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Science Fair winners named

Awards were presented Friday night at Azalea Middle School for the 1990 Pinellas Regional Science and Engineering Fair at the Science Center, 7701 22nd Ave. N. Judges chose 24 projects from junior and senior divisions to go to the 1990 Florida State Science and Engineering Fair on April 18-20 at Bayfront Center. Twelve projects were chosen from each division. From the senior division, first-place winners were Randall A. Plantz, Osceola High School, grade 9, biochemistry, "Protein Determination by use of a Laser Spectroophometer; " Joseph D. Lenz, Seminole High School, grade 12, botany, "The Effect of Root Splitting on Mineral Translocation; " Danith Ly, St. Petersburg High School, grade 12, chemistry, "Modeling Ion-Molecule Reaction Linking to Ozone Depletion; " Trina M. Kavula, Largo High School, grade 10, engineering, "Electroosmotic Irrigation: Phase I of Three-Year

Study; " Christy M. Steinway, Lakewood High School, grade 10, environmental sciences, "Sea Water for Crop Irrigation; " Kristin M. Zitnik, Seminole High School, grade 12, microbiology, "The Effect of Herbal Vapors on Microbal Growth; " Kristina N. Benson, Northeast High School, grade 10, physics, "Determination of Tc and Ic Properties of Superconductors; " and Tim M. Burrows, Seminole Senior High School, grade 12, zoology, "The Effects of Varying Media on Fruit Flies."

Second-place winners were: Lori M. DeLisle, St. Petersburg High School, grade 10, engineering, "Can a Wing Fly Upside Down?; " Melanie A. Knox, East Lake High School, grade 10, environmental sciences, "The Uses of Fertilizers: Pros and Cons; " Alex J. Piovano, Seminole High School, grade 11, physics, "An Analysis of the Heat Content in Woods and Wood Mixtures; " and Jason Dee Strayer, St. Petersburg High School, grade 10, physics, "Proper Battery Selection for Different Applications."

From the junior division, first-place winners were: Eric C. Schmidt, Kennedy Middle School, grade 7, behavioral and social sciences, "Periwinkles, Go Home; " Nichol M. Pagano, Madeira Beach Middle School, grade 8, biochemistry, "Is Chlorophyll Drawn From A Substance When It Has Been Boiled With Various Liquids?; " Mike A. Bellino, St. Jude Cathedral School, grade 7, botany, "The Effect of Light and Gravity on Tomato Plants; " Christopher G. Nelson, Southside Fundamental Middle School, grade 7, chemistry, "How Effective are Sunscreens?; " Stacey A. VanVleet, Riviera Middle School, grade 6, earth and space science, "How Does the Slope of a Beach Affect Its Grain Size?; " Brian R. Hallmark, Seminole Middle School, engineering, "Does the Dip Make a Difference?; " Richard J. Yoder, Largo Middle School, grade 8, environmental sciences, "Two's Company - Three's a Crowd; " Michel D. Beauchamp, Seminole Middle School, grade 7, mathematics, "New Results from the Science of Chaos; " Keir S. Bickerstaffe, Kennedy Middle School, grade 7, medicine and health, "The Effect of Exercise on Capillary Blood Glucose; " Brooke E. Hare, Seminole Middle School, grade 6, microbiology, "How Does Microwaving Affect the Growth of Mold on Bread?; " Robert C. Ward, Largo Middle School, grade 8, physics, "The Effects of Absolute Pressure on Helium

and Oxygen; " and Adam Noble, St. Paul's Catholic School, grade 7, zoology, "Sunlight Effects Growth of Barnacles."