Thursday, October 18, 2018
Hurricane Michael: Here's how we reported from Mexico Beach
DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD  |  TimesBoats lay sunk and damaged at the Port St. Joe Marina in the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday (10/10/18) after Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach.
Reporting in a hurricane is dangerous, complicated and important. When it came to Hurricane Michael, we had to find a way to tell the stories.
A screenshot from a recent ad on Ron DeSantis' healthcare record.
Poll: Overwhelmingly, Florida voters want to expand Medicaid coverage
Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan, shown here during a May news conference, was directed by the Cty Council to provide more detailed information about the ticketing of black bicyclists. [Times files]
Tampa chief wants council to see larger context in ticketing of black bicyclists
Toto. Photo: Scottie Moore.
Toto’s Steve Lukather talks Weezer’s ‘Africa,’ getting the last laugh on critics and more
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