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Sponsored content: Morgan Auto Group in Florida offers relocation assistance and hardship incentives to qualified auto technicians

In this most difficult time of personal tragedy in Houston, Morgan Auto Group would like to extend its deepest sympathies to all of those who are being affected by the storms in the general Houston area. In particular, those automotive technicians and their families who have lost their ability to earn an income.

At this time of need, many employees will be facing employment and lost wage challenges as Houston rebuilds its infrastructure and the customers you count on day after day come back to the area. Morgan Auto Group is offering technician positions at all of its current 28 locations, primarily throughout Florida. We will offer relocation assistance and hardship incentives to all qualified applicants who become employed with our group.

We offer:

•Relocation Assistance

•Hardship Incentives

•Excellent benefits package including major medical, dental, vision, long- and short-term disability, 401k and more

•Career path and related training

•Competitive wages

•Production bonuses

In the event you decide to relocate back to the Houston market after 12 months of employment, we will participate financially to get you back home. For more details, please email or go directly to our website at

You can call our Director of Fixed Operations directly at (813) 434-1979.

Equal opportunity employer; drug test and background check required; good driving record required.