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Peter Couture

Peter Couture grew up in St. Petersburg and is a graduate of the University of South Florida. He has worked for the Tampa Bay Times full-time since graduating from USF in 1989. He was a member of the startup team for the daily edition of tbt*, where he is the editor of the weekly Rides, Office and Cuisine sections. He also edits the daily SportsTalk page. He co-writes the weekly auto review column, the Daily Drivers.

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  1. The Daily Drivers: 2015 Hyundai Sonata


    When Hyundai came out with the sixth-generation Sonata, it was a wakeup call for midsize sedans and other manufacturers' mundane styling. With its "Fluidic Sculpture" design, the Sonata dared to be different. Now for the new generation Sonata, Hyundai — for better or for worse — has reined in those sculptural flourishes.

    Appearance: Overall, the 2015 Sonata is longer and wider. In fact, it's now classified as a large sedan. Lyra sees the new design as a natural progression to a more mature look. Peter thinks it now looks like most of its competitors — generic. Still, he will admit that the sloping, coupelike roofline, especially with our tester's panoramic sunroof, is a winning design. But he doesn't care for the wider, more stately grille that now wears its Hyundai badge on an unattractive black insert. Some nicer touches on our Limited tester: an integrated spoiler on the rear decklid, dual chrome exhaust tips and LED running lights and taillights....

    The front seats are comfortable with good bolstering.
  2. The Daily Drivers: 2014 Lexus IS 350 F Sport sedan, convertible different animals


    When we drove the redesigned Lexus IS 250 last year, we were impressed with the new look, but were left wanting a bit more power under the hood. The IS 350 F Sport, with more power, may be our answer. We drove the sedan, which carries hints of Lexus' future, as well as the convertible, which seems stuck in the past.

    Appearance: It's a tale of two generations. The sedan's makeover is dominated by the distinctive hourglass-shaped grille, which gives the car a menacing look. The new sheet metal includes sculpted character lines that sweep up from the bottom of the car and blend into the rear body panels. These lines define the sweep of the body. Lyra is troubled by the taillights; she imagines the designer falling asleep with pencil in hand and his lines trailing off the drawing board. The F Sport package adds 18-inch five-spoke graphite alloy wheels and dual chrome exhaust. It's a sharp-looking sedan. The same can't be said for the convertible, which carries on the previous generation's no-drama design. The rear can look somewhat out of proportion because it has to accommodate the hardtop roof. Otherwise, the convertible has an attractive, coupelike profile when the top is raised. (Lyra thinks the trunk lid, which spans the width of the convertible, is extremely heavy. And there's no power lift gate.)...

    IS 350 sedan: The instrument gauges, borrowed from the LFA super car, are futuristic. The TFT display shows gauges that expand, retract and slide sideways.
  3. The Daily Drivers: 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD LTZ


    If a crossover just doesn't meet your needs, then Chevrolet's Tahoe may fill the bill. The full-size SUV shares body-on-frame construction with the Silverado truck and is built for big jobs: towing, hauling, off-roading. For 2015, Chevy redesigned the Tahoe, upgrading the interior, exterior and engine. But all that versatility comes at a steep price.

    Appearance: Chevy has improved on the boxy appearance of the previous generation. The Tahoe now carries a bolder and more attractive chrome-trimmed grille — slatted in the top-level LTZ trim like our tester — swept-back bilevel headlights and streamlined sheet metal. Our LTZ had the premium White Diamond Tricoat paint ($995), which adds a classy touch along with the 20-inch alloy wheels....

    Power fold-down buttons are conveniently located in the rear cargo area.
  4. The Daily Drivers: 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited AWD


    When Toyota introduced the Highlander in 2001, it was one of the first true "crossovers," and the midsize SUV has had a long and successful run. For 2014, the Highlander has been redesigned with a bolder look and higher-quality cabin. Our tester was the hybrid version, which gave us a case of sticker shock for a nonluxury family hauler.

    Appearance: The new look is sleeker and more athletic. The Highlander gains a more macho black-slatted trapezoidal grille similar to the Tundra pickup's. The grille is trimmed with chrome, and a horizontal bar extends out on each side of the Toyota badge into the slender upswept headlights. Character lines sweep back along the body, which is accented by high wheel wells. Our tester's paint — Ooh La La Rouge Mica — is a rich burgundy color that really pops in the sunlight, along with the 19-inch Chromtec alloy wheels....

    Second-row passengers have access to the rear climate controls, as well as buttons for heated seats.
  5. The Daily Drivers Updates: Sedans: Toyota Avalon, Lexus ES350, Lexus LS460 F Sport, Mazda6


    2015 Mazda6 Grand Touring

    $21,190 base start, $33,345 as tested; MPG: 28 city/40 highway;

    Not much has changed for the 2015 Mazda6, which is a good thing. This new-generation sedan is one of the more stylish in the midsize segment. Our tester was the vivid Soul Red, which is one of our favorite red finishes. The 2.5-liter SkyActiv-G engine produces 184 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque. The base model comes with a rare-in-its-class manual transmission, with an available upgrade to a 6-speed automatic. For 2015, Mazda introduced new packages for lower trims. One feature we were intrigued with is the i-ELOOP regenerative engine braking, which comes with the Technology Package ($2,080). The system captures energy when you take your foot off the gas pedal. The car then stores that energy to help power in-car electronics, such as the air conditioning and power steering. Mazda says it saves fuel by as much as 5 percent. The technology package also includes safety features such as radar cruise control, forward-obstruction warning and lane-departure warning. ...

    2015 Mazda6 Grand Touring
  6. The Daily Drivers: 2015 Chrysler 200S


    Finally, Chrysler has a midsize sedan that can live up to its "Imported from Detroit" ad slogan. The all-new 200 is the successor to some really mediocre cars — think Sebring sedan and the previous-generation 200 — that only really seemed to find homes in the nation's rental-car fleets. No more.

    Appearance: Where the previous 200 was a stop-gap car for a troubled Chrysler — and looked like it — this new 200 easily fits in with the competition in the family sedan segment. The new look is curvy and contemporary, with a rounded roof that gently tapers into a short rear deck. Chrysler has jettisoned the wide 300-style face of its predecessor in favor of a slender, swept-back shape that holds the automaker's new winged logo and merges with the catlike headlamps. Those lamps are highlighted by LED daylight running lights (available with the Premium Lighting Group, $795). Our tester, the 200S, added gloss-black trim for a more menacing and sporty look. There also are dual chrome exhaust tips integrated into the rear fascia. ...

    The instrument cluster has a blue glow with a customizable LCD screen in the center.
  7. The Daily Drivers First Look: 2014 BMW i3


    Let's call it the Tesla effect. The innovative automaker and its Model S have owned what is a niche market for luxury EVs.

    Enter BMW.

    The German automaker's new electric i3 city car certainly isn't competition for the sleek Model S in design; for that, BMW will rely on its forthcoming i8. The i3 is more utilitarian in appearance, yet still conveys a futuristic vibe with its opposing doors and blue LED-colored accents. Under the skin, the four-seater hatchback's passenger compartment is made of carbon fiber. Inside, the car makes generous use of sustainable and recycled materials. The cabin has no center tunnel to take up floor space and even has bench seats....

    This interior has the “LODGE” trim, which has a natural aesthetic. It uses sustainable elements made from wool and natural leather. A curved dash is made from eucalyptus wood.
  8. The Daily Drivers: 2014 Honda Civic Si sedan


    We've driven a few generations of the Honda Civic Si coupe, but this is the first opportunity we've had to drive the four-door version. The Civic, of course, comes in several different trims, but the Si choice is simple: with navigation or without.

    Appearance: Like the regular Civic sedan, the Si has an aerodynamic design with a sculpted hood, chrome-trimmed grille and slender headlights. The Si gets a more athletic look with the body-color integrated decklid spoiler, chrome exhaust and 18-inch alloy wheels. ...

    The Si now gets 18-inch alloy wheels, which look chiseled and sharp.
  9. The Daily Drivers: Updating Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Toyota Tundra 4x2


    2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

    $26,195 start, $40,280 as tested.

    The four-door Wrangler Unlimited is a true sport utility vehicle: It's rugged enough to handle off-roading while versatile enough to haul five passengers and tow up to 3,500 pounds with an available towing package. With several roof-top configurations and plenty of after-market options, how rugged or urban it looks depends on you. The high-riding Unlimited has the familiar Wrangler look with the trademark seven-slot grille, round headlights, clamp-down hood and rear-mounted full-size spare. Our tester, the mid-level Sahara trim, had the body-color three-piece removable hardtop upgrade ($1,795), which made it look more like a standard city-slicker SUV. The 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 is competent, but the heavier weight and longer wheelbase of this four-door model make it feel more sluggish compared to the zippy two-door Wranglers we've driven. Still, the ride is fun, though a bit jittery. Our tester's cabin was nicely appointed with supple leather on the seats and steering wheel. Plastic on the dash and trims comes off as cheap. But after all, the Wrangler's interior can be washed down; there's a drain plug on the floor. However, even with the hardtop and better sound insulation, the cabin is prone to road noise. Getting into the Wrangler can be a challenge for shorter drivers; there's a step, but even that is placed high. With summer here, we can see how this Wrangler can be the ultimate beach machine. But is it a daily commuter? The ride and estimated fuel mileage (16 mpg city, 20 highway) may say no, but this Jeep's ruggedness and utility could overcome our reluctance....

    Tundra’s Platinum trim has quilted leather accent trim that almost looks retro.
  10. The Daily Drivers: 2014 Honda Civic EX-L coupe and sedan


    There's a Civic for every taste — from hybrid to the sporty Si — and Honda's goal is to keep it that way. Maybe that's why the automaker quickly moved to improve the car after its 2012 redesign met with much criticism. Since then, Honda has fast-tracked updates. For 2014, there are styling tweaks and a new transmission: CVT. We drove a Civic sedan and coupe — both EX-L models with navigation. ...

    The two-tiered instrument panels have vivid readings.
  11. The Daily Drivers: 2014 Ford Escape Titanium 4WD


    We've wanted to drive the Escape ever since Ford made over the compact crossover in 2013. What was once boxy is now sleek and technology-laden, with features that include a unique foot-activated lift gate that has been the centerpiece of TV commercials.

    Appearance: The Escape is more stylish sport wagon than SUV, with a dynamic look accented by bold body lines, elongated head lamps and a raised, creased hood. In the top-level Titanium trim like our tester, the Escape's somewhat generic-looking split grille is enhanced with chrome accents. Our tester came with the optional 19-inch luster nickel-painted aluminum wheels, but we split on the design. Lyra said the design looked like wrenches welded together, while Peter liked the industrial look and thought it made for a nice contrast with the Escape's athletic stance and stunning Sunset Metallic paint. Overall, the whole package makes for what may be the most stylish small crossover on the market...

    2014 Ford Escape Titanium 4WD
  12. The Daily Drivers: 2015 Honda Fit EX-L is better all around


    For 2015, Honda has completely redesigned the Fit, which already is one of the most versatile subcompacts on the market. Big changes often can spell trouble of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" variety, but Honda has managed to give the Fit more style and more cabin space all while upgrading the car's powertrain and chassis.

    Appearance: This new Fit, the third generation, still carries the car's familiar wedge shape, which has been refined to make it look more like a grownup car and less like a quirky subcompact. Bold lines now crease the body to give it more character. It's enhanced by a more modern chrome-trimmed black grille and sleek headlights. From the rear, the Fit now sports Volvo-like vertical taillights that are integrated with the rear hatch. The effect is sharp and sporty. Our top-of-the-line EX-L with Navi came with five-spoke, 16-inch alloy wheels that also added a sophisticated touch, as did the Midnight Plum Pearl, which we found to be a refreshing change from the primary colors common in so many small cars....

    2015 Honda Fit EX-L with Navi
  13. The Daily Drivers: RX 450h adds an electric elegance


    The Lexus RX is one of our favorite crossovers in any class. We've always liked its combination of luxury and utility. Until recently, we'd never driven the hybrid version of this midsize SUV, the RX 450h, which holds the promise of bringing greater fuel efficiency to the feature-laden vehicle. Lexus already has rolled out the 2015 models.

    Appearance: The RX was one of the first luxury SUVs on the market when it debuted in the late '90s. Some might find the look a bit dated, even with the recent redesign. But the RX 450h is still handsome, with elegant lines, tapered side windows, a built-in roof rack and sloped rear hatch with integrated spoiler. Classic. Giving the RX 450h a little more contemporary touch are Lexus' spindle grille, chrome accents, LED running lights and 18-inch alloy wheels. ...

    With the rear seats folded down, the RX 450h has 80.3 cubic feet of cargo space.
  14. The Daily Drivers: 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Roadster as good as it looks


    There are times when we'd rather show off a car than talk about it. This is one of them. Behold the 583-horsepower Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Roadster. The car is greater than the sum of its acronyms — it's a link to a rich Mercedes tradition that produced the iconic gullwing coupes. Let's put the top down and take an appreciative look.

    The SLS AMG GT Roadster is the sophisticated supercar that looks right at home cruising the waterfronts of Tampa Bay and is comfortable in ordinary driving....

    Our tester’s red three-layer soft top made for a sharp contrast against the Imola Grey body. The 19-inch front and 20-inch rear forged-alloy 10-spoke wheels feature red brake calipers to complement the performance look.
  15. The Daily Drivers: 2014 Honda Pilot 4WD Touring


    The Honda Pilot is a somewhat boxy throwback among the increasingly more streamlined world of midsize crossover SUVs. It seats up to eight with its standard third row, and its dimensions offer a lot of usable cargo space for the family.

    Appearance: The tall-and-square Pilot won't win any design awards with an almost vanlike appearance. (We think it looks better in a darker color such as our tester's Dark Cherry Pearl.) The top-level Touring trim did have some accents such as chrome side molding, chrome exhaust tips and 18-inch alloy wheels to break up the blandness. The rear liftgate was electronic, and the rear glass opens independently, which is handy....

    The third-row seat has room for three passengers, even adults.