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A search for heels you can wear to work — comfortably

Target LifeStride Bindi Cut-out Heeled Pumps, $29.99
Target LifeStride Bindi Cut-out Heeled Pumps, $29.99
Published Sep. 13, 2016

Wanted: Professional shoes with height that I can wear everywhere, that won't kill my feet.

I've been KonMari-ing my life lately, and have parted ways with shoes that don't serve me anymore. A bag of very pretty heels remains under bed, not exactly fitting the definition of bare essential but sparking all kinds of joy. My problem, though, is these heels are useful for special occasions only — and best chased with a pair of fast flats.

My everyday work shoe collection, however? Sorely lacking. Sorely!

The fun thing about analyzing every piece of your wardrobe is creating a list of things you actually need (i.e. everyday black work wedges, or a new pair of jeans that fit instead of old, dumb, white-trimmed jeans that aren't flattering).

I had three rules for my search for work heels:

1. Nothing over 3 inches. And no stilettos. Wedge or stacked heels only.

2. No suede. It rains all of the time here. Best avoid. (This rule hurts because these Taharis are beautiful. Okay, partial suede, acceptable, unavoidable.)

3. Decent price. Duh. What's my name?

I'll be honest: I'm still looking for my one true shoe (or two).

But I found some options at Target ($29 on clearance), DSW ($39.99, half faux suede), and several from Payless (come back in my size, ideal mid-wedge guys!), plus Old Navy.

Meanwhile! A challenge!

This week I'm investigating how to wear my prized heels (or "show heels," as some may say) more often. I've seen a few methods out there, but none that I can endorse.

The first method I'm trying: taping the third and fourth toes together (from the big toe). Lisa sent me a Bustle post about this method after I complained loudly, repeatedly about how much feet hurt on a dance floor this weekend. I went through all of that, and there aren't even photos of my heels. WRONG.

So now I'm desperate for tips. And I'll report back with the results.


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