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30 years ago this week: Kurt and Goldie fall in love during 'Swing Shift'

It's an '80s movie that we rarely talk about, but we should. Swing Shift, starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, turns 30 years old this week. Released on April 13, 1984, the movie follows a married woman who falls in a love with a coworker when she takes a job after her husband leaves to fight in World War II.

Most people remember it as the "When Kurt Met Goldie" movie, because it's indeed the movie where the two actors fell in love.

Critics were lukewarm on it, as were audiences. Famed critic Roger Ebert wrote in his review: "Swing Shift isn't heavily plotted. There's no melodramatic crisis. The movie covers more than four years, and is more interested in giving us a memory of how it felt on the home front than in creating some kind of false drama."

Here are five more things you probably didn't know about Swing Shift.

1. Both Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell fought with director Jonathan Demme constantly during the movie, because the actors saw it as a more lighthearted story, while Demme envisioned something more serious. The actors (with the studio's backing) won, and Demme's darker version was later released as a director's cut.

2. While Hawn and Russell are the biggest stars, the co-stars were notable as well. Ed Harris played Goldie's husband. Christine Lahti played another coworker. This would be the first big movie for a young actress named Holly Hunter. And even a Go-Go, Belinda Carlisle, appears as a jamboree singer.

3. In one scene, Ed Harris, wearing only a towel, sits down on a chair and briefly exposes the family jewels. The accident wasn't noticed until after the movie went to video and is deleted from later releases.

4. The script was rewritten so many times that the actual writing credit goes to a fictional person, Rob Morton.

5. Kevin Costner and Bruce Springsteen were both sought after for the role of "Lucky" Lockhart, which eventually went to Russell.