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Vandy coach reprimanded after criticizing officials

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Southeastern Conference commissioner-elect Roy Kramer publicly reprimanded Vanderbilt coach Eddie Fogler on Monday for criticizing the league's officiating after the Commodores' weekend loss to Mississippi. Kramer, the former athletic director at Vanderbilt, said Fogler "clearly violated" the SEC Code of Ethics and the commissioner's regulations on officiating with his comments to the media after the 68-67 loss to Ole Miss on Saturday.

"I have reminded coach Fogler of the importance of his compliance with all policies of the Southeastern Conference and any further violation of these policies will result in severe action, including suspension for one or more games," Kramer said in a statement.

Fogler said SEC officiating "is a joke" after seeing three calls that originally would have given possession to Vanderbilt reversed during the course of the game. The last came in the final minute with Vandy trailing by three points.

"I'm tired of seeing weak calls," Fogler said. "This conference has good coaches, great players and mediocre officiating."

He criticized the officiating crew of Don Rutledge, Gary Marcum and David Day, who worked the Vandy-Ole Miss game.

"Reversing three calls has to be an NCAA record. I've never seen three changes in one game before," he said.

"That just shows you how weak it is. All three were out-of-bounds calls and they all went against us."

The Commodores' coach said after the game that SEC officials could "start typing my letter of reprimand. I have a place for it in my files. Half of the coaches in the league have a letter or reprimand."

Fogler later said he didn't mean to make light of the reprimand situation. He was at practice Monday and not immediately available for further comment on being reprimanded.

After the game, Fogler apologized for the timing of his statements and insisted he was not referring to just this one game as the source of his complaints.

"I don't think officiating beat us," Fogler said. "I'm not taking anything away from Ole Miss. "This is frustration that has been building over a period of games. I had wanted to do this after a win. I didn't want it to sound like sour grapes after a loss. This is just the zenith."