Amanda Bynes arrested for drug possession after throwing bong out of her high-rise window

Bynes leaving jail on Friday, not looking very good at all.
Bynes leaving jail on Friday, not looking very good at all.
Published May 24, 2013

Troubled starlet Amanda Bynes was released from jail Friday after being arrested the previous night tossing what appeared to be a bong out of her 36th floor New York apartment. Well, she says it was "just a vase," but we don't see how that makes it any better.

Police were called to her building when staff saw her smoking weed in the lobby, the New York Daily News reports. They came to her apartment and caught the place reeking of reefer.

"They knocked on the door. She answered after about five minutes and invited them in," a police source told the paper. "They smelled marijuana and there was smoke. They saw the bong — it was in plain view. It looks like she realized they saw it so she took it and threw it out the window."

Prosecutors also said she stuffed some Mary Jane in the device before giving it the heave-ho. There are also reports she called 911 on herself the same night, saying police assaulted her. She filed a formal complaint after she was arrested.

Bynes' attorney Andrew Friedman disputed the whole account. "Nothing was recovered from the sidewalk. Clearly a search was made for the bong," Friedman said. "My client completely denies ever illegally throwing anything out of her window."

The 27-year-old, who appeared in court in a blonde wig and sweatpants, was taken to Roosevelt hospital for a mental evaluation and charged with reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and marijuana possession, the tabloid said. She was released Friday to wreak havoc on the town over the weekend.