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Lack of opponent means fifth term

Published Oct. 16, 2005

Julian Fant hopes he has been automatically re-elected to a fifthconsecutive City Commission term because he's good.

"I like to think people are satisfied rather that apathetic," he said.

Fant, 58, was automatically re-elected when no one else filed as a District 2 candidate by the Jan. 30 deadline. His term extends to 1992.

Because only one other candidate, Temple Corson, filed for the District 4 seat, the March 6 city election has been canceled.

Fant entered elected politics in 1965, when he became Treasure Island's mayor. He served as mayor for five consecutive terms. He finished one year of another city commissioner's term in 1978. His current City Commission stint began in 1982.

"Communities which constantly change city officials and city managers seem to have much more controversy and turmoil," Fant said in a prepared statement. "I would like to be able to continue to contribute to our city's longstanding reputation as a progressing and peaceful community."

As a commissioner, Fant said he has promoted boating-control ordinances, a buoy system to protect Gulf swimmers and bullet-resistant vests for police.

Fant moved to Treasure Island in 1961. He and his wife, Millie, have three grown children - including Treasure Island Fire Chief Charles Fant.