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Sponsored content: Reach and maintain your ideal weight – your eyes, immune system and overall health will thank you

If you are overweight, you're in good company. But it's not a club with sought-after member benefits. Obesity increases your risk for a suite of diseases and health problems, including ocular disease. Macular degeneration, dry eye, retinopathy and glaucoma are all more prevalent in the overweight population. In our go-go-go society, Americans are consuming more calorie-dense, nutrient-deficient, overly processed foods filled with antibiotics, pesticides and hormones, and they are also becoming more sedentary – a life-shortening one-two punch to their health.

Traditionally, Americans eat their largest meal at supper – when for optimum health, this should actually be the smallest meal. A typical supper might consist of spaghetti and meatballs, 2 slices of French bread with butter, salad with dressing, a glass of sweet tea, and wine or beer followed by dessert. Such a meal will have 2,500 or more calories, depending on what you ultimately eat, your portion sizes … and any additional helpings.

How It Works

Dr. Michael Lange, founder of Fortifeye Vitamins and the Lange Eye Institute, is a board-certified optometric physician and certified nutrition specialist who has researched and developed ways to help patients lose weight, stimulate their immune system and potentially lessen their risks of certain eye diseases. Dr. Lange's simple system for safe and healthful weight loss consists of mixing one scoop of Fortifeye Super Protein and one scoop of Fortifeye Blue Green Superfood with two cups of spring or well water and gently blending or shaking. Drink this and take one Fortifeye Super Omega with the shake, and one at bedtime. (New research indicates 1.5mg-2mg of omega 3 fish oil enhances weight loss by increasing fat metabolism.) This combination will give you 20 grams of the highest bio-available whey protein concentrate from grass-fed New Zealand A2 cows, with only 120 calories, a combination of 12 FODMAP*-compound-free fruits and vegetables with only 25 calories and all the omega 3 fatty acids you need with 12 calories. This is a complete meal replacement with only 157 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrate, 1 gram of sugar and 3.9 grams of fat.

Fortifeye Blue Green Superfood is made with fruits and vegetables that do not aggravate Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS. If the only change in your eating routine is to drink this every day as a replacement for your supper (and you were originally eating the aforementioned typical American supper), you will lose between 4 and 5 pounds per week.

Once you start the program, you will see how easy it is to follow. New studies indicate a good whey protein will actually decrease hunger urges and curb your appetite, making it easier still to follow the plan. This whey protein concentrate will also make you feel better by stimulating the production of the master antioxidant, glutathione. (Deficient glutathione levels are believed to play a part in glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and numerous other diseases.)

If you add some cardiovascular exercise – 30-to-40 minutes a day of biking, brisk walking, swimming, inline skating, or working on the elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike – you can easily burn hundreds more calories daily, which could equal another pound of weight lost per week. Also recommended: a half hour of sun a day between noon and 2 p.m. without sunscreen (shorter or longer if you have paler or darker skin, respectively) to get adequate vitamin D. Several studies have confirmed a link between vitamin D deficiency and belly fat.**

Dr. Michael Lange has hundreds of patients who have lost significant amounts of weight safely by following this meal replacement protocol, and enjoy better ocular and overall health because of it. This method was developed to work well for diabetics, celiac patients, IBS sufferers and followers of the paleo or low-carb diet. You must have the desire to lose weight for this to work – and you cannot eat anything after you have your drink for supper. Dr. Lange urges, "Only drink water after the Fortifeye combination – and you will see the pounds come off very quickly." Dr. Lange recommends consulting your physician before starting any weight loss plan.

Learn more about these three Fortifeye products at Dr. Lange also recommends following a paleo meal plan for breakfast and lunch. Of course, discuss your weight loss goals and process with your physician. For more details, or to download the Lange Diet Plan, go to

Drink to your improved health!

Learn about Fortifeye Super Protein's production at

*FODMAP stands for a group of short-chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols (fermentable oligo-saccharides, di-saccharides, mono-saccharides and polyols) believed to contribute to the symptoms of IBS and similar gastrointestinal disorders.

**Dr. Lange recommends always consulting your doctor first if you are on medications that make you sensitive to sunlight.