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Explaining surgery to credit bureau can help cure rating ills

In December 1987 I was temporarily out of work because of surgery. I sent letters of explanation to all my creditors, returned my credit cards, and basically prayed for a miracle. Up to that point, my credit rating had been excellent. When I returned to work in February 1988, I contacted all my creditors to make arrangements for payments. I got current with all of them within a few months.

When I felt a bit more secure financially (last winter) I applied for a Sears card and a Citibank VISA card. Neither company viewed me as a candidate for unlimited credit.

I assumed my bad rating would be eliminated once I got caught up. It is frustrating to make prompt payments and still be viewed as a bad risk.

Can you tell me how I can correct this and have my credit rating as it was before, or am I on their lists for a certain length of time even though I'm current with most and paid off entirely with one?

Bonnie Lindsay

Response: Credit bureaus are permitted to report bankruptcies for 10 years and negative information for seven years. There is nothing that you (or anyone else) can do to remove accurate information from your credit file until the reporting period has expired, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

What you can do, though, is write an explanation (of 100 words or less) telling about your surgery and the steps you took to protect your credit rating. Ask the credit bureau to include this in your file.

If you've had excellent payment histories with other creditors that don't appear in your file, you can ask the credit bureau to investigate and add them to the report. The bureau isn't legally required to do so, but probably will for a service fee.

That will give your credit profile a more upbeat look and may inspire creditors to overlook the negative items.

Payment only bought nine closet sets, not 10

In September I ordered 10 sets of closet organizers from U.S. Buyers Network. I never received the hangers, and when I got no response to a follow-up letter, I contacted Action. As a result, I received a box containing nine sets of hangers.

In December I wrote the company about the order being short, but have not had any response.

I would appreciate whatever you can do to complete this order.


Response: U.S. Buyers Network says your original check of $24.50 covered the cost of only nine sets of Magic Hangers. That's how many were sent.

If you disagree, the company will be glad to send you a copy of the ad you used to place your order.

Head Start computer is a pain in the neck

I am writing in hope that you can help settle a problem.

Last month I bought a Vendex Head Start computer at Montgomery Wards. In October, the main power supply broke.

I brought it to Pinellas Computer Services, the authorized repair shop, to be fixed. The proper part was ordered, but a defective part was shipped. It took another three weeks to get a replacement part because the company was closed for inventory.

When I got my computer home, it was dead again. I took it back, and it has been there ever since.

Pinellas Computer says Vendex has shipped two more defective parts. When I called Vendex, all it would say was that if Pinellas Computer ships my computer to them by UPS, it will see if the computer can be fixed.

Meanwhile, my computer is collecting dust, and Pinellas Computer is tired of hearing my voice.

Can anything be done?

Marlane H. Cohen

Response: In your own words: "I would like to let you know that I received a new computer on Jan. 30 with a year's warranty. Thank you. If I had not written to Action, I know that I would still be waiting for my computer."


I received a letter from Medicare. It finally has our records straight and is going to process the papers and pay the bill.

I have written so many letters that I've lost count, but at last someone has taken care of it.

I thank you for all you have done.

Mrs. C. C. Anderson

I received the stamp from Gina Marie Products. Thank you.

Sharon Horrigan

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