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'Blind Faith' and 'Funniest Home Videos' are in Nielsen Top 10

The Cosby Show topped the A.C. Nielsen Co. ratings Tuesday and thereal-life murder drama Blind Faith found a Top 10 spot, but Elvis might have to check into Heartbreak Hotel along with The Bradys.

In the second week of a sweeps period, ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos took fifth place at the expense of the long-running Murder, She Wrote on CBS, also under attack by Fox's best-rated The Simpsons.

Murder, She Wrote was 15th-rated. In most markets it faces the ABC video show for its first half and the cartoon family from Fox in its second.

The Simpsons was rated No. 32 - the highest "fourth network" numbers for the week.

For the week ended Feb. 11, NBC once again dominated the averages with 14.7, followed by ABC with 13.2 and CBS with 12.5.

NBC leads for the season to date, with an average of 14.8, followed by ABC with 13.0 and CBS with 12.3.

A ratings point represents the percentage of the nation's 92.1-million television shows tuned into a show.

Networks try to clean up during sweeps weeks because advertising rates are based on ratings during those periods.

America's Funniest Home Videos, hosted by Bob Saget and first broadcast Jan. 14, relies on home videos contributed by viewers.

The show "is attracting very sizable numbers of all the key demographic groups of 18 to 49, as well as kids and teens," said ABC director of prime time audience analysis Larry Hayns.

"It's the type of show that people can tune into at any time. You don't really have to get involved in characters and plot line, there'll be another video any second," Hayns said.

There were two Elvis sightings on ABC last week, but neither a special showing Tuesday night following Roseanne nor a broadcast in its regular 8:30 p.m. Sunday slot yielded impressive figures.

Elvis on Tuesday had a 16.0 rating for 20th place, but Roseanne had a 22.5 rating in the earlier time slot.

For Sunday, the series about the early life of "The King" had a 12.6 rating and 47th place even though it followed America's Funniest Home Videos, which garnered a 21.4 rating.

The network wants to build a ratings block with the video show and Elvis, a musical drama.

Among the evening news shows, ABC was in first place with 11.0, CBS followed with 9.9 and NBC was third with 9.6.

Program Net- Rat-

work ing

1. The Cosby Show NBC 22.9 2. Cheers NBC 22.8 3. Roseanne ABC 22.5 4. A Different World NBC 21.9 5. Funniest Home Videos ABC 21.4 6. The Golden Girls NBC 20.3 7. The Wonder Years ABC 20.1 8. Movie: Blind Faith - Pt. 1 NBC 19.9 9. Who's The Boss? ABC 18.9 10.60 Minutes CBS 18.7

11.Unsolved Mysteries NBC 18.4

12.Empty Nest NBC 18.2

13.L.A. Law NBC 17.9

14.Grand NBC 17.8

15.Murder, She Wrote CBS 17.1

16.Designing Women CBS 17.0

17.Matlock NBC 16.7

18.Movie: Anything To Survive ABC 16.5

19.Murphy Brown CBS 16.2

20.In The Heat Of The Night NBC 16.0

21.Elvis - Tuesday ABC 16.0

22.Full House ABC 15.7

23.Movie: Robocop ABC 15.4

24.Movie: Miracle Landing CBS 15.1

25.Growing Pains ABC 14.9

26.Night Court NBC 14.7

27.Amen NBC 14.2

28.Head Of The Class ABC 14.2

29.Knots Landing CBS 14.1

30.Newhart CBS 13.9

31.Family Matters ABC 13.9

32.The Hogan Family NBC 13.8

33.Hunter NBC 13.8

34.The Simpsons FOX 13.8

35.MacGyver ABC 13.7

36.Movie: Family of Spies-Pt. 2 CBS 13.6

37.Jake & The Fatman CBS 13.6

38.Major Dad CBS 13.2

39.Dear John NBC 13.1

40.Doogie Howser, M.D. ABC 13.1

41.Married With Children FOX 13.1

42.ALF NBC 13.0

43.Perfect Strangers ABC 13.0

44.The Bradys CBS 12.9

45.227 NBC 12.7

46.20/20 ABC 12.7

47.Elvis ABC 12.6

48.Quantum Leap NBC 12.5

49.Just The Ten Of Us ABC 12.5

50.Movie: Murder In Mississippi NBC 12.4

51.Midnight Caller NBC 12.3

52.Unsolved Mysteries NBC 12.2

53.Dallas CBS 12.2

54.City CBS 12.1

55.thirtysomething ABC 12.1

56.Doctor, Doctor CBS 11.2

57.Father Dowling ABC 10.8

58.Life Goes On ABC 10.8

59.Movie: Columbo ABC 10.5

60.China Beach ABC 10.5

61.Young Riders ABC 10.5

62.Anything But Love ABC 10.4

63.Wiseguy CBS 9.9

64.48 Hours CBS 9.7

65.Paradise CBS 9.6

66.Baywatch NBC 9.5

67.Mancuso: FBI NBC 9.5

68.True Blue NBC 9.2

69.Island Son CBS 9.2

70.World of Disney NBC 9.1

71.Grand Slam CBS 8.5

72.Primetime Live ABC 7.9

73.America's Most Wanted FOX 7.7

74.Tour of Duty CBS 7.4

75.Connie Chung CBS 7.3

76.Mission: Impossible ABC 7.2

77.Open House FOX 7.2

78.Cops FOX 6.9

79.Totally Hidden Video FOX 6.5

80.21 Jump Street FOX 5.8

81.Booker FOX 5.3

82.Alien Nation FOX 5.1

83.Tracey Ullman Show FOX 4.2

84.The Reporters FOX 3.9

85.Garry Shandling Show FOX 3.9