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Sponsored content: WHAT’S IT WORTH? American River Pearls — Rare and Beautiful

In the past, we have written about our love of fine pearls. Along with my GIA diplomas, which enabled me to get a Graduate Gemologist certificate, I acquired an obscure certificate in the study of pearls.

This week, we had an influx of rare natural pearls come through our office from jewelers around the country. While they aren't as exciting as the completely matched, perfectly round saltwater pearls that Tiffany has sold (that would be worth over $200,000 today), these American river pearls are highly sought after.

Because American river mollusks typically don't produce perfectly round pearls and because they are rarely very large, we are excited when we find one.

Please note that most irregular-shaped pearls are not valuable. These are valuable because they are American river pearls.


It takes highly educated experts like the team of graduate gemologists at Old Northeast Jewelers to understand and identify the true value of natural pearls. Call or bring yours in for an appraisal and offer. You have seen us in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine.