A forgotten one-hit wonder from the '80s: The Jags' 'Back of my Hand'

Published June 9, 2014

If I were to mention the Jags, odds are you would first think about the Jacksonville Jaguars or the former CBS military drama JAG, but in the '80s there was the band, The Jags and their one-hit wonder Back Of My Hand.

The Jags were a British band that released Back Of My Hand in late 1979 that made it to No. 17 on the UK Charts. With that success, The Jags were able to parlay Back Of My Hand into a 1980 full length album called Evening Standards that included the single. The album barely dented the charts in the U.S., just missing the Top 200 chart when it peaked at No. 205.

The legacy for Back of My Hand was improved when the song also made its way on the soundtrack for the 2006 Owen Wilson movie You, Me and Dupree. Still, the song is a power pop classic with its snappy guitar and harmonies and every teenage boy who grew up in the '80s could relate to the imagery - the excitement of getting a girl's phone number (and then chickening out or not knowing what to say).

The Jags had a short life span and disbanded in 1982 after releasing only two albums. The show JAG (Judge Advocate General) ran for ten seasons from 1995-2005 and the Jacksonville Jaguars have underwhelmed on the gridiron field lately after starting off as one of the most successful franchises in the '90s including a trip to the AFC Conference Finals.