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Sponsored content: Stand up to hurricane season — invest in impact-resistant windows

Published Nov. 1, 2017

Hurricane season: it's the price of living in paradise. It comes every year, and whether our area is hit, grazed, or passed by altogether, the season brings a degree of anxiety to residents in general, and homeowners in particular.

Preparation can ease that anxiety; but preparation requires more than a stash of bottled water, hand sanitizer and an escape plan. You can survive a hurricane if you get out of the way, but what about your house? It's not like you can bring it with you.

That's where impact-resistant windows come in. Along with the roof, garage door and entry doors, windows are highly vulnerable to wind, water entry and flying debris during a hurricane or tropical storm. It's critical to your safety and your valuable possessions that your home's windows are not only attractive and energy efficient, but strong and protective as well.

Properly installed, impact-resistant windows may even replace the need for hurricane shutters — as well as make your home quieter, protect your furnishings from UV rays, and make it less vulnerable to break-ins. It's a win-win all around, and the best time to get them installed is long before a hurricane threatens, so you can make a calm, informed decision — without also having to deal with the maddening stress of a hurricane bearing down on you.

NewSouth Window Solutions is one of Tampa Bay's top providers of factory-direct home windows, offering both energy-efficient and impact-resistant windows and doors in an array of styles. At their three factories in Tampa, they custom build some of the toughest energy-efficient double-pane uPVC windows on the market.

Since NewSouth Window Solutions is the factory, they offer factory-direct pricing. Manufacturing vinyl windows themselves gives them excellent quality control, and enables them to offer high-performance windows at factory-direct prices. They service the windows as well, and back up the product and installation with a lifetime warranty, so if there's ever an issue, homeowners only have to make one call for expert assistance.

As Florida's premier factory-direct-to-the-consumer window company, NewSouth's high-performance windows are designed specifically for Florida's often extreme climate. This focus on combining energy efficiency with hurricane resistance has resulted in the ultimate Florida window — a durable, energy- and money-saving, low-maintenance product that protects against wind, water, debris and even break-ins — all while cushioning outside noise and adding value and curb appeal.

If you're ready to invest in impact-resistant windows for a quieter, safer and stronger home, or would like to learn more, stop in at one of NewSouth Window Solutions' stores in Tampa, Sarasota, Altamonte Springs or West Palm Beach (plus Fort Lauderdale, opening in September 2017). Or visit