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A slowdown in hits from Cheap Trick? I can't take it!

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Published Dec. 15, 2016

Although this is their third appearance on Lost and Found, we have yet to feature a song from Cheap Trick since they got inducted into the Rock a Roll Hall Of Fame this spring. Consider the wait over as we dust off the underrated I Can't Take It.

Cheap Trick released six albums in the '80s but the first part of the decade found most of their releases producing few singles that gained iconic appeal like I Want You To Want Me did. In fact, there was a nearly nine-year dry spell between Top 40 hits for Cheap Trick from Voices at the turn of the decade and The Flame in 1988. There were 16 singles released during that time frame that did not hit the Top 40, however just because they weren't hits didn't mean they weren't great catchy songs with I Can't Take It being a good example.

I Can't Take It is from 1983 and the single didn't even make it on the Mainstream Rock Charts much less the Pop Singles Chart despite a fun video. The video for I Can't Take It finds lead singer Robin Zander as the groom and voodoo doll victim. It also wouldn't be a Cheap Trick video without some crazy eyeballing by guitarist Rick Nielsen and a cigarette in the mouth of drummer Bun E. Carlos.

Of course, you can see Cheap Trick and catch some rays at the same time if you join Steve and Brad on The '80s Cruise in February.