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Sherri Day, Communications and grants director

Sherri Day

Sherri Day grew up in Tifton, Ga. She graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a degree in mass media arts and from the University of California at Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. Sherri came to the Times in 2004 after a four-year stint at the New York Times. Before joining the editorial board in 2013, she worked as a City Times reporter, metropolitan religion reporter, Brandon bureau chief and assistant metro editor in Tampa, supervising coverage of cops, courts and breaking news. She is now the Times' communications and grants director. She and her husband Marcus Phillips, live in Tampa with their daughter and twin sons.

Phone: (727) 893-8521


  1. Update: Return to normal operations


    Sept. 11, 2017 @ 2:45 p.m.

    To All Employees:


    Hurricane Irma has moved through the Tampa Bay area. We hope you and your family fared well during the storm. Please continue to be safe as we prepare to return to normal business operations.


    Starting tonight, staffers will resume their normal schedules at the Printing Plant and Distribution Centers. The Customer Service Department will open under normal operating conditions at 4 a.m. on Tuesday....

  2. Update: Hurricane Irma


    Sept. 10, 2017 @ 3:00 p.m.

    To All Employees:


    Hurricane Irma will soon reach the Tampa Bay area. Now is the time to take shelter until the storm passes.


    We will continue to gather news as long as it is safe to do so. We will publish on and We will not run our printing presses or attempt to put our drivers and trucks on the road until the storm passes. ...

  3. Irma Update: Downtown St. Petersburg building to close




    The latest on IRMA

     Sept. 9, 2017 @5:00 p.m.

    To All Employees:


    Hurricane Irma is still on track for the Tampa Bay area, and many local emergency management agencies are issuing evacuations. Please follow the instructions for your area. Your safety is our first concern....

  4. Storm Update: Irma


    Sept. 8, 2017


    To All Employees:

    As Hurricane Irma’s track comes into focus for Florida, our position remains the same: Be calm. Be prepared. Your safety is our first concern. Once your personal safety plan is in place, we must all be ready to keep Florida’s Best Newspaper up and running. 

    Please check with your manager today so that you will know your role over the next few days. Each department has a plan, and managers can give you more details....

  5. Bee Prepared for storms and other emergencies


    September is National Preparedness Month, the perfect time for each of us to create a plan for ourselves and our families in the event of a storm, other natural disaster or business emergency. As we enter the most active part of hurricane season, take the opportunity to Bee Prepared at home and at work!

    The Times has a new Staffer Information Line: 727-893-8260. This replaces the staffer information line on many employee badges....

    Bee prepared
  6. Day: Wider roads are not the answer for traffic-clogged Tampa


    A nearly 20-year-old plan to further expand Interstate 275 through historic Tampa Heights is the source of great upset for many Tampa residents.

    The City Council recently voted to oppose the project. Other opponents of the plan, many of whom have invested heavily in rehabbing homes in Tampa Heights, are voicing their discontent at meetings around the city. And preservationists are perturbed because the highway expansion plans would likely obliterate a community garden and a church-turned-community center that recently underwent a $1 million renovation....

    Highway expansion plans would likely obliterate this church-turned-community center in Tampa Heights. The DOT has shown little compassion as it has bulldozed through neighborhoods.
  7. Sherri Day: A racist act in a safe haven


    I went to Bible study Wednesday night. The lesson came from the Gospel of John and centered on how to be a good student open to instruction from the master teacher. About the time we began to dig into the Scripture at my Tampa church, Dylann Roof walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. Witnesses say he asked for the pastor and sat next to him during the service....

    People hug as they pay their respects in front of Emanuel AME Church on Thursday in Charleston, S.C. Nine people were killed on Wednesday in a mass shooting during a prayer meeting at the church. A 21-year-old suspect, Dylann Roof of  Eastover, S.C., was arrersted Thursday during a traffic stop. Emanuel AME Church is one of the oldest in the South. [Getty Images]
  8. Day: We must work together to stop violence against women (w/video)


    Sally Ride conquered space. Margaret Thatcher led a nation. Sheryl Sandberg cracked the uppermost ranks of the technology industry. And Oprah is, well, Oprah.

    Each of these women's accomplishments are worthy of praise, particularly during this month that honors women's history. But despite women's gains, a surprising share of the world's female population faces violence every day.

    This month, the United Nations issued a disturbing analysis on violence against women. Recent global studies show that 35 percent of women, more than one in three, have experienced physical violence in their lifetimes. This is not solely a problem in Third World or developing countries. More than 32 percent of women in high-income nations also have experienced violence. And most of the time, the women do not seek help or support....

    Sherri Day, Times editorial board
  9. Day: Stuck in traffic, dreaming about transit (w/video)


    I have always loved Atlanta. It's got big-city swagger with just the right dose of Southern charm. It's a mecca for black professionals, where my parents took me for cultural offerings and where I went to college and came into myself. But it's a peach city with a huge bruise: daily traffic jams that nearly squeeze it to the point of suffocation.

    Sadly, my adopted home in the Tampa Bay area is barreling toward a similar fate. Without serious intervention, it's only going to get worse....

    Traffic stacks up in the northbound lanes of I-275 going over the Howard Frankland Bridge.
  10. Day: Workplace equality doesn't mean putting dreams on ice


    Silicon Valley titans Facebook and Apple now offer to cover the expense of freezing and storing their female employees' eggs. A sign of progress? Only if the goal is to further Corporate America's hostility to work-life balance.

    This isn't women-friendly. It isn't feminism. It isn't worth our collective applause. As well-intentioned as these companies might be, the egg-freezing perk reinforces the message that women can still succeed in the tech sector and other male-dominated industries, but only if they achieve it like a man — without childbearing and child-rearing during key career-building years....

    TP_356291_ALLE_Day  (06/29/2012 TAMPA) New staff headshots for Sherri Day.[WILLIE J. ALLEN JR., Times]
  11. Hoping the Florida Legislature tackles children's issues (w/video)


    One shocking headline after another about dead children who at some point were under the Department of Children and Families' supervision has jolted Tallahassee and ushered in what could be the year of the child.

    Gov. Rick Scott and the Legislature appear poised to spend more money on children. And a Senate bill makes a sweeping proposal to overhaul the child protection workforce, though there is debate among professionals in that workforce about whether the changes would be effective. From the field, there is a growing sense that the best way to save children is to use the tools caseworkers have at their fingertips — such as an innovative computer program — and interest in addressing specific issues such as dealing with paramours in troubled homes....

  12. A mother of black boys fears for their lives


    When I was pregnant, I worried that I would have a boy. As it turned out, we had a girl. Then came pregnancy No. 2: twin boys. The pregnancy was difficult, but even after our boys were born healthy there was a nagging fear.

    I am afraid of raising black boys in a world where too many people see them as violent thugs because of the color of their skin. Their very existence strikes fear into the hearts of people of all races who have been conditioned to recoil at the sight of black males. I am terrified. These boys are my babies....

    Michael Dunn, takes the stand in his own defense during his trial in Jacksonville, Fla., Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014. Dunn is charged with fatally shooting 17-year-old Jordan Davis after an argument over loud music outside a Jacksonville, Fla. convenient story in 2012.(
  13. Crews aiming to restore New Tampa's water service in phases, city official says

    Local Government

    TAMPA — The news about a major water main break Friday afternoon in New Tampa spread almost as quickly as the gushing water on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.

    Preschool teachers worried about parents having an even more arduous evening commute. Small-business owners with dry taps closed down or struggled to stay open. Hair salons turned away scheduled clients. On Facebook, there were pictures of store shelves emptied by shoppers frantically seeking bottled water....

  14. Sherri Day, Brandon bureau chief, makes way for Ernest Hooper

    Human Interest

    I won't draw this out. Here is what you need to know: Ernest Hooper is the new Brandon bureau chief.

    Starting Monday, he will supervise the Times' coverage in east Hillsborough County. This, my friends, is awesome news. You know Ernest, so I don't have to explain why.

    And don't fret. He's keeping his Friday column in the South Shore & Brandon Times section.

    Because there can be only one big kahuna in a bureau, I'm moving on. I am going to the Times' Tampa office to become an assistant metro editor. This is a promotion. But when I told my staff last week over Krispy Kreme doughnuts, there were tears. Mostly from me....

  15. Tips for buying used clothes, toys and other items for your kids


    From birth until the school years, parents can expect to spend a small fortune on baby gear and soothers, toys and clothing — every bit of which is absolutely essential, that is, until your child outgrows it in a matter of months.

    No wonder every parent dreams of a reliable source of hand-me-downs.

    But in an age when many of us live far from our children's older cousins, or haven't found a fairy godmother, we're left navigating a robust baby goods market....

    How do you save money when it comes to babies and kids? Alaina Ellis of Riverview shops for toys for her daughter Addisyn, 2, at the biannual Just Between Friends sale at Tampa Bay Baptist Conference Center.