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Stephanie Hayes, Times Arts and Entertainment Editor

Stephanie Hayes

Stephanie Hayes is the arts and entertainment editor for the Tampa Bay Times, directing features coverage and the Times' staff of critics. Previously, she was performing arts critic, covering plays, musicals, classical music, dance, comedy and more. She also blogs about fashion for the Times' style blog, Deal Divas. She started writing for the Times in 2003, covering everything from suburban politics to zoning to snack foods to Britney Spears. She wrote the Times' feature obituary column, Epilogue, and went on to work as a general assignment reporter, entertainment reporter and higher education reporter. She grew up near Cleveland and graduated from St. Petersburg College and the University of South Florida.

Phone: (727) 893-8716

Email: shayes@tampabay.com

Twitter: @StephHayes

Blog: Deal Divas

  1. Everything you need to know to prepare for battle on Black Friday


    Black Friday (or Black Thursday, as it were these days) is upon us. None of us Deal Divas are very into this tradition, because although we enjoy a good bargain, we might enjoy cornbread stuffing and brandy-laced egg nog all the more. Also, we have a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies to watch.

    Still, some of you enjoy the battle, we know. The Times' ace business reporter Justine Griffin has been working hard on the Black Friday beat, bringing you everything you need to know. Here's her story taking a look behind the scenes of preparation at Best Buy. Here's a personal essay from Justine about being in the trenches of Black Friday shopping (see above: Mel Gibson). Here's a story predicting that things could be kind of flat this year. Some stores are all, "LOLNO," about opening on Thursday. But Best Buy, Toys 'R Us and Target are still trying to make Black Friday happen, in the manner of "fetch."...

    You on Black Friday.
  2. Pondering buying a Kate Spade sale purse that might not really be on sale


    All morning long, in between wrapping up a week's worth of work to prepare to leave for the long holiday weekend, I've been flipping to this screen.


  3. Column: Images from Times photographers and artists stand on their own


    The epiphany that we were cradling art in our newsprint-dusted fingers happened this summer.

    Here in the office, some of us were drooling over Cameron Cottrill's breathtakingly nerdy illustration of the grand dames of geekdom — Carrie Fisher, Linda Hamilton, Lea Thompson.

    Cameron, one of our staff news artists, conceptualized and created the illustration to run on the cover of Weekend. But the image clearly had legs beyond the news cycle. Even Thompson tweeted kind words about the cover....

    BRENDAN FITTERER   |   Times
  4. Weekend concert roundup: Mary J. Blige, Lil Wayne, John Lydon, Warrant, Ratt and the Florida Orchestra


    It was a major weekend for live music in Tampa Bay. Maybe you couldn't get to all the big shows in town, or maybe you stayed firmly on the couch with Netflix. No worries. Check out these reviews from our pop music/culture critic Jay Cridlin and correspondent Jim Harper, and you'll feel like you were there.


    Mary J. Blige worked it out in spike heels for a grown and sexy crowd at the USF Sun Dome. ...

    We just can't be without Mary J. Blige at the USF Sun Dome.
  5. SHOE IN: Clearance shoes are 25 percent off at DSW


    I've chosen this aggro-looking studded rain boot to illustrate the following point:

    You're going to want to KICK DOWN THE DOOR (see what I did there?) to DSW to get to this sale. There's an extra 25 percent off clearance both in stores and online through Nov. 11, no code needed. That would make the above pictured Dirty Laundry boots less than $30....

    The boots you will use to conquer all shoes sales henceforth.
  6. Behold, the new inter­national trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'


    Attention, nerds! Disney has released a new international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it has new footage, including the first glimpse of the doting, lovable pile of metal, C-3PO, plus LEIA!! Soak it in and party like it's your last night on Jakku. The movie comes out Dec. 18....

    Daisy Ridley and John Boyega in "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens."
  7. 10 Days of Taylor: Master Taylor's crop-top fashion


    (Welcome to 10 Days of Taylor, our epic countdown to the epic finale of the most epic pop tour of all time: Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour, stopping Halloween Night at Raymond James Stadium. For all of our Taylor Swift coverage, click here.)

    Have you seen Taylor Swift's belly button? Anyone? No?...

    Taylor and the art of the belly sliver.
  8. Making crop-top style work (or not work) for you


    Today, children, we are talking about the belly sliver. Grab a warm cup of tea and settle in by the fire, won't you?

    As we all know, it's something Taylor Swift does all the time. (Yes, we HAVE been talking a lot about Taylor this week, because that's our strategy leading up to her concert Saturday. Check out 10 Days of Taylor over on SoundCheck. For non-Taylor fans, don't worry -- it's over soon.)...

    You can haz midriff? If you do it right like Taylor.
  9. Strobing: One more new makeup technique to confuse you


    Just as we finally begin to understand what contouring is and how to do it without looking like a strange creature from a Guillermo del Toro movie, there's something else to learn.


    My first thought when I saw this word was that it had something to do with a club I went to in 2001, and some bad platform shoes, and I don't want to talk about it. But further investigation reveals it's basically the kid sister of contouring (using the shadows of your face to create definition and structure). Strobing involves using highlighter to make yourself look all round and dewy. A natural glow, if you will....

    Taylor Swift in all her dewey glory.
  10. Column: If 'Silence of the Lambs' can be a musical, so can these


    This is not a trick:

    Tampa's Jobsite Theater is putting on a musical version of Silence of the Lambs, just in time for Halloween. Yes, that Silence. The one with the lotion and the basket and the fava beans. It's for adult eyes only, and as performing arts critic Andrew Meacham tells us, some of the song titles are not even printable in a family newspaper....

    Jamie Lee Curtis in a scene from the 1978 horror film classicHalloween.
  11. Tim Gunn finally loses his mind on 'Project Runway' and it is perfect


    This is the total best. 

    Gentle, sweet, wise, avuncular spirit guide Tim Gunn finally FLIPPED HIS LID on Project Runway last night when he JUST COULD NOT ANYMORE with a contestant. Read the whole story here at Vanity Fair. ...

    This might be how Tim Gunn felt on the show. Heidi Klum, left, and Tim Gunn, right, take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge during the Project Runway finale at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Friday, Sept. 5, 2014 in New York.
  12. Living that pinup life with Pinup Girl Clothing's yard sale


    Oh gosh, oh me, oh my. 

    I've always loved pinup culture, and have the Alberto Vargas coffee table books to prove it. Still, I tend to incorporate pin-up style into my own look in half-committed ways. A red lip here, a flutter skirt there.

    Deal Diva Lydia commits fully to the pin-up aesthetic on the reg, and we're always in awe of how she pulls it off. It's no surprise that she was the one to alert me to this sale today. The aptly named Pinup Girl Clothing (or PUG, if you're in the know) is having its famous "online yard sale, with prices up to 70 percent off, with most items coming in less than $60. ...

    You will not look bad in this. It's on sale for $50, link below.
  13. Column: 4 ideas for local Tampa Bay Halloween costumes


    Going local is getting predictable, right?

    Eating local, shopping local, growing local veggies on the local deck of your local co-op. We've all been there, seen that, sipped local beer flavored by the sweat of local mustaches.

    This isn't to say we should return to big-box stores and chain restaurants out of boredom. Going local is cool, but it's time to push ourselves to new local limits....

    Crews from Sonny Glasbrenner Inc. dismantle the Pier in St. Petersburg on Monday.
  14. My Outfit Monday: This outfit cost $6


    Today in the category of Practice What You Preach:

    I present to you an outfit I got for $6 total from the Dress for Success Excess Inventory Sale over the weekend. Remember the one we told you about, where suits were $10 and clothes were $5? Yeah. I couldn't get there until the final hour, and it turned out to be a major boon because just as I started shopping, the organizers announced that everything was being reduced to $2. YES, EVERYTHING WAS $2. My heart started racing and all the women at the sale started scooping up more and more armloads of stuff, not unlike rabid wolves....

    $6 outfit in action, Charles and Di mug full of steaming hot java.
  15. $8,000 Chanel watches: Discovering the Groupon clearance rack


    Life took me today, as it does most days, to Groupon

    I've already mentioned my affinity for Groupon vacation deals. Just last week, my guy and I scooped up a long weekend cruise for $99 on Groupon. Now, I'm in the market for a few home services, chief among them a cleaning service. I don't want a regular maid (well, I DO, but I live in reality), just someone to come once and clean the grout and the windows and that kind of thing. In the words of Groupon's effective marketing campaign, I "checked Groupon first."...