About Us

What do we do?

The Tampa Bay Times, winner of 14 Pulitzer Prizes, is the most trusted news source serving the bay area. We are story tellers and truth tellers. We go where the facts take us to tell the definitive story of the Tampa Bay area. We cover a variety of topics of interest – from state and local politics and municipal governments to health and the environment; from growth and development to technology and finance; from food and music to museums and culture; and all our major sports teams. We have the largest investigative reporting and enterprise reporting teams in the state. As we note on our “Connect with Us” page, we view our job as a calling. It's our passion to find news that's relevant to our community and to share it with you while bringing context that can help our readers make sense of our world. 

Who owns us?

The Times has a unique corporate structure. We are a for-profit news organization owned by the nonprofit Poynter Institute, the preeminent journalism training organization in the nation. The paper’s publisher, The Times Publishing Company, also publishes the business magazine Florida Trend and the weekly newspaper tbt*.

How are we funded?

The Times Publishing Company generates revenue from advertising and subscriptions – both from our print products like the Tampa Bay Times and Florida Trend magazine – and our primary website We also raise some money to support our journalism through philanthropy, including the Tampa Bay Times Investigative Fund, which raises money to pay for more watchdog reporting, and the Tampa Bay Times Journalism Fund, which provides general support for our newsroom.

From what point of view do we approach our work?

The newsroom has no agenda; other than to serve our readers with a steady dose of important, relevant news. We operate separately from our Editorial Board, which takes a stand on issues and topics and speaks for the Times as an institution. None of the editors that oversee news teams — including editor Mark Katches — serve on the Editorial Board. It is separate and distinct. The board is made up of editorial page editor Graham Brink, Chairman and CEO Conan Gallaty, and a team of editorial writers. The Editorial Board also decides what opinion columns and letters to the editor to publish. You can submit letters to the editor here.

How do we correct our mistakes?

We’re human and we make mistakes. When we do, we correct factual errors as quickly as possible. In the newspaper, our corrections typically run on the section covers where the stories appeared. So if a correction happens inside the News section, it will run on the front page. If an error occurs in our sports coverage, it will run on the cover of the Sports section. On our website, we may correct spelling errors or typos without calling special attention to the changes. For the most significant errors, we place a note at the top of the story. Otherwise substantive corrections online run at the bottom of the story. If you see an error, either in print or online, you can bring it to our attention by emailing

What are the best ways for our audience to interact with us?

We welcome emails, phone calls or letters. Our primary addresses are in St. Petersburg and Tampa.

490 First Avenue South

St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

5505 Johns Road, Suite 710

Tampa, Florida 33634

We also engage with our readers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and at live events. Our staff contact information can be found here.

What do we currently need from our audience?

We value your feedback and your support. We are here to serve you and to make Tampa Bay a better place.

Who is on the Tampa Bay Times Community Reader Panel

In 2021, we launched a Community Reader Panel as another way to have our journalists engage with readers. The group meets quarterly with editors and reporters. Those serving include nurses, teachers, librarians, retired military, former police, lawyers, veterinarians, accountants, business owners and executives.  You can read more about the panelists  here.