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Quayle alters view of Soviets

Vice President Dan Quayle, often the voice of skepticism within the White House toward the Soviet Union, said Thursday that he has changed his opinion about the communist state. "I would say anybody that has not changed their mind over the last six or seven months is not thinking correctly," he said. Asked if he remained suspicious of Mikhail Gorbachev's intentions, Quayle said, "Of course you change your opinion." Mrs. Bush has cancer removed Barbara Bush had surgery to remove a small skin cancer from her upper lip, her press office said Thursday. The operation, described as "a routine outpatient medical procedure" by Mrs. Bush's office, was done Wednesday at Bethesda Naval Hospital. "No side effects or subsequent difficulties are expected," the statement said.

The presidency: no takers None of the four living former presidents shows any interest in having the job again, according to an article in the coming issue of USA Weekend. Gerald Ford told the Sunday newspaper supplement, "The time has come for younger people to serve the country." Ronald Reagan said, "Nancy and I are happy in our new life now." Jimmy Carter said he would "be happy if one of my grandchildren becomes president."

Richard Nixon, asked if he would want to be president again, replied only, "Not if I have to answer such silly questions as this one!"

Visiting abandoned babies Vice President Dan Quayle holds 5-month-old Kevin on Thursday during a visit to a Washington hospital ward for infants abandoned by drug-abusing parents.