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Dr. Coyle E. Moore, 89, instigator of FSU football

TALLAHASSEE - Dr. Coyle E. Moore, credited with bringing football to Florida State University (FSU) and helping the school grow into a major university, is dead at 89. Dr. Moore, known as "Mr. Florida State" for his service and contributions to the school for more than 60 years, died Tuesday at his home, school officials said.

"He had more bearing on FSU athletics than any other individual anywhere, anytime," said football coach Bobby Bowden.

Dr. Moore arrived in 1928 at the Tallahassee school, then known as Florida State College for Women, after earning his doctorate degree in social welfare from the University of Chicago. He founded the Florida State School for Social Welfare, but he couldn't see the university becoming a major institution without football and a student body that included men as well as women.

In 1947, the university began intercollegiate football, and Dr. Moore was instrumental in persuading the University of Florida to play in Tallahassee, beginning in 1964.

Once the Florida-Florida State games began, Dr. Moore said, "Our image picked up ... and we moved from inferior salaries and appropriations to something approaching par."

The Coyle E. Moore Athletic Center next to the football stadium is named after the longtime dean. Moore Auditorium on the Florida State campus was named after Coyle E. Moore Jr., a former student body president, who died of cancer.