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Member 'devoted' to job

Published Oct. 16, 2005

School Board member Louise Boehme announced this week that she will seek a third term of office representing District 3. Ms. Boehme, 49, said she wants to complete the educational work she has begun. "After seven years, I feel like I'm really getting good at this," she said. "It's my life and I devote myself to it. I feel like I'm accomplishing a great deal in Hernando County and that I'm having an impact now at the state level.

"I've also made some excellent contacts in the U.S. Congress and am networking with other state association officers from around the country and I want to continue that."

The former owner, operator and manager of a feed and farm supply store, she has a bachelor's degree in history. She also spent three years teaching, in Maryland and in Clearwater. She has been a Hernando resident since 1973. She serves as a tutor to an adult reading student.

Since becoming a School Board member in 1982, she has served as chairwoman once and as vice chairwoman twice.

She has served on numerous local advisory boards and councils. She now serves as treasurer and a member of the board of directors of the Florida School Board Association.

As a state association official, she attended the National Educational Leadership Conference and the Federal Relations Network Conference in Washington, D.C. Her efforts in the statewide association have brought recognition and benefits to Hernando, she says. "The quality of contacts and the credibility I've established with the high-ranking members of the state Department of Education and the Florida Legislature" have brought the Hernando school district "the greatest return," she said.