Local boosters downplayed the hurricane of 1921 as people who lived along Tampa's Bayshore Boulevard experienced the worst of it. The storm wiped out the Bayshore seawall and destroyed the homes of some of the city's wealthiest residents.
Eight died and millions of dollars in damage was reported. One difference between then and now: Local boosters engaged in a campaign of denial.
Mark Fields, Hertz’ interim CEO, said that Teslas are already arriving at the company’s sites and should be available for rental starting in November
The agency released the dashcam footage in a Twitter post that called Trooper Reginald Mathieu a hero.
Cliff Freeman was the king of one-liners. But he never forgot his local roots.
A 2003 photo of the Suntan Art Center at the Don Vista Building in St. Pete Beach.
They are believed to have ties to the Don CeSar Hotel.
Moderna is moving toward expanding shots to children.
The crash occurred just after 9 p.m. Sunday after the driver lost control near State Road 60.
For decades, the historic roadside attraction in Polk County has puzzled visitors.




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