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All Eyes photo gallery: Shadows, silhouettes and the chiaroscuro of photos

As a photo archivist, I am very interested in what makes a photo stand out for someone. If you asked ten different people to look at a group of photos and pick out their favorite, you might very well end up with ten different photos.

For me, one of the things that catches my eye is the play of light and shadow, the chiaroscuro of the photo, if you will. (In plain English, I'm a sucker for silhouettes and lighting contrasts.)

I just looked through a few hundred recent wire images and ended up selecting five of them as "postworthy." It was only after the fact that I noticed that they all featured shadows, silhouettes or sharp contrasts between light and dark.

Like I said, I'm a sucker for silhouettes.

Selected and posted by Times photo archivist Tim Rozgonyi