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  1. Ultimate Bar Guide: 12 Tampa Bay bars perfect for when you're feeling down and out

    Bars & Spirits

    For this year's tbt* Ultimate Bar Guide, we tallied up more than 100 reasons we love going to bars in Tampa Bay. Sometimes, of course, you go to bars when you're not feeling your best. Here are 12 local watering holes that'll cheer you up when you're feeling down, depressed or like you just want to get away from it all.

    We have a hangover: O'Maddy's Bar and Grill

    Hear us out: Sometimes to recover after a night of devilish drinking, you require the hair of the dog that bit you — and a big, hearty breakfast (or lunch) to go along with it. Plenty of bars that cause hangovers at night also serve remedies in the morning. (What a business model!) Take O'Maddy's Bar and Grille in Gulfport, which serves "Dr. Randy Shuck's Hangover Burger" for $10.95. An 8-ounce patty topped with a fried egg, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and onions, it's named for Dr. Randy A. Shuck, a professor of medicine at St. Petersburg General Hospital and friend of O'Maddy's owners. Shuck is also Bay News 9's resident medical-heath expert, and after doing a story on hangover cures, he suggested O'Maddy's add a hangover burger to its menu. The result is an 8-ounce patty topped with a fried egg, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and onions — "hamburger for the fats and the protein, bacon for the vitamins in it, eggs for the cysteine and then the carbs," Shuck said. Sure, but does it really do the trick? Shuck believes so. "I'm blessed not getting hangovers," he said. "My wife is not blessed, and she says it works well." 5405 Shore Blvd. S, Gulfport; (727) 323-8643,

    Got a hangover? Dr Randy Shuck's Hangover Burger at O'Maddys in Gulfport should do the trick. The 8-ounce burger is topped with a fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, double cheddar, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato and onion. [Luis Santana | Times]
  2. Ultimate Bar Guide: 14 Tampa Bay bars that feel like communities (and a few where you might fall in love)

    Bars & Spirits

    For this year's tbt* Ultimate Bar Guide, we tallied up more than 100 reasons we love going to bars in Tampa Bay. One big reason? A sense of community. Here are 14 bars that make us feel like we're embracing the community around us, bars that make us feel at home .. and a few bars where you might just fall in love.

    We're loyal customers: Nolan's Pub

    Lots of bars like to claim that they're like the bar from Cheers. Nolan's Pub does this by placing a physical copy of Cheers' Season 1 DVD on display behind the bar. The thing is, Nolan's is a place where everyone might actually know your name. It's a friendly little pub in downtown Safety Harbor, and if you pop in on any given day, there's a good chance that you'll find owner Craig Davide working behind the bar. This is the kind of place that efficiently turns locals into regulars, but such loyalty pays both ways. The bar's loyalty card — the "McGillicuddy Wheel" — rewards patrons with a Nolan's T-shirt after the first completion, a name on the wall for the second, and an engraved plaque on the bar for the 10th. There are quite a few plaques on the bar, if that tells you anything. 230 Main St., Safety Harbor. (727) 400-6998,

    The sign outside Donk's Sports Tavern in St. Petersburg advertising the "best Cubans in town." [Jay Cridlin  |  Times]
  3. Ultimate Bar Guide: 8 Tampa Bay bars to indulge your hedonistic desires

    Bars & Spirits

    For this year's tbt* Ultimate Bar Guide, we tallied up more than 100 reasons we love going to bars in Tampa Bay. Here are eight bars, clubs and even a winery where you can cut loose on the weekends and indulge your wildest party instincts.

    The DJ is sick, bro: The Amphitheatre

    Just about every Friday and Saturday night, the Amphitheatre is jammed with college-aged kids in LED gloves, pony beads and GoPro cameras packing the dance floor and hugging the speakers to wring as much bass as possible out of their weekend revelry. It's like a scaled-down version of Tampa's Sunset Music Festival, which is co-organized by the Amphitheatre's owners, and which drew nearly 50,000 people to Raymond James Stadium over Memorial Day weekend. And when the Amp brings in big-name DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Krewella or Porter Robinson, the party doesn't stop until last call. Ybor City ain't Miami, but the Amphitheatre is Tampa's best EDM club, period, and Ground Zero for the city's emergence on the national EDM scene. 1609 E Seventh Ave., Ybor City. (813) 873-8368,

     Justin Grant DJs during his monthly Fast Company party at The Bends in St. Petersburg.
  4. Ultimate Bar Guide: 6 Tampa Bay bars with great nights, specials

    Bars & Spirits

    For this year's tbt* Ultimate Bar Guide, we tallied up more than 100 reasons we love going to bars in Tampa Bay. Here are six bars with deals and specials that make us want to get out and drink.

    Happy Hour: Bernini

    They say it's Tampa's best Happy Hour, and it's hard to disagree. "Home of the $2 Finlandia Martini" may as well be Bernini's motto, given how popular the restaurant's bar is from 11:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. — especially from 4 to 7, when select pastas and entrees are also half off. If martinis aren't your thing, get a vodka cranberry or vodka and soda — same price. Bernini is suitable for a nice date night, but even the $2 drinks are pretty stiff. One for the night might do you, in which case your wallet will barely feel a thing. 1702 E Seventh Ave., Ybor City. (813) 248-0099, ...

    Tequilas Taco Bar in Ybor City.
  5. Ultimate Bar Guide: 14 sports bars for cheering, bar games and (maybe) meeting athletes

    Bars & Spirits

    For this year's tbt* Ultimate Bar Guide, we tallied up more than 100 reasons we love going to bars in Tampa Bay. Here are 14 of our favorite Tampa Bay sports bars, from places to cheer on local pro and college teams to bars where you can play a few games yourself.

    Soccer is religion: MacDinton's Irish Pub

    All Tampa English Premier League fans respect the truism that most good soccer happens far away. Important games begin anywhere from early morning to 3 p.m., which can put hooligans at the real disadvantage of having to eat breakfast, drink and cheer all at the same time. MacDinton's Irish Pub understands that you need a beer with your game and has adjusted its schedule accordingly, to accommodate even this Saturday's Manchester United versus Swansea match at 7:45 a.m. MacDinton's always has a beer special or two to accompany a particular match, and the bar's big screen is such a great way to witness the beautiful game that almost every EPL supporters' club can be counted on to bring a few bodies in during the season. You don't even have to travel across the bridge since there are two locations: 242 First Ave. N, St. Pete; and 405 S Howard Ave., Tampa.

    Hattricks Tavern.
  6. Ultimate Bar Guide: 17 Tampa Bay breweries and beer bars worth a toast

    Bars & Spirits

    For this year's tbt* Ultimate Bar Guide, we tallied up more than 100 reasons we love going to bars in Tampa Bay. Craft beer is everywhere here, and plenty of bars and breweries serve it up right. Here are 17 of our favorite places to grab a cool local brew.

    We like our beer barrel-aged: 7venth Sun Brewery

    Aging beer in barrels is a technique ripe for experimentation. The reactions that occur when beer spends extended time in used spirit and wine barrels can add flavor due to residual liquids and wood character, mellow heavy beers out via oxidation and even cause beers to become sour if the barrel has been inoculated with beer-souring bacteria and other microflora. Dunedin's 7venth Sun Brewery is one of the more prolific local barrel-agers, to the point where it used to host Barrel-Aged Wednesdays, featuring a different barrel-aged beer on tap each week. These days, the selection of these complex brews is dictated by availability, although there's some form of barrel-aged beer on tap around 40 percent of the time. Previous releases have featured sour blond ales aged in wine barrels, imperial porters aged in rum barrels and, recently, a gin barrel-aged IPA fermented with brettanomyces wild yeast. 1012 Broadway, Dunedin. (727) 733-3013,

    Luis Santana  |   Times (8/13/2014, Tampa, FL)    Examples of Tampa Bay Brewing Co. Mug Club members decorated mugs.[Luis Santana | Times]
  7. Ultimate Bar Guide: 8 Tampa Bay beach bars worth their shaker of salt

    Bars & Spirits

    For this year's tbt* Ultimate Bar Guide, we tallied up more than 100 reasons we love going to bars in Tampa Bay. Here are eight beach bars on both sides of the bay that are more than worth their shaker of salt.

    Three-day weekend!: Hogan's Beach

    It's only been open a year and a half, but Hogan's Beach has already muscled its way to the top of Tampa Bay's party-bar scene. Thanks to some smart partnerships with in-the-know promoters, Hulk Hogan's waterfront bar and grill has become a mecca for bikini-clad revelers on the Hillsborough side of the bay. In particular, it's carving out a niche as a holiday-weekend hangout, scheduling multiple nights of parties around Memorial Day (when they brought in Lil Jon), the Fourth of July (DJ Carnage and the country band Love and Theft) and Labor Day (with DJ Laidback Luke). The fact that it's connected to the Best Western Bay Harbor Hotel doesn't hurt — you can drink as much as you want and not worry about driving back. We'll see you there soon, brother. 7700 W Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa. (813) 281-8900,

    Luis Santana  |   Times (4/14/2013, Tampa, FL)   Arilelle Collins rides the mechanical shark at Social Sunday's held at Hogan's Beach in Tampa. [Luis Santana | Times]
  8. Sing it, sister: Tampa bars host karaoke, Asian-style karaoke, even 'pornaoke'

    Bars & Spirits

    What's a bar without music? An abomination, that's what. Tampa Bay area proprietors understand the importance of adding a melody to the drinking experience, and offer everything from live music to letting you be the DJ.

    But only a handful really understand the magical unicorn of great drinking music: Karaoke.

    Nothing goes better together with a pitcher of beer than a warbling version of Paradise City complete with awkward shuffle dancing. Whether you like an audience, want to show off for your closest friends or you want to sing in front of something truly risque, there's something to satisfy all tastes. A few Tampa Bay bars do it, differently, but all of them seem right....

    At Octave, home of all the bells and whistles of rock stardom, A.J. Gerdon and John Colby perform Meat Loaf’s I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That).
  9. Review: Maxwell wiggles, croons and draws screams from the crowd at Clearwater's Ruth Eckerd Hall


    On the same day that moviegoers headed to theaters to catch a biopic on the hardest working man in show business, Maxwell came to Clearwater’s Ruth Eckerd Hall to try to reclaim the title among the living.

    The 41-year-old R&B singer spent just as much of his hourlong set leading his band as he did laying his velvety falsetto over the near-capacity crowd. It’s his second visit to the venue since his last album release, BLACKsummer’snight in 2009, and much of the performance featured standards from his early works Embrya and Now....

  10. Aloft, Le Meridien hotel lounges become stylish downtown Tampa hangouts

    For weeks, Twitter has been lighting up with pictures of two new additions to downtown Tampa's happy hour scene. Bars aren't new to the burgeoning area, but these two are hotel bars — once the domain of ladies who lunch — aiming for a younger crowd.

    Both Bizou Brasserie and W XYZ Bar cater to the young, urban set with painstakingly detailed interiors, themed menus and knack for creating Internet buzz. Diners compulsively Instagramed photos of Bizou's artfully plated meals, and loungers could not get enough get enough of the view....

    Bartender Katie Greene, above, mixes a Mangrove Mule cocktail at W XYZ Bar at the Aloft Hotel. Kaitlin O’Brien and Kylie Briody, left, of Tampa enjoy drinks at the Bizou Brasserie in Le Meridien Hotel.
Photos by Luis ­Santana/tbt*
  11. A darker path tolightness


    Eric Wheeler strummed the notes of The Cure's The Drowning Man as his 15 students lay in a corpse pose on their mats, looking up at the ceiling and paintings of sports heroes and grapefruit.

    "I've only been playing for a year and half," said Wheeler, 44, of Tampa. "I always like to play during Shavasana because I've got a captive ­audience."

    The melancholic tune was one of many used to help move bodies during Wheeler's weekly Dark Wave Yoga class at Tempus Projects, a Seminole Heights non-profit gallery dedicated to hosting local artists. ...

    Instructor Eric Wheeler leads the Dark Wave Yoga class.
  12. Tampa native Josh Murray's family and friends weigh in on his 'Bachelorette' win


    Editor's note: Josh Murray's family and friends gathered at CineBistro in Tampa during Monday's 'Bachelorette' finale to cheer him on. We sent Times reporter Robbyn Mitchell to see how they reacted to his big win.

    Lauren Murray smiled as an acquaintance handed her a rose in the lobby of CineBistro Hyde Park Monday night.  ...

    Dorfman and Murray
  13. Morning at the Mons Venus: The party's on till the break of dawn

    Bars & Spirits

    The sun would rise soon, but still there were nine people seated around the stage of the Mons Venus watching a dancer work her magic to Lil Wayne's She Will.

    An online viewer, a person paying to watch the club's livestream from the stage remotely, mused: "Wow. That girl is really flexible."

    The Mons is one of several of Tampa's strip clubs that keeps its doors open until the wee hours, closing as late as 5 a.m. on some weeknights. ...

    Several Tampa strip clubs remain open until the wee hours.
  14. A day-drinker's guide to Tampa Bay's top destination for all-day debauchery, Treasure Island

    Drinking in the morning presents a whole host of problems, and the biggest one seems to be what happens with the rest of the day.

    You can't drive. It's not like you can run a marathon. Pretty much, all day drinking sets you up for is afternoon sleeping and evening binge eating.

    So the location you pick to get your a.m. sip going is crucial. Luckily, the ideal spot is right in your backyard....

    Heather Martin of Lakeland and Blu Terrell of St. Pete enjoy the early morning air with their stocked cooler  of beer and liquor on Treasure Island.
  15. From This Day: Business turns to pleasure and matrimony


    TAMPA — "What do I have to do to marry you?" T. Hampton Dohrman asked earnestly as he jotted down bullet points on a sticky note.

    The 31-year-old leader of Hampton Arts Management wanted to make sure that all of Erin Tracy's conditions were met before he formally proposed spending their lives together.

    "I was really clueless about the process," he said. "I wanted to know if I should ask her dad first and what she really wanted."...

    T. Hampton Dohrman, 31, and Erin Tracy, 30, were married 
May 3 at the Tampa Theatre in front of 60 guests.