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Amazon wants you to join its (kinda) new private shopping site

Because really, you can never have enough big purses. This tote is only $39.
Because really, you can never have enough big purses. This tote is only $39.
Published Apr. 25, 2013

Pause with me for a second and go back to, oh, second grade. You're in the library. The cool girl comes up to you.

"Wanna join my club?"

Do I? Yes yes yes.

I'm pretty sure retailers know how effective this ploy is. For the past couple years, they've been inviting us into their secret clubs, virtual shopping malls and flash sale sites that are available only by invite.

And we eat it up.

Heck, I did last night, when I got an invite to It's Amazon's version of, well, take your pick: Ideeli, TheRealReal, HauteLook...

I browsed around and it seems like this week's theme in the fashion section is all about handbags. (The site also has selections for men and home goods).

Basically, MyHabit is a website that offers designer/luxury items at discounted prices. It doesn't cost anything to sign up, but you can get credit for having your friends join too. Sales are usually only held for a limited time, like a week or a day. This trend certainly isn't new, nor does it seem to be going away.

I'm totally good with that. What I was not so good with was finding out that MyHabit was launched a couple years ago, according to the New York Times.

Say what? How you going to do me like that Amazon? Way to make a girl feel special...

What? You have really cute shoes on sale for $40? Let's talk...

--Deal Diva Kameel