Seniors ready for Hillsborough County’s ‘Active Life Games’

Hillsborough County The Tampa Bay Active Life Games registration opened for 2018. The 38th annual competition will run from Oct. 5-19.
Published September 3, 2018
Updated September 9, 2018

The Tampa Bay Active Life Games, formerly known as the Tampa Bay Senior Games , will run through Oct. 5-19. The activities for this 38th annual event takes place throughout the City of Tampa, City of Temple Terrace and Hillsborough County.

Registration is open for the 2018 games. All participants can select their sports, activities and pay entrance fees by completing the online registration form. Printed copies of the form are also available.

Week One’s schedule includes events like a 1-mile walk or run, tennis doubles for men and women and swimming.

Week Two’s schedule features shuffleboard, standing long jump, table tennis for men and women, golf, horseshoes, lawn bowling and pickleball for men and women.

Participants can also choose from cycling, bunco, bag toss, dominoes, bowling, darts and billiards during week three. There will be an Award Luncheon after the games are over on Oct. 19.

The Tampa Bay Active Life Games is a regional qualifier for the Florida Senior Games. The games in Tampa are supported by the Friends of the County Parks.


The registration deadline is Sept. 19.

All participants must be ages 50 and over to compete. Registration is $30 per person and $25 for golf. Registration fees can be paid online with credit card or PayPal or mail in payment.

For more information or to fill out the online registration form, visit

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