his first act of violence.

    Jurors considering whether Hodgkins should be put to death or serve life in prison for Lodge's murder learned Wednesday that he also had raped and battered a 12-year-old girl in Hillsborough County in 1987.

    After hearing the details of that brutal attack, the jury, by a 7-5 vote, recommended that Hodgkins be put to death....

    A Pasco jury recommended late Wednesday that Derral Wayne Hodgkins, 46, be sentenced to death. He was convicted this week by a jury in the killing Teresa Lodge, 46, in the fall of 2006.