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Home builder suspended after multiple complaints

The Hernando County Construction Licensing Board has suspended a Spring Hill home builder's right to build homes for six months after determining that he violated several sections of the county's building regulations. Gary A. Mark, who builds under the corporate name Marque Homes, was cited for failing to pay subcontractors and for several other violations after complaints about Mark's company were filed with the county's contractor licensing division.

"A number of homeowners have complained about liens being put against their property after they had paid for the work to be done," said Robert L. Eden, chairman of the licensing board. "The amount of work that they had paid to have done was not being done."

Mark was placed on probation for 60 days in December after the board determined he had committed several violations of the county's building regulations.

He was brought back before the board again Tuesday because several

additional complaints have been received against Mark since the meeting in December.

In all, Eden said 13 homes were involved in the complaints against Marque Homes. Mark could not be reached for comment.

Board members told Mark on Tuesday night that he could not use his model home center on Brentlawn Street in Spring Hill until he finds another licensed contractor to run the company during his suspension.

Mark also must complete all outstanding projects without any further complaints and clear all outstanding complaints that are before the construction licensing board.

Finally, Mark is required to meet with anyone who has a contract for a new home with Marque Homes to determine whether they want his company to proceed with construction. If the home buyer chooses not to have Marque Homes build the house, Mark is to refund any deposits.

The board had the option of suspending Mark's contractor's license in the county. But Eden said they decided to suspend only Mark's right to obtain new permits to give him a chance to work out the problems.

"If we suspended his license, there would be no way for him to turn these problems around," Eden said. "We're not out to put people out of business. We just want to protect the homeowners to ensure that these things don't go on."

Mark has 30 days to appeal the board's decision, but the suspension took effect Wednesday. If Mark chooses to appeal to the Construction Licensing Board and loses, he can appeal to the County Commission.

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