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Wider Horizons pupils visit elderly

Wider Horizons School Spring Hill preschool pupils will visit the Forest Oaks Care Center, an adult congregrate living facility, today in Spring Hill, and youths from Wider Horizons in Brooksville will visit the Eastbrooke Health Care Center in Brooksville. A St. Valentine's Day party for both schools will follow. For information, call 799-2412. Brooksville Primary names principal's list

Brooksville Primary School pupils recently named to the principal's list are: Second-graders Catrina Batten, Sarah Franklin, Shawn Mang, Melodee Mendoza, Erin Rusk, Timmy Ames, Shaveena Washington, Laticia Munford, Matthew Aiken, J. Mac Brown, Nicholas Bueno, Jesse Adams, MayClaire Bryant, Tiffany Gunter, Amanda Mick, Michelle Moree, Misty Stone, Toni Burton, Shannon Surrena, Danielle Pugh, Jacqui Cioni, Leslie Morris, Kamryn Kaufman, Laurie Cockerham, Brian Jennings, Nickie Renney, Brandon Johnson, Jeremiah Thompson, Laura Nowlin, James Browning, Jessica Randall, Miranda Hagen, Danny Pedonesi, Heather Korbus, Sarah Elliott, Alex Magbee, Nicholas Britton, Craig Nutt, Tommy Turney, Wilson Sommer, Brian Haygood, Rachel Rogers, Lee Inman, Joshua Wing and Nathan Loveday.

Third-graders Jesse Adams, Shannon Rasche, Nicole Blust, Johnathan Drier, Bill Bates, Timothy Hunt, Lisa Carver, Latoya O'Banner, Jeremy Runkle, Gary Burton, Bethany Graves, Chris Brewer, Markeeta Lee, Gail Eckert, Kalyn Coppedge, Brittany Scrivens, Shanna Daugherty, Mark Marriage, Emily Dombrowski, Jennifer Messer, Ginger Rasmussen, Christopher Wing, Lashanitra Williams, Kim Smith, Sam Ewing and Sara Smith.

West Hernando Middle recognizes top students

West Hernando Middle School students recently named to the high honors list are: Sixth-graders Desiree Bellon, Melissa Ann Berger, Jeremy Mark Coleman, Harl Ryan Crowe, Kimberly Margaret Dilts, Radhika Dinavahi, Jared Dean Enders, Tamara Holmes, Kelly Marie Hughes, Jennifer Michelle Hutchinson, Melissa Kochis, Kristina Lee Kreitz, Dorothy Ann Lipinski, Christopher John Lynch, Jennifer Leigh O'Sullivan, Denise Anne Ryan, Wayne Paul Schlobohm and Joshua Spinoza.

Seventh-graders Nicole Lynn Barton, Angela Denise Burington, Marcy DeJesus, Jerica Lugenia Greene, James Carl Haas, Kimberly Eyleen Kelly, Michelle Lynn Kierzynski, Stephen Chase Loscalzo, Stephanie Marie McGinn, Deborah Ann Mills, Tanaya Valencia Peters, Keelyn Joy Pickens, Jessica Lynn Rozelle, Shannon Leanne Shepherd, Leigh Anne Stafford, Lori Suzanne Wiseman and Renee Deborah Yarrington.

Eighth-graders Amy Elizabeth Bossen, Jeannine Mary Carrie, Bobbi Jean Elizabeth Cummings, Dawnmarie Dwyer, Michelle Lynn Foshey, Jennifer Garti, John Joseph Haas, Abigail Vianita John and Kristin Kay Stephenson.

Annual science fair at Wider Horizons School

Wider Horizons School elementary pupils will hold their annual science fair Thursday at the Spring Hill school, 4060 Castle Ave. in Spring Hill. For information, call 686-1934.

Touring theater visits Parrott Middle School

Asolo Touring Theatre will present the play Troubled Waters at D.S. Parrott Middle School today. About 1,000 students will have the opportunity to see the performance.

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