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Dade City police acted correctly in situation of fatal chase

Published Oct. 16, 2005

Editor: You missed the whole point in your editorial concerning the chase policy of the Dade City Police Department. I offer this simple quiz: If you are being followed by a law enforcement vehicle with its blue lights flashing, should you (a) pull over, (b) continue going at a high rate of speed? Christopher Bryant made the wrong choice, thus reflecting his intelligence. The fatal collision, occurring one mile after the chase ended, reflects his driving ability. Many will join me in speculating that he probably had been drinking. Let's hope not. But he and his friends did steal a case of beer. I suppose that they were going straight home to drink their heist. Sure, right.

It's a shame that people had to die, but then again, if you are going to dance, then you have to pay the band.

I commend the Dade City Police Department for its actions, especially the officers directly involved in this incident.

Eric J. Fregger Port Richey School system's fund-raiser ranks higher than past efforts

Editor: This letter is to praise the Pasco County school system, or whoever is responsible, for the innovative program designed to raise additional funds for mini-grants, scholarships, special recognition and dropout prevention programs.

Just think, no children going door-to-door or calling on the phone, no pleading looks or pressure from your own or relatives' kids to buy items you don't want or need at inflated costs of which the school gets only a fraction.

Instead, a donation in return for a Value Book filled with coupons from more than 250 merchants offering discounts on services or goods - much better and safer way to raise those extra dollars.

My thanks to all those contributing merchants. Let's get behind this program and show our kids and their teachers we really do care.

Mrs. Dave Melden New Port Richey Insensitive news coverage harms image of handicapped

Editor: To the understanding and caring people of Pasco County, please do not paint with a broad brush all of the mentally and physically handicapped people struggling to become equals in the community. I make this request after reading the articles on Feb. 8-9 regarding the person who committed sexual perversion and was sentenced to nine years.

There was absolutely no need to label the perpetrator as "retarded" in big bold type. There was no reason to specify "mentally handicapped" in big bold type in the follow-up on Feb. 9.

The person who wrote the news item has done irreparable damage to the cause of trying to make some handicapped people whole because of ignorance on her part in using the English language and insensitivity when considering the hundreds needing community support.

The editor who did not "edit" is equally guilty of gross discrimination and should research the programs in place in Pasco County and promote the positive activities.

We called the editor before the follow-up was printed on Feb. 9; an arrogantdouble error.

William Dvorak Holiday Honest Kash n' Karry worker returns purse lost in store

Editor: To the people who shop at Kash n' Karry on U.S. 19 and State Road 52: My wife lost her handbag while shopping at Kash n' Karry. She left it in the shopping cart. When we got home, the phone was ringing. It was Kash n' Karry. A worker there found it. His name is Jason Owens, 16, a part-time grocery clerk. He was the one who found it in the cart. Not one thing was missing.

Thank you, Jason, and thanks to his father and mother for bringing up a great son.

Frank Mede Port Richey