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A Florida advisor to Giuliani wonders: What happened?

A passage from a New York Times story on Rudy Giuliani, who has gone all in for Donald Trump:

But his ardent support for Mr. Trump could, alternatively, come at a cost to his legacy, as it has put Mr. Giuliani starkly at odds with other right-of-center Republican figures who have described the nominee as a dangerous threat to the nation and have refused to support him.

This is a source of deep concern to a large cadre of former Giuliani aides, people who recall him as the steely, compassionate leader of post-9/11 New York, and as the mayor who presided over a historic reduction in crime in the decade before — a period when he also denounced the most extreme elements of the Republican Party, advocated stricter gun control and signed a landmark domestic partnerships bill.

"That's what makes it so painful to watch," said Rick Wilson, an adviser to Mr. Giuliani's 1997 re-election effort who is now advising a third-party candidate for president, Evan McMullin. "Trump is the kind of person that Rudy in a lot of ways would have laughed off the stage."