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Hernando High School isn't old enough to be shelved

Editor: One must question the school administration's posture regarding Hernando High School. I understand that the administration will suggest to the School Board that a new Hernando High campus be built or, alternatively, perhaps that the issue of the Parrott Middle School-Hernando High switch be revisited. At a time when the school system has continuing budgetary problems, one must seriously question the abilities of an administration that would even suggest these alternatives. Hernando High is but 30 years old. There is absolutely no reason why it could not be cleaned, painted, properly maintained and used as a high school for a number of years.

As you recall, the 1987 bond issue set aside funds to refurbish Hernando High. When and where are the funds going to be spent? It would appear the answer to that question is never. I suggest the reason the school has been improperly maintained is that the administration chooses to ignore Hernando High and watch the school steadily deteriorate so as to bolster its position of either building a new campus or fostering the HHS-Parrott switch.

The people who are going to make these suggestions are either incompetent or just plain stupid. It is up to the Hernando County taxpayers to so advise them.

Alan W. Underwood Brooksville Waste-burning analysis brought out advantages

Editor: James Dealy's guest column in the Feb. 1 edition of the Hernando Times regarding kilns for hazardous-waste disposal was like a beacon light shining through the clouds of dissent. His logic and expert analysis of the waste-disposal problem should be studied by all residents of Hernando County, as well as residents of the state of Florida. I, personally, am 100 percent in agreement with Dealy's opinions, having had more than 35 years' experience as a combustion engineer.

The controversy generated by Florida Mining & Materials Corp.' application to burn waste fuels (some hazardous) in their operations is a product of fear and ignorance. This fear and ignorance have been promoted by the media, plus those dissidents who can shout the loudest at the County Commission meetings. Our commissioners, too, have succumbed to the ill-advised dissenters, by hiring an attorney, at taxpayer's expense, to fight the state's potential approval of Florida Mining's application to help dispose of the waste materials being generated by all of us in this modern society.

The state's need for alternatives to landfills and chemical dumps is crucial now that other states refuse to dispose of our waste.

Florida Mining & Materials is trying to provide one very promising alternative.

John E.Klika Spring Hill

Editor: I heartily commend and concur in the analysis on hazardous-waste disposal offered by James Dealy in the Feb. 1 issue of the Hernando Times.

In recent months, it seems that the air and newsprint has been contaminated more by irrational and incorrect public statements than by release of poisonous substances into our air and water.

Dealy carefully has outlined the principal problems and has suggested reasonable and prudent means for their control or prevention. In the interest of good science and public safety, I support Dealy's proposals.

John Conway Spring Hill Light-hearted pictures are nice to see in print

Editor: I have to write and tell you how delightful it is to open my morning paper and see the photos by Robert Rogers "Let's Get Rolling" and others preceding it.

It's so much better than that daily series of auto crash photos that used to greet me. I don't know if this is a change of policy or just a happy coincidence, but we need this so much - a touch of sanity in an insane world.

With pages and pages of world conflict, murder, abuse and so forth we are desperately in need of a reminder that, after all, there are still innocent, happy human beings inhabiting this planet, living the happy days of childhood and doing the ordinary things we were placed on this planet Earth for.

There is still hope for us all with happy faces such as Jenny Wong's greeting us. Please keep it up. I love the photos of peaceful sunsets, fishermen, kids at play.

This is what it's all about!

Betty Beceden Spring Hill School Board should appoint superintendent

Editor: With regard to the Feb. 2 editorial about School Superintendent Dan McIntyre's nepotistic appointment. McIntyre has appointed his wife to a senior administration position in the school system of which he is superintendent. Thereby, not surprisingly, he has incurred some community criticism.

This action by the school superintendent, independent of the School Board, is further proof that the superintendent should be appointed by, and be responsible directly and only to, the School Board. He is the salaried representative of the board which, in turn, is the representative of the community for education affairs.

Applications for senior administration positions should be screened by the superintendent and, as required by the board, one or more candidates recommended to it for consideration and appointment of one, or other action deemed necessary by it. A superintendent, by definition, does not have executive authority; he or she oversees and has the power of direction.

Discipline of a senior administration officer is not easy if the officer also is a spouse. Staff morale may be low if staff believes such senior administration officer is the school superintendent's representative among them.

James A. Willan Brooksville Development agency needed to be divided

Editor: County Administrator Chuck Hetrick's plan to split up the

Development Department was the best thing that could happen to this county. I recommended the same plan in my newsletter to Hernando County last year.

Larry Jennings has too much to cover as director. He does a great job in the Planning Department; keep him there. Building official George Rodriguez is very qualified and doing a great job. Gary Fischer of Code Enforcement is qualified and doing a great job. Give these men the reins and the county will be better for it.

We have too many fingers in the pie, and nobody's minding the store. There is much infighting in the county government. Let's get back to the basics and common sense, which we could use more of in this county government.

Frank Vicchiullo Spring Hill Get the facts straight on Baffin Waterway

Editor: I am outraged at the stupidity of the writers of a recent letter to the editor stating "Waterway buyers blaming others for their folly." The couple writing the letter should have done their homework first before making pedantically asinine comments such as, "We did what any intelligent, logical people would do."

For their further information, Deltona built the Baffin Waterway as a drainage stormwater-overflow system and as an environmental recreation waterway. This was on the original plat of Spring Hill with the dam to be removed.

Today, only slightly more than 50 percent of your Hunter Lake is natural. Deltona-made fingers comprise the remaining acreage. When flooding occurs around Hunter Lake, the planned drainage system is inoperable for its residents because the dam has an illegal lock on the main gate to further impede flood relief - this to the detriment of both sides.

As for their statement that "Swiftmud told them the dam would never be removed," I'm sure Swiftmud would never put itself in the position to make that final a decision on such a controversial issue.

I believe that Hunter Lake constituents should study all the relevant facts on the opening of the Baffin Waterway dam before making any further outrageous comments or decisions concerning the future of the waterway.

Joseph W. Stevens Spring Hill

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