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Sherri Day, Editorial Writer

Sherri Day

Sherri Day, 39, grew up in Tifton, Ga. She graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a degree in mass media arts and from the University of California at Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. Sherri came to the Times in 2004 after a four-year stint at the New York Times. Before joining the editorial board in 2013, she worked as a City Times reporter, metropolitan religion reporter, Brandon bureau chief and assistant metro editor in Tampa, supervising coverage of cops, courts and breaking news. She and her husband Marcus Phillips, live in Tampa with their daughter and twin sons.

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  1. Tips for buying used clothes, toys and other items for your kids


    From birth until the school years, parents can expect to spend a small fortune on baby gear and soothers, toys and clothing — every bit of which is absolutely essential, that is, until your child outgrows it in a matter of months.

    No wonder every parent dreams of a reliable source of hand-me-downs.

    But in an age when many of us live far from our children's older cousins, or haven't found a fairy godmother, we're left navigating a robust baby goods market....

    How do you save money when it comes to babies and kids? Alaina Ellis of Riverview shops for toys for her daughter Addisyn, 2, at the biannual Just Between Friends sale at Tampa Bay Baptist Conference Center.
  2. She was there on 9/11 when the Twin Towers collapsed and stole her innocence


    I got married on Sept. 1, 2001. My husband and I exchanged vows, standing in a gazebo overlooking a pond at the junior college in our south Georgia hometown. A jazz trio played Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World. I was 25, and life was amazing.

    Ten days later, I was standing less than a block away from the World Trade Center, staring at the twin towers ablaze. My world was about to fall apart. ...

    Sherri Day when she was a reporter on the Continuous News Desk at the New York Times. 
  3. Brandon & South Shore Times to debut Sunday edition on Aug. 21

    Human Interest

    As the mother of 9-month-old twins, I get this question all the time: What did you do when you found out you were having twins?

    In my mind, people expect a common reaction: a confession of shock, excitement, fear or all of the above. The truth, as often is the case, is a lot more complicated than that. Yes, I was happy — for about 30 seconds. Fear, anxiety and all-out heartbreak set in quickly because my doctor told me he didn't think one of the babies, who at about 6 weeks was much smaller than his brother, would make it. And so I proceeded with extreme caution through the next nine months, determined, by faith, to do my part to bring healthy babies into the world and help them thrive....

  4. Editor's note: The Gold Standard … Sun City Center, celebrating 50 years

    Human Interest

    Today we end our four-week series on Sun City Center, which this month began its celebration of its 50th anniversary. Throughout the month, the Times told stories of the community's history, its vibrant cultural clubs and offerings, and looked at a population rarely discussed in the 12,000-home retirement community: the elderly. In our final story, we explore how younger residents say the community can foster improvement and growth. Separately, columnist Ernest Hooper offers an appreciation....

  5. Torn between management and motherhood

    Human Interest

    I knew tears would flow, but I didn't expect them to come from my 3-year-old daughter.

    Mommy, where are my brothers, she asked Monday morning as I dressed her for preschool.

    I told her that her father had taken them to the sitter's house. That Mommy would drive her to school and then go to work. It is time, I said.

    Your twin brothers, once snug inside my tummy, are ready. Preemies no more, they are healthy and happy. And Mommy is well. I have to go back....

  6. Ballot Battles: Your guide to the 2010 primary elections


    Ballot Battles: Your guide to the 2010 primary elections

    With campaign season in full swing, the Times staff presents Ballot Battles, a breakdown of the Aug. 24 contested primary races.

    Join us each Friday in July as we tell you about the primary elections that matter in our districts, regions, neighborhoods and subdivisions. Along with objective, reported pieces by our staff writers, columnist Ernest Hooper will handicap each race, providing analysis mixed with a bit of wit and humor. This week, we feature the U.S. Congressional races for Districts 9, 11 and 12....

  7. Without Walls Pastor Randy White steps down as ex-wife Paula White steps in


    TAMPA — One week after her ex-husband resigned as senior pastor of Without Walls International Church, Paula White plans to take the pulpit Sunday as the church's new leader, the Whites said in separate interviews late Friday.

    White, who held her first staff meeting Friday and spent time looking for a place to live, said she will officially take the reins when she preaches at its two morning worship services. The services will also honor Bishop Randy White, who founded the church with her 18 years ago. ...

  8. Bell Shoals Gets New Pastor


    BRANDON — Bell Shoals Baptist Church has named a North Carolina preacher as its new senior pastor, the church announced Monday.

    The Rev. Stephen Rummage learned he had been tapped to lead the megachurch Sunday night when church officials offered him the job via Webcast. He received a 99.8 percent affirmative vote from the congregation, church officials said.

    Rummage, who is married and has a son, is the pastor of the Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C. He expects to deliver his first sermon as senior pastor at Bell Shoals on June 28....

  9. Church pulls out of financial nosedive


    TAMPA — Four months ago, the future of Without Walls seemed in peril because of financial troubles, but this week the church rebounded from foreclosure proceedings.

    Church leaders signed a new loan with its California lender Monday, senior pastor Randy White said.

    "I'm very, very delighted," White said. "It was a great victory for our church and for our people that we don't have that pressure under us like we did have before."...

  10. Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman is no hero to antiabortion activists


    Under a different set of circumstances, Nadya Suleman might be a cause celebre for the antiabortion movement.

    She believes in large families.

    She says life begins at conception.

    She declined to selectively reduce her offspring after she got pregnant with eight babies.

    She had all of her frozen embryos implanted because "they were lives," Suleman said this week in an interview broadcast repeatedly on the Internet and television....

  11. St. Petersburg evangelist Bill Keller pushes back at the IRS


    Never one to mince words, St. Petersburg evangelist Bill Keller has a message for the Internal Revenue Service: strip him of his tax exemption or leave him alone.

    The agency has been investigating Keller, 51, for a year after he equated voting for former presidential candidate Mitt Romney with casting a vote for Satan.

    Keller's struggle with the IRS is emblematic of the frustration preachers around the country feel as they try to help their congregations navigate moral issues during elections. They feel they have the responsibility to provide guidance, but are hamstrung by federal law....

  12. Snippy shark sinks evangelist's State Fair stunt


    TAMPA — It was supposed to be the next backdrop for his YouTube salvation message.

    Picture this: evangelist Bill Keller, a bible and a tank filled with sharks. For five minutes he would preach to them.

    The title of the video: 'Swimming with the Sharks."

    But about 30 minutes before Keller was set to dive into the shark exhibit Friday at the Florida State Fair, organizers nixed it....

  13. Tampa Bay NAACP branches mark its centennial with a nod to history and a call to action

    Human Interest

    The birthday party was for a 100-year-old, but organizers wanted a younger crowd. So they booked the HipHopSodaShop in Tampa.

    Today, the NAACP marks a century of struggles to ensure that black Americans can live, learn, work and vote anywhere. But along with the celebrations, NAACP leaders are looking to new challenges, among them attracting a new generation of members.

    "I think Barack Obama proved that young people aren't apathetic," said banker Curtis Stokes, 40, president of the NAACP's Hillsborough branch. "You just have to have a cause they can believe in." ...

  14. The Rev. Henry Lyons wants to lead National Baptist Convention USA again


    TAMPA — The Rev. Henry J. Lyons is mounting a bid to lead the National Baptist Convention USA again, a decade after he was convicted for swindling more than $5.2 million from the organization's corporate partners and then served nearly five years in state prison.

    His campaign theme: "Restore the love, and repair the breach.''

    During the group's meeting last month in Nashville, Tenn., the Tampa pastor emerged as one of two candidates for convention president. The group, claiming more than 7.5 million members, will hold the election at its September convention in Memphis, Tenn....

  15. Super Bowls, championships don't raise Tampa's profile, poll finds


    TAMPA — Despite hosting multiple Super Bowls and being home to two national championship sports teams, Tampa does not leave much of a mark in the minds of most Americans, according to a pre-Super Bowl XLIII poll released Saturday.

    Nearly 60 percent of those polled said they had no impression of Tampa, according to results released by national polling firm Competitive Edge Research. Most, 69.3 percent, said they do not intend to visit the city within the next year....