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Sponsored content: Is the RV lifestyle in your future? Find out at the Tampa Bay Fall RV Show

Are you pining for an adventure? Craving quality time with your family? Yearning to see stars unobscured by light pollution?

Consider RV camping. It has solid advantages over the more conventional vacation options. For example: It's more family-centric and independent. You can go somewhere different every day, but sleep in familiar surroundings. You can take bikes and sports equipment with you with less hassle. You don't have to worry about pricey car rentals or plane flights (or getting bumped from them). No worries of losing luggage on the way over or back, airport body searches or baggage inspections either. And if you have fur babies, you can skip the pet-sitting or kenneling arrangements altogether, because pets can come along.

Get ready to be excited — because RV camping can be as basic or as glam as you like. Campgrounds are as varied in style as the people who use them, ranging from no-frills rustic to providing such amenities as spas, restaurants, wine rooms, salon services, activities and more. As for the RVs, they range from tiny sleep-only teardrop campers, and RVs compact enough to be towed by a motorcycle, to towables that look like tiny houses — as well as the drivable, ultra posh motorhomes. The sheer variety means you can design the trip that best fits your traveling personality, lifestyle and price range.

If you suspect that RVing might be your thing (or if you already know!), be sure to attend the Tampa Bay Fall RV Show from November 9-12, 2017, at the Florida State Fairgrounds. With nine dealers participating, the pet-friendly show will feature everything RV-related: a terrific selection of RVs; RV accessories, cleaning supplies and other must-haves; campsite information vendors; a family-friendly atmosphere; and of course, entertainment and a kids zone. For more information, call (813) 741-0488 or visit