Sponsored content: DiGiovanni Homes – Family run, family strong

Published Dec. 13, 2018

Located in Clearwater, the family-run DiGiovanni Homes has been building beautiful, livable communities in the Tampa Bay area for more than 20 years. But how did this company begin?

Well, it's not your typical origin story.

From the beginning

Originally from Scafa, Italy, Gus DiGiovanni began his humble career in 1962 at the age of 15 as an apprentice bricklayer in the nearby town of Roccamorice, Italy. In 1965 he immigrated to Canada, where he spent another 11 years working on major commercial construction projects.

Fast forward to 1976 – when Gus moved to Florida with a group of family investors to begin construction on their first major project, the Four Oaks Motel on Gulf to Bay Boulevard. Over the next two decades, Gus and his family would build more than 15 hotels and restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. It was at the end of this productive period that Gus established DiGiovanni Homes.

DiGiovanni Homes' first project began in early 2000 on Clearwater Beach with a 10-unit townhome project called Brightwater Townhomes. It was an unqualified success, and many believe it stimulated the great development seen on Clearwater Beach in the early 2000s. DiGiovanni Homes went on to build three more townhome communities on Clearwater Beach before moving into the custom homebuilding sphere in 2006, with the development of Renaissance Oaks. Despite the harsh downturn in the housing market between 2007 and 2010, DiGiovanni Homes built 22 custom homes in this upscale community.

Blessed with a warm and engaging personality — no one is a stranger — Gus personally oversees every project DiGiovanni Homes is involved in. He handles all major land acquisition and development, and is the chief estimator and planner for each project. He is also responsible for all major strategic planning.

Gus's sons, Steven and Patrick, are integral members of the DiGiovanni Homes team as well. Project Manager Steven is the primary purchasing manager and operations manager on the job site. His responsibilities include organization of the job site and quality management of subcontractors, and he is the firm's site accountant. Sales Manager Patrick is the main source of contact for customers and helps them select finishes and customization options. He ensures that they are completely satisfied with their new home. Patrick is also responsible for the coordination of buyer, real estate agent, and closing agent for all sales.

And, of course, the woman behind the man, Marianna, oversees the daily operations and keeps the office running smoothly.

With a reputation for attention to detail, personalized customer care and intelligent design, Gus's high standards and passion for every phase of the work are undeniable — and guide the construction of every new home from the first draft of plans to the final touch of paint. If you're looking for a new home built by a premier homebuilder, visit DiGiovanni Homes at Montclair Lake Townhomes and Villas at 2251 Montclair Road in Clearwater, or call Patrick at 727-637-5134.

You'll not only find a stunning new home. You'll find a second family.