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Published Oct. 16, 2005

LARRY COLBY AGE: 61 FROM: Massapequa, N.Y. FAMILY: Married, eight children, 17 grandchildren JOB: Owner of Long Island Woodcarver's Supply Larry Colby had never seen Florida's West Coast until his daughter brought a videotape to New York 16 months ago. "When I saw it, it looked so much like Long Island I had to come down here and see it," he said. Colby fell in love with the land and brought down his woodcarver's supply business, which stocks tools, wood and art supplies. The shop also offers lessons. "It's not holding its own yet, but it's getting there." Colby said he is concerned thatHernando might end up as crowded as the Long Island he left behind. "But I guess you can't stop progress too much."