Patti Ewald, Times Staff Writer

Patti Ewald

Patti Ewald joined the Tampa Bay Times in January 2012 after working as a correspondent covering Gulfport for two years. She is a features writer and the editor of the monthly LifeTimes section. A graduate of Ohio State University, she has a hard time rooting for the Gators, but beyond that, she loves everything Florida. She's a lifelong journalist — having last worked as the managing editor of a suburban Cleveland newspaper before moving to Gulfport in 2008.

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  1. 5 things to do in April

    Life Times

    1 The Wiz under the stars

    American Stage in the Park presents the Tony-award winning musical The Wiz at 8 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays, April 9 through May 4, in Demens Landing Park in downtown St. Petersburg, where the roads are paved in rock, gospel and soul. Tickets start at $15.

    2 It's Edith Ann...

    Jimmy Buffett will be in Tampa on April 19.
  2. Dr. Mehmet Oz says Tampa needs more nuts


    Tampa, you don't eat enough nuts.

    And, that's a bad thing because in the seemingly cyclical research findings about foods, nuts are once again good for you.

    Not only are nuts nutritional powerhouses that keep your weight, blood sugar and cholesterol stable, but new research reveals that people who eat nuts regularly have a lower risk of cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease than those who don't, according to Sharecare, Dr. Mehmet Oz's health and wellness website, that recently announced its Top 10 Cities for Nut Lovers....

  3. In Florida, medical marijuana will be legal, John Morgan says (w/video)

    Human Interest

    Generation Jones, the youngest segment of baby boomers, is a very influential lot.

    Born between 1954 and 1964, GenJonesers are taking the reins of government and becoming a powerful draw for advertisers.

    In Florida, they are seen as a key demographic in the push to legalize medical marijuana when it's put to voters in November.

    "Jonesers have smoked far more pot than any generation before or after us, which has resulted in more toleration and acceptance of that drug — and comfort with its legalization," said Jonathan Pontell, the social commentator credited with coining the term Generation Jones....

    John Morgan, head of Morgan & Morgan, poses for a portrait in the law firm’s Orlando offices. He predicts a landslide in November when voters decide whether medical marijuana should be legalized.
  4. Youngest boomers are jonesin' for some recognition

    Life Times

    If you are between the ages of 50 and 60 but never really fit in as a baby boomer, join the crowd.

    And what a prestigious crowd it is. Its members — the youngest segment of the baby boomers, who were born between 1946 and 1964 — have taken over the reins of the political and business world, with about two-thirds of the current members and presidents of the European Union and NATO countries falling in that age range, President Barack Obama included....

  5. Faraway grandma wants baby to know how much she loves him

    Life Times

    I was visiting my older son and daughter-in-law on the other side of the country in May, sitting on the edge of the bed, when my son handed me a little gift bag.

    I reached into the folds of the tissue paper protruding from the top and pulled out a bib. A baby bib. A baby bib that said, "I love Grandma."

    I looked over at the two of them who were both nodding, smiling, eyes wide, brows arched....

    Patti Ewald with her newborn first grandson, Eli Joaquin Ewald.
  6. Neighborhood Profile: Westshore Yacht Club, Tampa

    Home and Garden


    Anne Marie Campbell, Sam Giunta and all their worldly belongings just fit — albeit snugly — in their 1,300-square-foot Bayshore Boulevard condominium.

    It was tight but they made it work — until Campbell retired from her human resources job and brought her things home from the office. That little bit of stuff tripped the tilt button, busted out the seams. No more room. Too crowded....

  7. Old just isn't a word in baby boomer vocabulary

    Life Times

    Not feeling as old as your chronological age says you should be feeling? Join the crowd. The same baby-booming generation that blazed the trail for civil rights issues decades ago is now blazing the trail for what old age should feel like.

    It wasn't that long ago that a dream retirement meant buying a home in a 55+ community, tooting around the neighborhood in a golf court, hanging with people your own age, relaxing, playing cards and shuffleboard until the end comes....

    Ina Jaffe
  8. Senior Pet Connection looks out for furry friends of low-income clients

    Life Times


    Eddie Mae Givens came to the door accompanied by a teeny barking dog. She was stooped so far over — her back has hurt, she said, since she ruptured a disc working as a laundress during World War II — that the first thing to appear was the top of her head, which was covered with a blue knit stocking cap with a snowflake pattern.

    "Come in. Come in," Givens, who had just turned 93, said to Gina Shields as she tried to keep the yapping chihuahua — Frankie — from biting or fleeing or both....

    Eddie Mae Givens and Frankie look forward to Gina Shields’ visits.
  9. Neighborhood Profile: Whispering Oaks Estates, Ridge Manor

    Home and Garden


    There's a neighborhood called Whispering Oaks Estates way down in the southeast corner of Hernando County, a hop, skip and 3-mile jump from the Pasco County line. It sits in the middle of nowhere, a nirvana shielding its residents from the troubles of the world.

    They tool around the streets on the same golf carts that other times carry them from hole to hole on the adjacent Ridge Manor Golf and Country Club course, waving to neighbors as they putter in their yards or slowing to a crawl to chat with others who shout cheerful greetings from doorways or screened lanais or from the windows of passing cars....

    Sandhill cranes are among the many forms of wildlife that can be found in the Whispering Oaks subdivision.
  10. Shed those pounds and all who look down on overweight people

    Life Times

    Well, it's another January. Another start of a new year fatter than I want to be. Another where-there's-a-will-there's-a-way determination to change.

    But, this time, I mean it. Yeah, yeah, I know I've said that before. But, this time is different because I'm finally ready to shed my puffy shell — the handy excuse I've always kept around to use when things don't go my way.

    I didn't need Dr. Phil to help me figure this out: Keeping on extra weight has always given me something to blame for my failings....

  11. 5 things to do in February


    1 Punta Gorda by land & sea Take a day trip and explore Punta Gorda, the "fat point" jutting into Charlotte Harbor an hour and a half south of St. Petersburg. The Chamber of Commerce wants you to see its city so it's offering trolley and boat tours on Fridays. You can tour land (1 hour) and sea (1 1/2 hours) for $40 or just take a trolley tour for $25. Details, schedules and tickets at or (941) 639-3720....

    A monument honors explorer Ponce de Leon along Charlotte Harbor in Punta Gorda’s 11-acre Gilchrist Park.
  12. One of 'Money' magazine's top spots to retire: St. Petersburg

    Life Times

    Seems it wasn't that long ago that people called St. Petersburg "God's waiting room," conjuring thoughts of frail seniors heading to park benches to feed the pigeons.

    Today, the city is on Money magazine's list of Best Places to Retire, conjuring thoughts of active older people going to concerts, riding bikes at the beach or taking classes.

    Retirees are looking for things to do, places to go, people to meet....

    Spokane, Wash., is blanketed in snow.
  13. Meetups can help you start new holiday traditions

    Life Times

    I was planning to spend Thanksgiving day alone.

    The prospect of it didn't bother me. Everyone I worried about had someplace to go.

    My two sons — one in Chicago, the other in Southern California — were having Thanksgiving dinner with their in-laws; my dad in Ohio had all my siblings to cook turkey and pumpkin pie for him.

    I'd catch up on some writing and cook a turkey breast for me and the cats to nibble on (for weeks) and watch football....

  14. Advice on places to travel, retire from uncommon travelers

    Life Times

    Times Staff Writer

    Hard as it is to imagine, people with common interests managed to find each other long before we all carried mobile links to the world in our pockets and pocketbooks.

    Sometimes it was by sheer luck, as it was 19 years ago when a dozen people — but no instructor — showed up at an adult learning center for a class on international travel. Meanwhile, down the hall, a class on travel and culture had an instructor but no students. You can probably guess where this story is going. They found each other and the "Uncommon Travelers" club was born....

    Judy and Mike Butler of Tampa are part of a group called Uncommon Travelers. They know a thing or 20 about travel, having visited more than 100 countries.
  15. Holiday gifts ideas for that special senior in your life

    Life Times

    BY PATTI EWALD | Times Staff Writer

    Holiday gift-giving is supposed to be a joy — at least that's what retailers want us to believe — and, for the most part, it is.

    We all, however, have at least one person on our list for whom it is nearly impossible to find the right gift. You know who it is on your list, right?

    Aunt Martha is too picky. Uncle Brian always has been insatiable. Grandpa already has it. Diane would have bought it already if she had wanted it....