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Three table fish keeping Skyway anglers happy

Small boat anglers have a good chance for table fish this week if they don't mind fishing the main ship channel on the east side of the Sunshine Skyway. Three species are keeping anglers happy: black seabass, gray snapper and sheepshead. All three are eating pieces of shrimp.

The secret to catching the fish is finding a pile of rocks and then getting the baits down in the rubble.

"That requires line in the 12-pound range, 20-pound test leader, number two hooks and one ounce weights," said bait store owner Larry Mastry.

Jay Mastry fished along the channel Tuesday morning and caught a mixed catch of sheepshead, grays and seabass, weighing about 70 pounds.

"You need heavy line to be successful because the fish will drag you into the rocks," Jay Mastry said.