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Patty Ryan, Times Staff Writer

Patty Ryan, a Florida native, grew up in Pinellas Park. For more than three decades, she has lived in Tampa, where she's a reporter for the Times. She joined the staff as an editor in 2001, after 22 years at the Tampa Tribune.

Her work has been honored by the American Association of Sunday and Features Editors and the Florida Society of News Editors.

She graduated from the University of South Florida.

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  1. Loretta Lynch attends investiture of top federal prosecutor in Tampa


    TAMPA — Lee Bentley has been on the job for 21 months as the region's top federal prosecutor and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in December, but Thursday delivered the fanfare.

    U.S. attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch attended Bentley's ceremonial investiture as U.S. attorney for Florida's Middle District. It was an occasion marked by moments solemn and jovial.

    Lynch didn't speak publicly but sat beside Bentley and his family in a room packed with judges, lawyers, law enforcement agents, and local dignitaries. ...

    Lee Bentley, newly sworn in as U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Florida, hugs attorney Andra Dreyfus during his investiture ceremony at the Federal Courthouse in Tampa on Thursday. Bentley succeeded Robert E. O’Neill.
  2. Pinellas scientists guilty of all federal charges


    TAMPA — Two Belleair Beach scientists were found guilty in federal court Friday of securing $10 million in research grants through wire fraud and identity theft, in large part by fabricating documents showing that others endorsed their work.

    Matt Aldissi and Anastasia Bogomolova could face up to 22 years in prison and be ordered to repay the grants.

    The verdict came late Friday after a monthlong trial and more than a day of jury deliberations. In its immediate aftermath, Bogomolova appeared to temporarily lose consciousness and paramedics were called to the courtroom....

    Mahmoud Aldissi and Anastassia Bogomolova, walking into the federal courthouse for their trial. Mahmoud "Matt" Aldissi and his wife, Anastassia "Anastasia" Bogomolova a pair of married Belleair Beach scientists go on trial starting this week in federal court. They are accused of obtaining $10 million in government contracts based on inflated proposals and billing for nonexistent employees and consultants. The case could go on for two months. The government has 288 people on its witness list. [SKIP O'ROURKE  |   Times]
  3. Rashia Wilson says she was no queen, just a woman struggling with a past


    TAMPA — She recalls, as a kid, coming home to an empty refrigerator in a house where food stamps were traded for crack.

    She tells of selling her body at 12 or 13 to survive.

    Rashia Wilson denies that she grew up to dub herself the queen of tax refund fraud on Facebook.

    But she did enjoy the Audi, the big TV, the house, the parties and feeling special over a $2,000 Louis Vuitton bag, a lifestyle she maintained by stealing the identities of scores of victims....

    Rashia Wilson held herself out "as a sort of anti-role model, calling herself the 'queen' and 'first lady' of tax fraud while publicly bragging about her crimes,'' federal prosecutor Sara Sweeney has said.  

  4. Former Tampa police informer pleads guilty in tax fraud case


    TAMPA — Longtime Tampa police confidential informer Rita Girven pleaded guilty Monday to two federal charges relating to $33,002 in stolen identity tax refund fraud.

    Girven signed a plea agreement in February admitting that she obtained personal identities from genealogy websites and "one or more conspirators who had access to law enforcement databases."

    The case against Girven is part of a larger investigation that has targeted, among others, former Tampa police Detective Eric Houston, who was fired from his job but has not been charged....

    Rita Girven was a longtime Tampa police informer. She now faces up to 20 years in prison.
  5. Cruise ship, cocaine, underwear, but no smooth sailing


    TAMPA — Seven kilograms of cocaine cruised to Tampa from Honduras last week aboard the luxury liner Norwegian Sun, but minus the fresh ocean view. Authorities say the powder traveled in spandex underwear worn by four male crew members.

    They made the mistake of appearing unduly anxious on cell phones Sunday outside a port-side Hooters restaurant, inviting surveillance from Homeland Security Investigations agents....

  6. Judge doesn't budge on 21-year sentence for tax fraud 'queen'


    TAMPA — Self-described tax fraud queen Rashia Wilson got no breaks Thursday in a federal courtroom, where a judge under orders to reconsider her prison sentence again imposed 21 years.

    U.S. District Judge James S. Moody Jr. listened to Wilson's hard-luck tale of growing up on her own from age 12 and turning to crime to feed herself. But he reminded her that she stole from the very government that later provided her public assistance. ...

    Rashia Wilson admitted to illegally having a gun, as well as identity theft and wire fraud.
  7. Pinellas woman pleads guilty in identity theft case that already sent mom to prison


    TAMPA — Bernadette Demps-Jackson, 41, went to federal prison last year for her role in a stolen identity tax refund fraud scheme.

    On Wednesday, her daughter agreed to join her.

    Makaeia Demps, 25, of Palm Harbor, pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft, the same charge that landed her Gibsonton mother a mandatory two-year sentence.

    Demps, who will be sentenced later this year, admits in a signed plea agreement to cashing and spending proceeds of tax fraud....

  8. Lakeland man's steps left easy trail of counterfeit money


    TAMPA — Rent an Impala for two days but don't return it.

    Take the car and $137,600 in counterfeit cash on a road trip to Walmart to load up on printer ink. Take the printer, too. Leave $100 bills taped on the scanner.

    Inside, get caught stealing ink. Outside, fail to stop the tow truck that followed the car's GPS.

    But for those acts, described in a federal complaint, Larry Theodore Smith might be living large....

    Larry Theodore Smith of Lakeland is accused of possession of counterfeit money.
  9. Tax fraud 'queen' Rashia Wilson reportedly getting smarter in prison


    TAMPA — Incarceration has bought Rashia Wilson something that $3 million-plus in tax refund fraud never delivered: a GED.

    She is scheduled to be resentenced Thursday. An appellate court decided a judge made technical errors when ordering her to prison for 21 years back in 2013.

    Defense attorney Andrew Greenlee noted in a recent sentencing memorandum that Wilson, now 29, entered prison with a 7th grade education and has since obtained her high school equivalency diploma....

    Rashia Wilson held herself out "as a sort of anti-role model, calling herself the 'queen' and 'first lady' of tax fraud while publicly bragging about her crimes,'' federal prosecutor Sara Sweeney said.
  10. Appellate court wants to hear more from Cortnee Brantley


    TAMPA — An appellate court has taken an interest in the case of Cortnee Brantley, whose former ties to cop killer Dontae Morris led to a prison sentence she has not yet served.

    The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals posted a notice on its website Friday that it will hear oral arguments in the case.

    That means Brantley's attorney, Grady Irvin Jr., will have a chance to further challenge a verdict that a U.S. district judge once called plausible by the "thinnest of legal threads." Irvin argued in his written appeal that the case was selectively prosecuted and insufficiently proven. ...

    Cortnee Brantley, pictured leaving federal court in 2012, was a witness to the 2010 roadside killings of two Tampa police officers. [Times files (2012)]
  11. Former Tampa police informer, ex-officer admit roles in separate tax scams


    TAMPA — A longtime Tampa cop and a police informer both admit in signed plea deals to riding a wave of tax refund fraud, one saying she cashed U.S. Treasury checks held as evidence and the other saying she filed claims using stolen identities.

    Federal charges against former Tampa Police Department Cpl. Jeanette Hevel and ex-informer Rita Girven were made public Thursday, the same day the plea paperwork was filed by the U.S. Attorney's Office....

    Rita Girven admits to conspiring to collect $33,002.
  12. Federal fraud trial of Belleair Beach scientists opens its two-month run


    TAMPA — Dead men don't help friends apply for grants.

    That's one reason a pair of Belle­air Beach scientists are on trial in U.S. District Court, accused of identity theft and wire fraud in a conspiracy to snag $10 million in federal research money.

    Before it's all over, as many as 288 government witnesses over two months are expected to take the stand against Matt Aldissi and wife, Anastasia Bogomolova, whose companies benefited from programs aimed at fostering small-business innovation....

    Matt Aldissi and Anastasia Bogomolova enter Tampa’s federal courthouse Monday for the start of their trial. They are accused of illegally obtaining $10 million in research money.
  13. Ex-CentCom property accountability manager accused of swiping laptops


    TAMPA — A former property accountability manager for U.S. Central Command's J6 directorate was arrested Friday on a federal charge of stealing five computers from CentCom, court records show.

    Scott Duty, 48, of Riverview was indicted Feb. 12 by a grand jury but the indictment was kept sealed until his arrest.

    The thefts occurred on or around April 15, 2013, the indictment states....

  14. Pain clinic doctor linked to three patients' deaths has long troubled past


    TAMPA — Emergency room physician Anthony Davis has seen a lot of overdose cases. When he does, he checks to see who prescribed the drugs.

    One name grew familiar: Edward Neil Feldman.

    Fourteen months ago, Davis told the Florida Department of Health that he was sick of seeing the Pinellas Park doctor's overmedicated patients.

    Davis likened Feldman to a drug pusher and said patients claimed he prescribed the pain killer oxycodone in powdered form....

    Prosecutors allege that the Feldmans’ current home on Trilby Avenue in the Ballast Point neighborhood of Tampa was purchased with proceeds of a conspiracy.
  15. Tampa grand jury accuses five in $940,715 mobile banking scam


    TAMPA — Thieves collected at least $940,715 by using smartphones to deposit money orders they, in essence, borrowed from the U.S. Postal Service, federal documents charge.

    A grand jury in Tampa indicted five men Wednesday on conspiracy and bank fraud charges, providing a glimpse of a scheme, reportedly ongoing since 2010, that capitalized on two conveniences of commerce.

    Many banks allow customers to deposit checks remotely, using cellphone applications. Customers retain the checks....