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Mavericks officials not worried about team 'jinx'

DALLAS - Mavericks officials aren't worried about forward Sam Perkins, who's next in line on the team's unlucky calendar. "It is pretty wild," said team spokesman Kevin Sullivan of the Dallas Mavericks 1989-90 calendar jinx. "It's kind of like the Sports

Illustrated jinx. When you look at it, it's a little intriguing."

The calendar was distributed free to fans at the first home game, against the Lakers.

John MacLeod was featured for November. He was fired as the team's coach on Nov. 29.

Roy Tarpley was highlighted in January. He missed most of that month because of a drug-related suspension and also had a court date scheduled, which his lawyer managed to get delayed.

Adrian Dantley was highlighted in February. He broke a bone in his leg on Feb. 3.

The noticeable exception is December, which showed a crowd shot of the Mavericks' fans. There was an incident recently reported to police in which two Mavs' fans were shot in the arm after a game, but Sullivan was quick to protest.

Dallas police spokesman Ed Spencer said investigators are not certain whether the two men wounded in Jan. 27 shooting were actually Mavericks fans, because they drove themselves to a hospital in far south Dallas, miles from Reunion Arena.

"That's kind of a stretch," Sullivan said. "I would take violent exception to that one. It didn't even happen at our arena."

Nevertheless, Sullivan does concede there is a strange string of misfortune that has followed the calendar and those whose images turn up on it.