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Downtown Clearwater golf course is good idea

Editor: I was pleased to read Alfred Porter's suggestion of a downtownClearwater golf course.

Clearwater Bay, north of the causeway, soon may be ready for landscaping due to the lack of circulation and filling in of the bay with sand.

We may be able to tee off from Coachman Park and play, with lunch at Caladesi after the front nine.

Dr. F. David Hemerick, Clearwater 'Adult' has different connotations

Editor: On the one hand, we have a grown man who learned to read by joining the library's adult book club. On the other hand (and in the adjacent column), we have the grand opening of Pussy Cat II, Tarpon's first adult bookstore.

Now I am an adult who would certainly enjoy fraternizing with

literary-minded members of an adult book club. I would not enjoy in the least, however, hanging out with the mindless adults who frequent adult bookstores.

The adjective is the same but the difference is vast. The first group reads for meaning, theme and symbolism. The second group just looks at the pictures.

Roxie Smith, Dunedin Politicians to begin abortion battle

Editor: Three cheers for Congressman Michael "Backbone" Bilirakis!

Because of his pro-life steadfastness, the good congressman withstood his recent encounter with a local NOW pro-abortion, brainwashing delegation and set NOW scurrying for a Bilirakis opponent.

I wish NOW successful scurrying. Area pro-lifers eagerly await a clearly defined pro-life/pro-abortion congressional battle.

R. Michael Key, Clearwater Homeowners want open waterfront

Editor: The proposal to build a 360-boat storage building on Seminole Street has me very concerned.

The property to be used is one acre of public recreational park land, which belongs to the public, and it has been suggested by the city attorney that by changing the terms of leasing to licensing, they could get around the city charter. This would mean it would not have to be put to a referendum, denying the people the right to vote on this item.

With this proposal they would remove the Alcoholics Anonymous building, supposedly for added parking. But using one acre of this land wouldn't leave enough parking for people with boats in storage and others already using the parking area and launching ramp.

Please think of the working man who would like to be able to park his car and launch his small boat.

A large building like this will not add to the scenery.

Our homeowners group is more than 40 years old, and we fought long and hard to keep the waterfront along Edgewater Drive open.

Please keep what is left of our waterfront open.

Alice M. Jelinek, Clearwater Theft of flags doesn't mean surrender

Editor: I can sympathize with the Walerychs, having had two flags stolen. On two occasions I had the halyard cut and the flags taken.

Having always flown the flag both here and at our summer place in New York's Adirondack Mountains, I also resent having to buy new flags.

If I was sure they would be flown at another home, I might not mind so much. But we hear about flags used to patch jeans, used as a curtain in an old van or for some other disgraceful use.

When we first put up our flagpole, the American Legion of Seminole stopped one day and gave us an honor citation for flying the flag every day. My husband was proud of that.

Although I was not born in America, I am now a citizen and proud to fly the flag. I also am not surrendering; no white flag on my pole.

Ferne J. Parcells, Largo