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Service wanted, not annexation

Residents of a subdivision south of Brooksville were disappointed Monday night when they came to the City Council hoping for city sewer service and left without a commitment. About 15 residents of the Sodat subdivision on Hope Hill Road south of the truck bypass asked the council whether the city would consider extending sewer lines to their subdivision to alleviate the need for septic tanks.

The residents complained that the septic tanks filled with rain during storms and did not allow toilets to flush properly, creating health hazards and inconveniences.

"It gets kind of embarrassing," said group spokesman Claude Masterman.

But council members stuck by a city policy that requires anyone wanting city services to agree to annexation. Most of the residents said they didn't want to be annexed into the city, where taxes are higher than in unincorporated areas of the county.

All five council members expressed sympathy for the residents' plight but declined to promise sewer service in the near future.

Instead, city staff was asked to study the feasibility of providing sewer service that far south of the city.